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The Experience by Bike podcast is dedicated to sharing the stories of cyclists who use their bikes as a means to explore new places, push their limits, or meet new people. Whether you're an avid ultra-endurance cyclist or you've just heard of the term bikepacking, we hope to provide you with entertainment, inspiration, and tips for your next experience by bike.

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Ep 15 - Jesse Blough: The Big Lonely

In this episode I speak with Jesse Blough, the race director of The Big Lonely. The Big Lonely is a 362 mile unsupported bikepacking adventure with 25k feet of elevation gain, which takes place in Central Oregon. Racers traverse through the iconic Mrazek trail in the Skyline Forest, ride along the Metoliusand Crooked Rivers, summit the relentless Ochoco mountains, and cross the high desert on a rarely-ridden 30-mile ribbon of smooth singletrack. All proceeds of registration for this race benefitted Bethlehem Inn, a shelter supporting the homeless community of Central Oregon. For more information on The Big Lonely, go to nwcompetitive.com/events/biglonely Follow Jesse on Instagram: @thegreatjesse Follow Northwest Competitive on Instagram: @northwestcompetitive


8 Jan 2021

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Ep 14 - Emily Lippe and the Hoodoo 300

This August, Emily Lippe competed in her first unsupported ultra-endurance cycling race, the Hoodoo 300. Not only did she set the overall record for the unsupported (nomad) category, but she also beat the record for the women's supported (solo) category with an overall finish time of 21 hours and 11 minutes. In this episode Emily gives us an overview of her training for the race, and details about her race experience. You can read more about Emily's race experience on her blog at misslippes.com/blog


30 Dec 2020

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Ep 13 - Jackie Baker and the Utah Mixed Epic

In this episode I chat with Jackie Baker, fifth place finisher and overall women's winner of the inaugural 2020 Utah Mixed Epic. This race was over 800 miles, and consisted of approximately 70k feet of climbing through remote desert and mountainous sections of Utah. Jackie discusses her experiences about the race, which not only brought challenging terrain to the riders, but also some incredibly unpredictable weather. Follow Jackie on her future adventures on instagram: @ohjaybay

1hr 23mins

16 Dec 2020

Rank #3

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Ep 12 - Abdul Mustafa - Everesting for Good

In this episode I chat with my good friend Abdul about his first successful Everesting attempt! In addition to a long day of climbing 29,029ft on his bike, Abdul also used this Everesting as a means to raise over $2100 for The Northwest Hub, a not-for-profit full service bicycle shop, bike reclamation program and training center. Tune in to hear about Abdul's experience, and tips he has for anybody else interested in attempting their own Everesting. Follow Abdul on instagram: @theadroitman See Abdul's official Everesting stats here: https://everesting.cc/hall-of-fame/#/hill/3952317746


12 Nov 2020

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EP 11 - Evan Deutsch: Racing the Big Sky Spectaculaire

In this episode I speak with Evan Deutsch about his most recent race, the inaugural Big Sky Spectaculaire. A 960+ mile mixed terrain ultra-endurance bike race that takes place in Montana. Evan is an experienced bikepacker and ultra-endurance cyclist, so I really enjoyed hearing about his racing experience and getting some insight in regards to his approach for racing this event!


9 Oct 2020

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Ep 10 - Brady Lawrence: Documenting the Atlas Mountain Race

Brady Lawrence is a Seattle-based filmmaker, photographer and writer specializing in documentary, editorial and outdoor adventure work. Brady recently filmed and produced a spectacular feature film, In to the Rift. This film documents the Atlas Mountain Race, a 1200km ultra-endurance cycling race through some of the most rugged and remote sections of Morocco. In this episode Brady gives some insight in to what it took to produce the film, and some experiences that came from it. Watch the In to  the Rift Documentary on YouTube if you haven't seen it already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5k5ayE9iqU You can contact Brady on instagram @bradylawrencephoto, or via his website bradylawrence.com

1hr 19mins

2 Sep 2020

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Ep 9 - Seth DuBois and the BC Epic 1000

In this episode I'm interviewed by my partner Nyah about my experience racing the BC Epic 1000 (bcepic1000.com), a self-supported ultra-endurance mountain bike race through British Columbia where I placed second. In addition to my race experience, we also have some general discussion about bikepacking in general. I hope you enjoy, and please reach out to me via instagram (@experiencebybike) or email (seth@experiencebybike.com) if you have any questions for me about the race or my experiences bikepacking. I'm also happy to hear any suggestions on future podcast episodes!

1hr 25mins

27 Aug 2020

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Ep 8 - Kristen Quadrone & Emma Bean: The Dynamic Bikepacking Duo

Kristen is based out of Bend, Oregon where she spends time bikepacking with her four legged adventure partner, Emma Bean. In this episode I talk with Kristen about her athletic background, and and what led to her and Emma becoming bikepacking adventure partners together! Follow Kristen and Emma on their bikepacking adventures through instagram @kquadrone!


4 Jun 2020

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Ep 7 - Tim Tait, race director of the Utah Mixed Epic 1000

Tim Tait is a bikepacker, ultra-endurance racer, and the race director of the the Utah Mixed Epic 1000. In this episode Tim discusses his background in bikepacking where he explains how he dove head first in to the sport, and how that led him to jump in to the seat of race directing. Of course, we also discuss Tims event, the Utah Mixed Epic, a 1000 mile self-supported bikepacking race through Utah. Visit nextgearadventurecycling.com to read more about the event.

1hr 19mins

18 May 2020

Rank #9

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Ep 6 - Jesse Blough: Preparing for the Atlas Mountain Race

Jesse Blough is an ultra-endurance athlete and the founder of the NW Competitive Adventure team (nwcompetitive.com). Jesse is days away from competing in the inaugural Atlas Mountain Race (atlasmountainrace.cc), which is a 1145 kilometer (711 miles) unsupported ultra-endurance cycling race that's taking place in Morocco. In this episode Jesse discusses his preparation and training for this upcoming race, along with an overview of the gear he will be utilizing. Follow Jesse's "dot" live on February 15th at atlasmountainrace.cc, look for #59! To learn more about Northwest Competitive Adventure, and to view the most recent blog posts, check out nwcompetitive.com If you have an questions for Jesse, feel free to get in touch with him on Instagram @thegreatjesse.


12 Feb 2020

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