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Are you an aspiring speaker, coach or trainer? An expert in your own crazy little niche? Or maybe you just love marketing in all its forms? You’ll probably kinda like The Expert Focus Podcast.Host Claire Dowdall is a marketing geek by trade. Having worked in corporate, trained businesses, spoken on every medium imaginable. Along the way she has made some pretty awesome friends and now she’s interviewing them and extracting all the smart stuff they know – just for you.What do they have in common? They are all experts in their field and know a thing or two about the business of speaking and educating. So we hear their stories, tips and embarrassing moments that make us all feel better for our business and life ‘hiccups’. Plus if you want to get better at marketing yourself as a speaker and expert, you’ll get all the info that you can go an apply.What do we cover?SalesDirect mailCopywritingSocial mediaEmailAnd tonnes more. All to help you become known, remembered and successful as a speaker, trainer or coach.Occasionally you’ll hear from Claire herself where she will share her insight into the world of online courses, communities and content. She’s pretty good at that stuff and has a bit of a passion for helping more people to share their knowledge in new and profitable ways.So sit back and relax, take that shower, do some work whilst you listen. And let us know what you think.

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EF041 Choosing & Living Your Expert Identity with Majid Waris

Majid is a multi-award winning professional who has a proven track record in high value and high volume sales with the likes of British Telecom (BT) and other international companies. He is a certified NLP coach who regularly trains senior leaders in the public sector and professionals such as lawyers, compliance professionals, sales professionals to go on and produce award-winning results. He is also co-owner of Beardos Media and co-host of the Beardos Podcast and consults for faith based organisations. In this episode we talk about his multi-faceted career, identity and heritage, how he balances being an expert in many areas and continues to position himself as someone who doesn’t just stick to one thing – and is proud of it! (Recorded in “lockdown life” so please excuse background noises and small people!) Highlights: “The sense of belonging is skewed where sometimes you have the people who are purists I guess, I’m not accepted by some of them here because I don’t look like them.” “The comment statement most of them make quite regularly is, how do I do it?” “The common denominator for all of them is me. The common denominator is Majid.” “The question always arises, if you’re starting up for the first time, you want to go into business you have an idea, you want to make money on the side as well. How far do you push all the other things that you do, because you never know – something that you’ve kept in the background might be a better earner.” “One of the positives about what’s gone on is people have gotten to understand there are more options open now” “If you don’t practice what you believe in, then what you believe in is not important.” More from Majid: Find and follow Majid on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MajidWarisOnline Subscribe to Majid’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MajidWaris Check out Majid’s podcast: https://www.facebook.com/BeardosMedia/

1hr 15mins

9 Oct 2020

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