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This is the first technology podcast TechTalks by Sagiton.All about, marketing technology, cybersecurity, data science, customer experience and AI.Take an IT break with TechTalks. I am Kamil Zarebski and I am a host of this podcast.

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#4 Endangered data, how to create a good cybersecurity in your company? Karissa Breen

Do you feel safe now? I have an exercise for you! How often do you think about the dangers the Internet is the source of? Have you ever been in a situation, when your heart started to beat faster and you couldn’t wrap your head around what have just happened? Have you ever been attacked by a hacker, or did your computer get a virus? Nowadays, when you are using a lot of applications and various websites, it is easy to leave a track behind. When you’re working on a very important project, you are then prone to be attacked. Today we will talk about the topic of cybersecurity, and we will show how to protect your data in just a few steps. Let’s go.My guest today is Karissa A. Breen. She’s the Founder of KBI, a cyber security media company as well as a communications agency that assists cyber security, tech start-ups and established tech businesses to exponentially g row. They want to connect with audience and build trust through communications. 1/ Who are you and what do you do professionally?2/ How often are websites being attacked by hackers? Or is it not only about the websites today?3/ What had the biggest impact on you, directing you to work in this profession?4/ Why did you set up an agency aiming to help the people working in business to understand the technology?5/ How do business and consumers need to cooperate to protect their common goals?6/ In Europe, the most popular topic a few months ago was the GDPR. Is this regulation being talked about at all in Australia?7/ Where do you see the most dangerous activities of hackers?8/ Which business sector is the most vulnerable to a cyber-attack?9/ At what point, as the owner of a company, should one think about a regular cooperation with an expert in cybersecurity?10/ How will the privacy policies change regarding the brand's consumer in order to get the most benefit from collecting their personal data?11/ What are the 5 tips for a manager before launching a new product on the market?12/ How should a company protect its customers from a loss of valuable data?13/ What is your favourite book to recommend to our listeners?What is your favourite authority in the business world? Who is inspiring you?


20 Dec 2018

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#3 The latest technologies or how to win the most advanced tools to develop your company? Rob Mead

We often find ourselves in a situation where we could buy something for out home, but we need more information about the given product. We can write an e-mail or call a customer service point. It seems that these are all options, but there is actually a third one! We can write a question via chat on the website. Then we can start a conversation with a chat assistant who is not a real person - it's a chatbot with very advanced features.Who are you and what do you do professionally? Why do you work as a growth manager at a technology company?The way of communicating with customers today is completely different than it was 10 years ago. Do you agree with this?How is your product trying to help customers?What are the sectors of companies that most often use your solutions?How to create a great communication channel for clients?How do you use technologies in your products now?When will the people become redundant in the process of designing the communication process, because the algorithm will do their work?What is your opinion about the voice assistant on our mobile phones?Do you think that the direction of possible development for e-commerce platforms is to make them accessible and controllable using only one’s voice?What percentage of companies are ready to use this form of sale?What are the 5 tips for listeners to create a great tool for working with customers?What is your inspiration - a business book, an authority (personality), and do you have any cultural or lifestyle recommendations?


30 Nov 2018

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#2 Heavy user - how can your website generate more potential clients? Michał Korba

Technologies are very surprising for many people, especially how they are currently developed and what potential lies in them.In this podcast we are talking about these technologies and Web solutions that help the company increase traffic and boost conversion on the website. Who are you and what do you do professionally?Why do you work as a growth manager at a technology company?What features are used very often by your users?What are the sectors of companies that most often use your solutions?How does AI work in your product?How much data is needed to predict the real behavior of users?When will the people be made redundant in the process of designing the communication, because the algorithm will do their work?What are the 5 tips for designing a great process of using lead generation?How will people use marketing tools to make sales via the Internet within the next 5 years?What is your inspiration - business book, authority and cultural or lifestyle recommendations?

1hr 7mins

23 Nov 2018

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#1 The huge potential of 7k applications on the MarTech business map - Scott Brinker

Today we are going to talk about trends, innovation and developing software and apps with SaaS models in MarTech. You will learn more on these topics from our expert - Scott Brinker. You will also find out about my guest and his experience: Who are you and what are you doing professionally?Who currently has the greatest impact on MarTech?Why have you decided to create a Marketing Technology Landscape in 2011?Since 2011, the landscape has been expanded from ~150 to over ~7000. What are your predictions for 2018?Which sector has seen the highest increase in apps since 2011?What convinced you to become interested in MarTech?Do you think it is important for IT specialists to understand marketing?In 2017, the most popular topics related to Marketing Technology were AI and Cybersecurity/GDPR topics. Do you think 2018 is almost the same or do you see other trends?At https://chiefmartec.com/ you started to create a MarTech landscape for Blockchain, do you think that this technology will play a significant role in marketing technology in the next few years?Do you think that the marketers should have more competence in digital and IT skills?What do you think about connecting companies via social media platform? Do you think that it is possible to create a new application like Facebook?Most MarTech conferences take place in the USA and Great Britain, do you think about organizing such an event somewhere in Europe, or here in Poland?Does Hubspot have the biggest chance to make beneficial and visible changes in digital technology?What do you plan to do in the future professionally?What is your favorite book?Who is your inspiration in business?


16 Oct 2018

Rank #4

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