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But You Don’t Look Sick

But You Don’t Look Sick is a comment I heard so many times while going through breast cancer treatment. The thing is, I was sick! Even when the chemo is over, and your​ hair grows back, there are more treatments! So let's talk about what living after a breast cancer diagnosis looks like!

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Episode 2-Starting Chemo

This episode I detail that first meeting with my oncologist before starting chemotherapy, the advice he gave me, and my initial feelings. I will also talk about that first round of chemo and how my body reacted to it, along with how we told our children, and having to shave my head. It is a lot to take in!


6 Sep 2018

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Episode 3- A sit-down with a caregiver

This episode I wanted to bring in my husband as he was a huge part of my cancer treatment. He was my caregiver day in and day out. Caregivers are not talked about or given the support that they need, in my opinion, so Chris is here to give some advice and insight into his experience since my diagnosis.


13 Sep 2018

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Episode 17-One year after chemo

January 8th will always be a day to celebrate from now on in my life. It is the day that I finished my 6th round of TCHP. The day I finished chemo and got to ring that bell. But no one really tells you how to live life after treatment. How to manage the anxiety that comes with not being monitored by your doctor's on a weekly basis. This is how I feel one year later. 


10 Jan 2019

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Episode 11-Bilateral Mastectomy, the surgery and recovery

Finally, it was time for the big surgery, my bilateral mastectomy. In this episode, I am talking about the preparation for surgery, the ins and, outs of surgery itself, and recovery. I also go into detail about the next steps after there was residue disease found in my lymph nodes.


15 Nov 2018

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Episode 6-Talking with thriver Rach DiMare

Kicking off breast cancer awareness month with real women behind the color pink! Rach DiMare from the blog RD'S Obsessions shares her journey from being diagnosed to life after treatment. Rach is one of the first women I connected with after my diagnosis, and she has been so helpful and supportive along the way. I am so happy that she is here to share her insight!

1hr 19mins

4 Oct 2018

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Episode 10-The emotions behind a double mastectomy

This is a tough episode! Going back to the months leading up to my double mastectomy. I knew from the moment I had my first biopsy that if it was cancer, I wanted a bilateral mastectomy. I didn't know all the ins and outs of the surgery, but I knew in my heart that this was the right choice for me mentally. Reliving those months is hard, it brings up emotions I didn't have then but am realizing now. There is nothing easy about this surgery, not everyone around you will understand what is going on. What matters most if how you feel, how I felt, and how to feel confident in that.


8 Nov 2018

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Episode 4-How to ask and receive help through treatment

This episode really dives into the need for help throughout cancer treatment, not just physically but mentally. I had such a hard time asking for help, and then there was guilt associated with accepting help. I learned so many things going through this process that I wanted to share my thoughts​, looking back.


20 Sep 2018

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Episode 16-Creative outlets through cancer

Happy New year! For my first podcast of 2019 I wanted to jump off with how to find creative outlets during cancer treatment. I truly feel like this is so important, to be able to channel your energy into something else and have things to look forward to and occupy your mind. In the episode I talk about using my blog as a way to document my cancer treatment and connect with other women. Also how journaling helped me to start this podcast, my styling business, and a clean beauty store Paris Laundry.


3 Jan 2019

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Episode 13- A solo fighter, Emily comes on to share her story!

This episode fellow breast cancer fighter, Emily comes on to share her story. It is amazing to hear how she tackled her diagnosis. She contacted me on Instagram and told me that she appreciated the But You Don't Look Sick podcast but that she couldn't​ relate to having a caregiver there all the time, to have a husband there for support, or even a partner in general. I wanted her to come on the podcast to further that conversation.


6 Dec 2018

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Episode 14-Am I crazy?Nope, it's hormone therapy

This episode I share my experience with starting hormone therapy. The fact that I really didn't know too much hormone therapy, the drugs, what they did, how long I would be on them, and the frequency. So much is out of your control, from the mood swings to the bone pain, and just your mental state of trying to hold it all together. So here is a glimpse into the crazy world of hormones!


13 Dec 2018

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