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Sound Break is a series of stand-alone audio works from Philadelphia-based performance company Lightning Rod Special. Scrambling assumptions around lightning rod topics, LRS asks hard questions of themselves, their audiences, and the world at large. Through a collaborative writing process and an eye towards experimentation, each episode proposes an entirely new world with its own set of rules, mad delights, and intoxicating mysteries.Lightning Rod Special makes live performance from the ground up. For more information about Sound Break or Lightning Rod Special visit www.lightningrodspecial.com.

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Lightning Rod Special presents SUPERHOST, a Halloween Audio Thriller Welcome! Adrian is your Superhost! Entire home · Check yourself in · 8 recent guests said the audio is sparkling clean In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on public gatherings, Lightning Rod Special dared its members to begin creating audio work from quarantine. SUPERHOST was our first experiment in devising for this new medium. SUPERHOST unfolds over a series of voicemails to Adrian, the owner of a beautiful Airbnb in rural Maine. Get away from your stressful and conventional lives. Extend your stay. You deserve to be alone. You deserve hospitality. You deserve luxury. You deserve self-care. Because, wherever you come from, you belong here.


29 Jul 2021

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Nosejob invites you to light a candle. Step into your fantasy.You love it so much.Right? You do like your fantasy, don’t you?It is yours, isn’t it? Crossing medieval legend with American sexual politics, Nosejob tells the story of a 9th century abbey of nuns who cut off their noses to repel a pack of rapacious vikings, and a 21st century college where boys are “burying” their faces in girls’ cleavage as part of a schoolwide prank. At the center of this wicked satire is college student Devon Chase, a feminist in search of a fantasy life she can live with. Nosejob charts the contours of consent, power, and fantasy to ask what has changed about rape culture in the last 13 centuries?


13 Apr 2021

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