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The Platform Giant Show - Public Speaking and Communication Skills to Build Thought Leadership and Your Personal Brand

Stand above the crowd. Build your personal brand and be heard. What does it take to stand above the crowd? It takes a rock solid personal brand that's consistent with your values purpose and vision, It take time to build your expertise and authority and it takes relentless effort to promote your message. The Platform Giant is about that journey. Tune in to what it takes to build your platform so you can rise above the noise and be heard.

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Ep. 70 | Vocal Variety - How To Be More Expressive

On today’s podcast we’re covering part 2 of our 3 part series on how to be more expressive - vocal variety. We’ll be covering five elements of vocal variety and how you can add them into your next speech, podcast or webinar. Vocal Variety encompasses several aspects of speaking including: Pitch – The highs and the lows how you speak. Loudness – How loud or soft your voice is Articulation – the clearness and crispness of your language. Rate- How fast or slow you speak Pausing – Do you leave room for people to absorb what you’re saying or do you just ram the sentences together Quality – The resonance of your voice. It’s richness or fullness. Full show Notes at PlatformGiant.com/70


11 Apr 2017

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Public Speaking advice from 9 Experts

In this episode we get some public speaking advice from 9 Experts from the Public Speaking industry and get their advice for becoming a better Public Speaker. Featured Guests are Dr. Julie Connor - Professional Speaker Adam Tratt of Haiku Deck Scott Schwertly from Ethos3 Lisa B. Marshal from Smart Talk and The Public Speaker podcast Ryan Avery - World Champion of Public Speaking Dr. Michelle Mazur- from the Rebel Speaker podcast Ryan Hanley - Author of Content Warfare David Nihill - Expert in Comedy and Public Speaking Bill O'Hanlon - Author and Expert Speaker


9 Dec 2015

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Episode 10 | Jeremey Donovan - Author of How To Deliver a Ted Talk

Today I talk to Jeremey Donovan, Author of How To Deliver a Ted Talk.  Jeremey also has a popular website, SpeakingSherpa.com.  Full Show Notes are available at http://www.platformgiant.com/jeremey-donova…peaking-sherpa/


24 Mar 2015

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How To Resonate | Todd Henry Ep. 64

The love of comfort is the enemy of success. Finding your path and sticking to it requires commitment. You can't go it alone, however. You must find a team who will encourage you, cajole you and spur you on to greatness. If you want your message to resonate, you must learn to provide context and demonstrate empathy. Toddy Henry talks more about his book Louder Than Words Full show notes at http://PlatformGiant.com/64


30 Nov 2016

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Position Yourself as a Category of One

Dr. Michelle Mazur is a  category of one. She's a one of a kind speech coach who helps speakers embrace their true rebel selves.  She’s been featured in Entrepreneur, Fast Company and PR Daily. Her Rebel Speaker podcast has been featured in iTunes New and Noteworthy and she has the unique distinction of being a guest on the Platform Giant show with Shane Purnell 3 times (Episode 18, 19 and 46) Michelle is back with us on this episode to talk about  how to position yourself as a category of one. Today she shares Three tips for positioning yourself to get noticed in the noisy world of “thought leaders” and we talk about the 7 Fascination languages.


5 May 2016

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Thought Leadership - Ep. 60 with JD Gershbein

Because JD Gershbein’s name has become synonymous in social business circles with best-in-class LinkedIn profile writing and learning experiences geared toward developing thought leadership His background in psychology and neuroscience,gives helps him produce some game-changing insights into personal branding and social networking. Today I tap JDs sizable brain for some of those insights relating to thought leadership. We talk about what it really is and the 3 sub components you must focus on to establish your thought leadership. We talk about how to engage others, not just on LinkedIn, anywhere you have a community. And JD tells us why he doesn’t start with “Why” like Simon Sinek recommends. He tells people they should something else instead. Links: Primary website: http://www.owlishcommunications.com LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jdgershbein JD's TEDx Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3jsrUI8fHk Get Full Show Notes and Research at http://www.platformgiant.com/60 


13 Oct 2016

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The Secret to Being In Demand

On Content Information wants to be free. If people want your content they can go out and piece it together. Your value comes from being the person who organizes information for people. People don't come to you because of what you know, they come to you because you make it easy for them to learn. On Being the Best Multiple streams of income are good, but what's even better is being the best at what you do.  Whether you have multiple streams of income or not,  when you're the best, you have income security. If you want to be the best, you have to enjoy what you do or it's going to be tough road. You also have to stay interested in what you do by immersing yourself in it. If you're obsessed with the topic, it makes it a lot easier to become the best at it. On Being a Digital Nomad The old model doesn't work like it did. The efficiencies created by the Internet make it possible to create your own security. You don't have to rely on someone else for what you need. The traditional model is less secure because you rely on someone else. The best course is to get really good at what you do so you don't have to rely on someone else. When you're the best, you'll be in demand. Follow Sarah on Twitter: @petersonsar unsettle.org Sumome.com Articles Mentioned Your Guide To The Nine Types Of Testimonials (w/Examples) The 12 Ways to Build Social Proof (From Scratch): A Sumo-Sized Guide


