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What are the conversations that help you Earn and Invest in your future so you can make the best decisions today? Dive into wide-ranging panel discussions on Monday and individual interviews on Thursday that will help you question and refine your financial moves. While we won't always find answers, we will show you the questions you should ask to find a richer path to financial independence.

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71.5 JL Collins On Not Having A Legacy

JL Collins, Godfather of the financial independence movement, opens up about KIbanda, Chautauqua, and having a legacy.  This episode was recorded live from Kibanda.  


9 Jan 2020

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63. Alternatives to Early Retirement w/ The Fioneers, Angela Rozmyn, Abandoned Cubicle, and Lynn Marie Morski


11 Nov 2019

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54. Drink The Kool-Aid at Campfi Midwest

DocG and Paul attended CampFi Midwest and recorded in front of a live audience and asked 4 attendees why they attended CampFi so you can get a taste of what it's like to attend.  You can learn more about CampFi at campfi.org. This podcast was born as a result of the friendship first established at CampFi. Tickets do go quickly so if you're convinced you want to attend grab you tickets quickly before they're all scooped up.


19 Sep 2019

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90.Are We Overreacting? JL Collins Interviews Doc G on COVID-19

JL Collins author of The Simple Path To Wealth takes over the podcast and interviews Doc G about his views on COVID-19.  Is it much ado about nothing? I think not. 


22 Mar 2020

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50. How to Raise Money Savvy Kids w/ Shanah Bell, Juan Pablo, and Delenor Wilson

How do we raise children who are financially savvy and empower them to grow into successful adults who make good money decisions? Do you give them an allowance, do you let them fail, and do you pay for college? We explore these questions and many more with our 3 panelists to help you survive the realities of raising kids in our modern world. Our guests are: Shanah Bell from Adaptive Nourishment Juan of Finance Clever and Delanor K Wilson Jr.


2 Sep 2019

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3. Is Being a Money Enthusiast Enough to be a Financial Coach? w/ Jamila Souffrant, The Physician Philosopher, Whitney Hansen, and Root of Good

Our guest panelists provide their opinion on whether being a money enthusiast is enough to be a financial coach. The guests delve into the psychology of being a money coach and charging for their services. Whitney Hansen blogs at The Money Nerds and has a Podcast of the same name Justin blogs at the Root of Good Jamila Souffrant blogs at Journey to Launch and also has a podcast TPP is the personality for the blog found at The Physician Philosopher


12 Nov 2018

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45. Dealing With Burnout on Your Path to FI w/ The Happy Philosopher, I Dream of FIRE, Melissa Blevins, and Bill Yount

In Episode 45 we toy with the issue of all to common problem of burnout in your personal journey to financial independence, how to manage it, and hopefully avoid it altogher. Our guests are: Jeff of The Happy Philosopher Scott from I Dream of Fire Melissa Blevins of MelissaBlevins.com Bill Yount from Financial Literacy Project Facebook Group


29 Jul 2019

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98. Never Ignore What Drives You w/ Joe Saul-Sehy and The Problem With Price Fixing w/ Joshua Sheats

We talk about what motivates us with Joe Saul-Sehy and a bonus segment with Joshua Sheats about COVID and the problem with price fixing.  

1hr 28mins

16 Apr 2020

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28. Are We Ignoring Risk in Pursuing FIRE? w/ Big ERN, Carl Jensen, Steve Adcock, and Todd Tresidder

In episode 28 we have 4 guests who talk about how they define risk, how we might be under estimating our risk premium, and share insights on how to include risk in your plans for financial independence. Karl from Mr. 1500 Days Karsten from Early Retirement Now Steve from Think Save Retire Todd from Financial Mentor


22 Apr 2019

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65. Is Wealth Teachable? w/ Vicki Robin, Grant Sabatier, Rock Thomas, and Jim Dahle

Panel members:  Vicki Robin, Grant Sabatier, Rock Thomas, and Jim Dahle.

1hr 5mins

25 Nov 2019

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19. Fitness and FI w/ James Lowry, Helene Massicotte, and Chris Mamula

We have 4 guests sharing their fitness experience and how it has influenced their lives while pursuing Financial Independence. Guests 1. Chris Mamula 2. Helene Massicotte 3. James Lowry


25 Feb 2019

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13. Will Financial Independence Make You Happy? w/ Jillian Johnsrud, Anthony Ongaro, and The Good Life Guys,

Three Guests from various backgrounds comment on whether Financial Independence will make you happy? Jillian Johnsruud from Montana Money Adventures shares on an idea called disregulation. Anthony Ongaro from Break the Twitch talks about the impact of frantically checking your balances. Steven from The Good Life Guys Podcast shares how financial independence has become an obsession. This episode is sponsored by Jillian's Money Coach School. Use the coupon code 'upnext' to get $50 off Jillian's course that teaches you how to start and run a Money Coach Business.

1hr 5mins

14 Jan 2019

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17. How Dare Physicians Pursue Fi? w/ Side Hustle Scrubs, KevinMD, Dr. McFrugal, and Crispy Doc

A panel of 4 physician bloggers share the importance of doctors controlling their spending, the toll being a physician can have on your life, and their journey's to financial independence.


11 Feb 2019

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64. Top Line Revenue vs. Frugality w/ Amanda Abella, Brian Eufinger, and Veena Jetti

Panel Members: Amanda Abella, Veena Jetti, and Brian Eufinger. 


18 Nov 2019

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40. Retire By 40 with Joe Udo

In episode 40 we ask Joe Udo why retire by 40? He's the blogger behind Retireby40


4 Jul 2019

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20. Why You Should Start a Business w/ The WOWS, The Mad Fientisti, and Jim Wang

A discussion on whether you should start a small business on your path to Financial Independence. The answer might surprise you! Our guest panelists are: Brandon from The Mad Fientist Jim Wang from WalletHacks Mr. and Mrs. WoW from Waffles on Wednesday


4 Mar 2019

Rank #16

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69. Is it too late to start your path to Financial Independence? w/ ESI Money, Life Zemplified, and Women Who Money

Did you hear about Financial Independence too late? We don't think so. Our guests each talk about how they discovered this community much later in life and how you can start no matter your age. Featuring: John from ESI Money Amy from Life Zemplified Vicki from Women Who Money


23 Dec 2019

Rank #17

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59. Has The FIRE Burned Out? w/ Mad Money Monster, Stop Ironing Shirts, Landshark, and Refined By FIRE

In Episode 59 we pose the question "Has the FIRE burned out?" to 4 guest panelists. Our guests are: Lisa from Mad Money Monster @IamLandshark on twitter Mr. Refined of Refined By FIRE Robert from Stop Ironing Shirts


21 Oct 2019

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37. Should You Pursue Fat FIRE? w/ Physician on FIRE, Mrs. Fruglwoods, and Millionaires Unveiled

An often debated topic is discussed today to help you decide whether you should pursue Fat FIRE or not? Guests who wrestle with the topic in this episode are: Liz from The Frugalwoods Lief from Physician on Fire Jace and Clark Millionaires Unveiled Podcast

1hr 3mins

17 Jun 2019

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How To Overcome Your Biggest Struggle to Reach Fi w/ John Stoj, Brad Finn, Rachel Fazio, and Brenda Olmos

4 Audience Members join Paul and DocG to discuss their personal money stories, the struggles they face to reach financial independence, and share some advice to overcoming those obstacles.  Guests are: Brenda @almostbrenda John of mysafebridge.com Bradley at thefinnmindset.com/connect Rachel who has an excellent article on FiologyText the word NEXT to 345345 to get on our notification list for bonuses, announcements, and join our Facebook Group.


30 May 2019

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