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Episode 63: Sunday 18 July 2021 AM - Ps Danny Ollis - The Word - Part 3: The Word and The Word

Hmmm ..... Did I mishear that Part title? Or is it a grammatical error? Neither! Ps Danny will explain it all very clearly and succinctly .....As with last week, Ps Danny points out to us that this is a personal revelation that he has had. He indicates that he will be baring his soul to talk about it but he believes it will be most helpful to all of us as well.In spoken English, depending upon the usage, we have 2 pronunciations of the word 'the'. The Greek language has 2 words, each of which can be translated into English as 'word': Logos and Rhema.Logos: What we read with our mind; Rhema: What we read with our heart.Whole dissertations are available on those 2 words and the above is a simplification. However, Ps Danny gives numerous examples to distinguish between the 2 and how we can access that difference in our lives.Reading from John 1:1-5, we quickly discover that the word logos is used to describe Jesus as The Word. That's just the start - there is much more about the operation of both logos and rhema in our day-to-day lives. And many scriptures. The question for us all to ponder is this: Are we just reading the Bible as logos, with our heads, or are we also reading the Bible with rhema, a Holy Spirit revelation? Seriously, if we're not getting rhema into our lives we are missing out on a lot. Listen to this message and be inspired to seek God for an understanding of both kinds of words. And read and pray as you go.


18 Jul 2021

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Episode 62: Sunday 11 July 2021 AM - Ps Danny Ollis - The Word - Part 2: My Words

This week, Ps Danny gets personal - he says that he's preaching to himself and that we can listen in. He advises that we take notes so that we can later check ourselves out against what he says. I think we won't need to wait until later but, listen in, and see if that applies to you.Ps Danny quickly reminds us that the Bible tells us that life and death can be in our words. He reads some details from James 3 about the untamable tongue, the smallest part of us but it has the most power. With our tongues, we can bless or curse. Our words come out of the well that is in our soul. Do we have clean water or brackish water down there? Our tongues need to be bridled but no human can control their tongue. We cannot save ourselves. But, Ps Danny provides us with the solutions that we need.The first step is for us to be willing. We have a responsibility there. God has the responsibility to teach us how to get to the right place. Listen carefully and take notes as Ps Danny quotes many Scriptures from both the NT and OT on how we can manage our tongues. We all need this. We know that already, don't we!And ..... Do physical hearts actually have a mind of their own? Check out the amazing testimonies that Ps Danny reveals to us on this matter.


11 Jul 2021

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Episode 61: Sunday 4 July 2021 AM - Ps Hugh Perry - The Word - Part 1: His Word-My Word

Ps Hugh begins with asking a few questions .....- How does our speech line up with the Word of God?- How does our speech affect others?- How is it affecting our own lives?- Words are powerful. We should read the Word. Why?He then reminds us of some things we are all guilty of .....- Saying something that we can never take back and spending many years wishing we could.- Talking about people instead of talking to them.- The quality of a marriage is determined by how we speak to one another. (How's that going for you these days?)There is much more. Hugh uses numerous Scriptures to show us how we should speak in positive ways instead of dwelling on the negative, which comes out in our speech. The Bible, the Word of God, is replete throughout with how to speak positively and bless people instead of cursing them, including ourselves. We all do this! We all need today's message because ..... at the end, Ps Hugh outlines the solution to us and how we can get it right.


5 Jul 2021

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Episode 60: Sunday 27 June 2021 AM - Ps Ashleigh Latter - Discipleship - Part 4: The Secret Sauce

The Secret Sauce? What are you going to do with this, Ps Ashleigh? Where are you going with it? Let's see .....After giving some commendation to some of our faithful congregation members, and then praying, Ps Ash commences talking about food and especially the 'secret' sauces that they all seem to have, without which the taste would not be effective. We siallhere in the congregation eager to find out what the secret sauce is and how it is related to this series on Discipleship. She reads from Mark 9:30-37. And then she reveals the word which describes the 'secret sauce' for Discipleship. Applying that 'secret sauce' is risky! She points out that we can't live a life without risk. Part of that risk is to show our emotions and not lock ourselves up. She points out that discipleship requires relationship and goes into depth about that.She eventually arrives at mentioning what her favourite sauce is ..... Mayonnaise! She has prepared all the ingredients that make mayonnaise and asks for a volunteer to do the job while she explains the specific functions of each ingredient and why they are necessary. (We have not diverted from the main topic!)The ingredients to make it are eggs, lemon juice, oil, salt, and whisking. She then ingeniously uses metaphors to show how each one of these can be applied to an aspect of our being effective with discipleship. Each one has its own Scripture applied to it. What if we don't want to be a disciple? Well, if we are a born again Christian, we already are. It is just a matter of how effectively we are applying that. This carefully prepared and accurately executed message today will prepare us well to act out the discipleship which is in every born-again Christian.