1 Jun 2016

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Episdoe 27 | Credibility - What is it and How To Get More of It

The task was supposed to be easy. Define credibility.  I found the dictionary definition of credibility was lacking when it came to all of its different facets so I set out on a journey to find someone who could define it. I read blog posts asked people on the street and even consulted communication experts Dr. Michelle Mazur and Bill O'Hanlon. By the end of this episode, I had my definition and I'm going to share it with you. You can get full show notes at PlatfromGiant.com/27


19 Oct 2015

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Shane Purnell Talks Podcasting with Rob Walch of Libsyn

Platform Giant Show NotesWe started our conversation with Rob talking about growing up in Long Island, New York.Rob gave a brief overview of how podcasting has changed in the last 10 yearsHe also shared how he got that sweet Vice-President of Podcaster realtions job at Libsyn...and how can we forget Rob's Harry's Razors Add  Here'es some crazy Podcast stats for you Today in IOS  started as a podcast about iPhones. Each episode gets about 25,000 downloads Podcast 411 peaked at 5000 downloads/episode. Rob says that's the market cap for podcasts about podcasts. There are very few shows that get 100,000 + downloads If you get over 50,000 downloads your'e in the top 1% If you get over  5000   downloads you're in the top 8 % The average podcast gets 2000 downloads the median is 180 downloads/podcast. If you get 200 downloads for a show, you're doing better than 50% of everyone else out there. If you get over 500+ downloads you've got a successful show. The majority of your downloads should be coming from Apple or Apple core media. Stitcher and Overcast and Shifty Jelly Pocket cast demonstrate reliable sources for downloads too.  Rob also shared how to get guests for your show. and gave us some great podcasting tips to get started.You can get full show notes at the Platform Giant Website. Click here to get the full scoop. Ways to support the show Leave a review for us in iTunes or Subscribe to the show in iTunes Ways to support Platform Giant Sign-Up for Platform Giant Updates Get  free copy of Dale Carnege's The Art of Public Speaking when you sign up Follow Platform Giant on Facebook Twitter Google +


12 Dec 2014

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Creating Your Speaking Business Blueprint w/ Alysa Rushton Ep. 58

On this episode of The Platform Giant Show, Shane Purnell talks with Alysa Rushton about creating a speaking business blueprint. Topics include how Alysa Rushton built her speaking business, the importance of coaching and how you can set up your speaking business for success. Full Show Notes at PlatformGiant.com/58


23 Aug 2016

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Episode 5 | Don Simon

On today's show I talked with attorney Don Simon about how to be a repsonsible content consumer and producer on the internet.  We covered a lot of ground around our topic, including: What are Copyrights? Images on the Internet Attribution Creative Commons Public Domain  You can get all the show notes at the Platform Giant Website To find out more about Copyright Law go to Copyright.gov Connect with Don Simon Facebook Twitter If you like the show, consider leaving us a review in iTunes.  It let's us know that you're listening and it helps others discover the show by improving our visibility.  not to mention... It's Easy Go to iTunes Sign In Click on Ratings and Reviews Leave us a review We appreciate your support


1 Jan 2015

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About Pages, That's What It's All About

The 411 on an upcoming show: The first Platform Giant Show interview with a Podcasting LegendAbout About PagesThe link to my About Pages Talk at WordCampKC  http://wordpress.tv/2014/08/21/shane-purnell-telling-your-story-with-about-pages-and-author-bios/ The About Page is one of the most trafficked pages on your website Your social media profiles have an About sections. Your website should too. There are no RULES on how to do an About Page but there are guidelines you should follow. About Pages are not “Set it and Forget it”.  You should be updating them and tweaking them as needed. Your About Page is NOT about YOU. It’s about what you can do for the reader People want to know if you understand them and can you help them. When you're writing your About Page Remember, readers will be saying to  themselves “So what, who cares, what’s in it for me?" You have to let them know what's in it for them. Your About Page is where you tell your story. Your story is what makes you relatable to the reader.What to Include Your story A picture What’s your website is about Your qualifications Your contact information You can read the full explanation of what to include in this Blog post: What Is An About Page and Why Is it Important To read what experts Darrin Rouse and Derek Halper say about About Pages check out the post: Expert Advice on About Pages Remember: Don’t think your reputation will speak for itself. You have to let the world know who you are and what you’re about. The About Page is a great way to do it. How you can help the podcast Subscribe to the podcast and Leave us a 5 Star Review. 5 star reviews are not only encouraging but they raise our profile on iTunes so more people can find out about the podcast. Sign up for Platform Giant Updates Let’s Get Social Like the Platform Giant Page on Facebook Follow Platform Giant on Twitter: @PlatformGiant Join me on Google+


