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Sometimes, it can be hard to live out our Christian faith in a world that’s filled with many distractions constantly vying for our attention. Join me on this journey of learning and relearning how Scripture applies to our lives, and discovering valuable lessons that will help guide us as we navigate living in this world. My hope is that each episode will bring us closer to an awareness of who God has called us to be.

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Come out of hiding

We all have something inside of us that God has deposited, but for many of us the overwhelming nature of the vision causes us to run instead of embracing it. Join Nasara today for an important reminder of the invitation God has offered to us as his beloved Children.


26 Apr 2022

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What’s in a name?

Do you struggle with speaking unkindly about yourself or others? Join Nasara in today’s episode as we walk through why the labels we give to ourselves and to others is important. Don’t forget to follow, like, and share this episode. Follow on Instagram @beyondtheversespod !


31 Mar 2022

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Reflections on Jacob's Wrestling in Genesis 32

At some point or another, we will have to wrestle with somethings in life. This is inevitable. So, how do we respond to situations like that or what attitude should we have while going through difficult seasons?  Join Nasara in this episode as we get to dive into the story of Jacob wrestling with a Divine being and the lessons we can learn from his encounter with God.  Follow us on Instagram @beyondtheversespod. Thank you!


9 Mar 2022

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Let's talk about consistency.

Struggling with procrastination, a lack of discipline and/or motivation to get things done? Join Nasara today as she discusses some important reminders about why it pays to be consistent and hardworking in all our endeavors. Please, follow us on instagram @beyondtheversespod ! 


16 Feb 2022

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New Year, Same God

Welcome to 2022 everyone! Join Nasara today as she talks about a very important New Year resolution that every Christian should have for 2022 (and beyond). It's a brand New Year and we still serve the same good God. Don't forget to follow on instagram @beyondtheversespod. 


19 Jan 2022

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A word of encouragement

Today, Nasara shares a little bit about a common struggle that many believers face and shares an encouraging message to anyone who is feeling downcast and/or discouraged.


9 Dec 2021

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Letting go of your past.

Are you struggling with being held back by your past choices or by the thoughts and opinions of people who "used to know you"? Join Nasara as we look into scripture at what God has to say about our new lives and some practical tips to help deal with feelings such as guilt and shame about our pasts. Follow us on Instagram @beyondtheversespod!


12 Nov 2021

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The one whom Jesus loves

Today, we look at John 13:21-26 for an important lesson on what it means to have an intimate relationship with Jesus. Kindly follow us on instagram @beyondtheversespod , thank you!


1 Nov 2021

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The "I" in Idolatry.

Have you ever wondered if you have any idols in your life or have you been feeling like you haven't exactly been prioritising God the way that you know you should? Join Nasara today to hear a little about how you can go about realigning your priorities and practicing each day how to place God on the throne of your life.


15 Oct 2021

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There’s Freedom in True Repentance

Have you ever wondered whether giving your life to Jesus Christ is worth the trouble, worth experiencing FOMO or worth losing friends? Join Nasara as she talks about the joy of true repentance and why we need to let go and let God be Lord over our lives. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @beyondtheversespod!


20 Sep 2021

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