27 Jun 2021

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Episode 59: Sunday 20 June 2021 AM - Ps Hugh Perry - Discipleship - Part 3: Calling & Confrontation

Ps Hugh begins by thanking Michael who stepped in at the last minute to take over someone else's duty. He then tells us that he, and his wife Jeanette, have just attended the INC State Conference (International Network of Churches). After a brief description, he asks Jeanette to come up to speak about something that moved her at the conference. It is surrender! What does that mean? How hard is it to do?Ps Hugh then describes how a large part of the theme for the conference was Discipleship! He goes on to say how we all have a Calling from God. That is not talking about serving the church necessarily, but whatever he has created us to do in any aspect of our lives. Then he talks about the Confrontation - a time in his life when he was confronted with the possibility of giving up his calling!2 years and 3 months ago Ps Hugh lost his wife, Chris, in a horrific road accident. As you might imagine, Ps Hugh was utterly devastated. As usual, and as we would all do, he was asking God, "Why?". How did he get through all this? How did he come to the point where he was able to continue with his Calling? Well, the simple and easy answer is that God moved upon him. However, there was a journey before arriving at that point. Ps Hugh describes this journey to us.What horrific traumas and trials have you encountered? How will you manage them if some come up? Ps Hugh bears his soul and tells us honestly how it was and what happened. He parallels it with incidences from the story of Job who lost everything except his wife. There was a Limit that God had set so that Job's torments would stop. It's good to know that God sets such a limit for each of us.This is surely a message that we could all take to heart. Following his personal testimony, Pa Hugh continues with the theme of our Calling in God, one of which we all have.


20 Jun 2021

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Episode 58: Sunday 6 June 2021 AM - Ps Hugh Perry - Discipleship - Part 2: What Is Discipleship?

Ps Hugh starts with something quite different this week. He asks everyone to stand and worship God and allow the Holy Spirit to minister. We pray that you will also enjoy this part of the ministry (it went on for quite a while but this is an abbreviated version - relax, enjoy, and let the Holy Spirit minister to you).Ps Hugh starts the message by discussing the commands that Jesus gave us. The most topical one, for now, is that we should go everywhere and make disciples. Jesus gave us 49 commands altogether. Surprisingly, Ps Hugh strongly points out that we should not attempt to obey any of these commands! Wow! He does clearly explain that to attempt to do that would be to return ourselves to be under the Law of the Old Testament. In the New Testament, we are in an era of grace. He reads from Matthew 22:36-40 so that we can see exactly what we need to do with respect to obeying Jesus' commands. Listen carefully and be set free.The basic meaning of disciple is a follower. If we want to follow Jesus, our hearts and lives will be changed. Ps Hugh discusses the Word, our conscience, and their relationship with people. These things will be witness to the fact that we have become a disciple. He goes into detail with these aspects because, if we are going to disciple others, they will also need to become disciples themselves and live out these attributes in their lives.It may sound too much and that we may not be capable of doing but how it works in practice is that Jesus Himself will walk this journey along with us. In order for us to grow, Ps Hugh makes some suggestions as to what we could do day by day. Are you a disciple yet? Have you discipled anyone yet? Whether or not one or both of those apply, if we are a born-again Christian we need to listen to this message.


6 Jun 2021

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Episode 57: Sunday 30 May 2021 AM - Ps Hugh Perry - Discipleship - Part 1: Born On Pentecost

Following an enthusiastic introduction from Ps Danny, Ps Hugh begins with Matthew 28:18-19 where Jesus commands us to make disciples. That discipleship commenced on the day of Pentecost. There were 120 men in the upper room. By the end of the day, they had 3000 people added to their number. A tremendous amount of discipleship was immediately required.And what is a disciple? What are they supposed to do? Ps Hugh draws an excellent parallel to when his son was 17 years old. This illustration is useful for us all - otherwise, you might wonder what the purpose of discipling really is. Parents can and should disciple their children.Even if we don't say a word we will all still be disciples. Wherever we are people are watching us to see how we behave in all kinds of situations. Ps Hugh elaborates on this so that we will have the confidence to grow and disciple others. He also reminds us that none of us is perfect and to not get into condemnation if our behaviour is not perfect when we are in front of all kinds of people.He references Nehemiah 1:1-11. He points out that Nehemiah had a burden to fulfil a task. Do we have such a burden that will encourage us to disciple others? There are costs to being a disciple. For example, we need to make ourselves available. And what are the rewards of being a disciple? All Christians need to be disciples so it is important for all of us to know the content of today's message.And what's the difference between building the church and building a brick wall? And what's that about a blank piece of paper?