26 Nov 2014

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The Go-Giver Leader - Bob Burg

The Go-Giver Leader focuses on how leaders can bring exceptionalvalue to those they lead. A Go-Giver Leader understands thatleadership isn’t about the leader, it’s about everyone the leaderhas the opportunity to touch. The premise of The Go-Giver Leader isthe same as the book The Go-Giver, but the emphasis has changed toleadership. When you become a Go-Giver leader you become a servant of thepeople you lead. It’s not about what you get from it, it’s what youbring to it. To get the Full Show Notes, including references and LinksClick HERE Click Here tosubscribe and TO GET FREEEPISODES


26 Apr 2016

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Thought Leadership Strategy- Ep. 61 with JD Gershbein

How do you take the idea of thought leadership and apply it in real life? JD Gershbein and I continue our conversation on thought leadership. We pull away from LinkedIn & social media sites and start talking about creating a thought leadership strategy. Full Show Notes are available at PlatformGiant.comm/61


24 Oct 2016

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The Power of Positioning

Click Here - Subscribe Rate and Review the Show If you really want to stand out you need to be different. You need to think of yourself as different, you need to notice the way others see you as different and you need to provide a vision for your audience. "Different is better than better"   Positioning: Finding your voice Michelle attended an event where the speaker manipulated the audience into giving a standing ovation. Michelle was so mad about it she wrote a blog post ranting  about “how not to be a motivational speaker”.  That ranting blog post attracted her first client. Positioning is not formulaic. Positioning is a process you have to work through. Positioning takes time. Positioning is iterative based on feedback from tribe experimentation How Michelle Mazur Positioned Herself in the Speaking Market She observed  a huge gap between what Toastmasters offers speakers and what the National Speakers Association offers speakers. Toastmasters helps beginning speakers The National Speakers Association helps expert speakers Michelle has positioned herself between those two organizations because no one seems to address that market Get Episodes delivered to your device. Click here to subscribe


13 May 2016

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PGS 18 | Heckling

Recently I sat through a presentation where an audience member was so enthusiastic about the presentation it became a disruption. After thinking about her actions I realized she was not trying to help the speaker she was trying to take over his presentations. Was it jealousy or just trying to help?  Either way it came across as heckling.  Get Full Show Notes Here http://www.platformgiant.com/18


8 Jul 2015

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Episode 07 | Microsoft Tools and Storytelling

Full show notes are are available on the Platform Giant Website Read the Post  Episode 07 | Microsoft’s New Presentation Tools and Storytelling  Resources mentioned Microsft Sway available at Sway.com PowerPoint Mix Plugin available at Mix.Office.com My 10 minute attempt at a Sway Presentation https://sway.com/6FWMlq1jWbt1xB-x   Help Us Get the Word OutWhen you leave a review it helps others find the show.Leave us a review in iTunes by clicking on the button below. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id938671105 Leave us Rating on Stitcher http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/platform-giant/the-platform-giant-show?refid=stpr 


26 Jan 2015

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Play To Your Strengths

It's been reported that 70-80% of workers are unhappy with their jobs. What a shame! No wonder the top 20% of workers are getting 80% of the results in organizations. If you don't want to be lumped in with the herd, you need something to break you out of the 80% crowd. You need to find a way to get noticed. You need to play to your strengths. On this episode we talk about how to do that. Full Show Notes are at www.platformgiant.com/59


22 Sep 2016

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Episode 17 | Interview with Jonathan Wilson

In this show inside of a show, Jonathan Wilson, of the Terminal Podcast, interviews me about the fundamentals of presenting. You can get Jonathan's Show Notes  Here You can get my Show Notes Here Enjoy the podcast


17 Jun 2015

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Episode 19 Interview with Dr. Michelle Mazur

Dr. Michelle Mazur is the CEO of Communication Rebel and author of Speak Up for your Business. She's best known for delivering audacious breakthroughs for speakers who want to be in a Class of One. Her work as a Fascination Advisor, has helped her clients make a memorable impression, rise above the competition, and be able to charge more for their speaking. She's larger than life and willing to break the rules to help her clients get results. She was featured on Episode 18 of the Platform Giant Show and on this episode, she shares  how she made the change from a Professor of Communication to a Communication Rebel. For Full Show Notes Got to http://www.PlatformGiant.com/19


22 Jul 2015

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