30 May 2021

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Episode 56: Sunday 9 May 2021 AM - Ps Katrina Ollis - The Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 6: ... Power For Us

Today is Pentecost Sunday. Ps Katrina has a passion for us to be warriors, not worriers. She enthusiastically points out to us that we need the power of the Holy Spirit within us so that we can fulfil what God wants us to do. She mentions that there is much miseducation on the Holy Spirit infilling. This blocks many from proceeding as it enduces shame and fear.She goes quite deeply with much detail into the importance of the Passover, why it was necessary and how it occurred. The Hebrews had been slaves in Egypt for 400 years. They were finally set free but it required the angel of death to pass over Egypt killing the firstborns. It required the blood of a lamb in each Hebrew household so that they could be exempt from this death. There were certain times of the day that were important. There was a certain number of days that were also important following that first Passover.There is a fascinating attachment between Pentecost and all the details of the first Passover. She excellently describes these details and assures are that Pentecost is a definite part of God's full plan. Of course, the Cross is included in this. Listen to this message and remove all doubts and fears about whether the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is real, necessary, and absolutely still for today for those who seek it.Scriptures: Acts 19:2, Acts 2:1, Matthew 5: Acts 1:3-4, Acts 1:8, Acts 2:2-4, Acts 2:5-12, at 2:42-47, Acts 217-18, and Acts 2:43.


23 May 2021

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Episode 55: Sunday 16 May 2021 AM - Ps Ashleigh Latter - The Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 5: ... Our Strength And Power

Following an introduction from Dean Vickers, Ps Ash gives honour to Trevor and Virginia Versace. They were among the founder members of the Citicoast church and have been in service with faithful commitment ever since that time.She immediately then refers to Acts 1:6-8 where we are told that we are going to get strength and power from the Holy Spirit. She then delivers a personal testimony of a season where she lost her strength and power. She had been dedicated to regular weightlifting but, suddenly, she felt too weak to lift her weights. It was not anxiety and she realised she needed to be refreshed in the Holy Spirit to increase her power (1 Corinthians 4:20-21). She then gives an illustration about how weird it looks when a car is being pulled along on a trailer. The car has lost its strength and power. We do not want to be like that. The Holy Spirit will lead us to be where he wants us to go. That car had no choice. After a number of illustrations to happily ensure we know where we're going to today, Ash mentions 5 critical aspects of what can stop us from gaining and regaining our strength and power from the Holy Spirit:1. Listening to others over the voice of God.2. Seeking approval from the world over the approval of God.3. Chasing an idea over a vision from God.4. Spending time being entertained over being filled from God.5. Making poor excuses to avoid the people of God.Ps Ash elaborates on all those points, accompanied by Scriptures. And there's more! Have you been feeling weak and overcome in recent times? You need to regain your strength and power from the Holy Spirit. If you are unsure whether you ever had the power and strength of the Holy Spirit then you need today's message even more so. Be blessed by Ash's presentation.


16 May 2021

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Episode 54: he Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 4: ... A Fresh Wind

Following our Mother's Day celebrations, Ps Katrina reads us a letter from the mother of our church, Ps Christine Riddell. Some months ago, Ps Christine was hospitalised with melanoma. She has had a long haul to be able to get to the point where she is now at home. She has written a letter to inspire and encourage the whole congregation. As Ps Katrina reads it, we hope that you will be inspired and encouraged as well.Ps Katrina then gets straight to the point of today's message: The Holy Spirit Is ... - Part 4: ... A Fresh Wind. She reminds us that there are numerous Scriptures where the Holy Spirit is likened to a wind. She also reminds us that the Holy Spirit comes to set us free, to enlighten us, to have no fear, to give us strength and power, life and peace, and guidance. But there is also the spirit of the world - the wind of the world.She asks the question: Where are we getting our guidance from? Is it from the wind of the Holy Spirit or is it the wind of the world? She very cleverly uses acts 27, verse by verse, to show us exactly what happens if we are getting our guidance and support from the wind of the world. Shipwreck! And how can we be saved from such a shipwreck? Listen and see .....She finishes with a brief description of how our diaphragm acts to give us the breath of life. That wind of our natural breath can be knocked out of us by various negative situations we encounter in our lives. We can recover from that, but what is it that will prevent that recovery? It is something that is hard to do and can hurt. What can that be? We could all suffer from this limitation but there is a way in which the Holy Spirit can revive us .....


9 May 2021

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