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The BOBcastJoin Keith, George, Steevie and Fiona as they chat all things golf but centering on Bob MacIntyre our famous Oban Golfer Steevie may have as much golfing knowledge as a small marshmallow but Keith and George and Fiona keep him on the straight and narrow.

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BOBcast - Episode 20 - "The Final Tee " - a golfing podcast

Join Steevie, Keith and Fiona on a final golfing voyage with the Oban Time's BOBcast. The team do a wee review of Bobs rise through the golfing rankings over the last 18 months of the podcast run and we revisit our interview with Bob by David McPhee. Just how much has golf changed in the last 18 months and just how old is Fiona going to be on her next birthday? A quiz is also on the cards for Steevie - just what has he learnt?


1 Mar 2021

Rank #1

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BOBcast - Episode 19 - "Winter Matters" - a golfing podcast

The Final episode in season 2 of The BOBcast Join Keith, Fiona and Steevie as they discuss BOBs final fling of the golfing year and track his ups and downs (and win!) of 2020. Predictions were made by the team back in March as to his golf ranking - how accurate we they? We find out. Fiona is back with her BOBcast challenge on the Isle of Seil under the watchful eye of Pat Mill  (coach and secretary) - Find out how Fiona takes to "Winter Mats"


15 Dec 2020

Rank #2

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BOBcast - Episode 18 - "Follow Me"

Keith, Fiona and Steevie are back with more golf banter and fun - Find out what is happening to BOB in the golfing world as he plays live in Dubai as they record (and Keith gets distracted watching on TV) Fiona has been off to Taynuilt Golf Club as part of her BOBcast Challenge with Carol MacLarty and  Moira MacVicar analysing her play. Steevie has been looking and wondering "why" about golf carts that follow you wherever you go.... All on this episode of "The BOBcast"


3 Dec 2020

Rank #3

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BOBcast - Episode 17 - "Congratulations and Jubilations" - a golfing podcast

Bob has only gone and done it! His first victory! Hooray! And very well done Bob!Join Fiona, Keith and Steevie has they celebrate his amazing achievement in Cyprus and look forward to his upcoming events Fiona is on  the next leg  of her Bobcast Challenge this time talking to Graeme Mackechnie from Dalmaly Golf Club after her "interesting" round. And just how has another world event across the pond  affected a high profile golfer...


10 Nov 2020

Rank #4

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BOBcast - Episode 16 - "Challenging Times" - a golfing podcast

The team are back discussing all things Bob MacIntyre - this time - Change of Caddie,  injuries and the last three Championships. Where next for Bob? Fiona's BOBcast Challenge kicks off and she gets some advice on her first rounds from Steven Wilson and Barry Whenman from Craignure Golf Club


21 Oct 2020

Rank #5

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BOBcast - Episode 15 - "USA Open - now closed"

A golfing podcast from the Oban Times - This time we chart Oban golfer Bob MacIntyre's  fantastic progress through his debut at the US Open and leading onto the Scottish Open in a few weeks time. Steevie and Keith also discuss "how windy is too windy" - a listener queries what state the game of golf will be in if it just becomes a "how far can we hit the ball" contest and the fantastic amount of money Bob raised for McNeese State University during the open.


22 Sep 2020

Rank #6

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BOBcast Epsiode 14 - "Viva Espanola - Howdy USA"

As Oban’s Bob MacIntyre pulls out all the stops for a fantastic recovery in Spain – the team talk about his progress in the Andalucía Masters and the upcoming US Masters at Winged Foot. They discuss the course setup and also the mental strength and attitude required to play at such a level. Great sporting comebacks and a different type of golf are also covered as well as Steevie's "Silly (dimples) question of the week" 


9 Sep 2020

Rank #7

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BOBcast - Episode 13 - "Snails and Casual Water " - a golfing podcast - Oban Times

Fiona, George, Keith and Steevie discuss all things Bob MacIntyre and his performance in the Welsh Open, the lovely weather, slow play and prize money among other things chatted about as well has his forthcoming debut at the US Open. The team also discuss adverse weather conditions, highest recording golf ball speed and Fiona's exciting golf journey she is about to start on. Steevie has (of course) a silly question of the week which has a surprising simple answer....


27 Aug 2020

Rank #8

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BOBcast Episode 4 - "The one with Bob in it" - a golf podcast

Join presenters George Graham, Keith McIntyre and Stephen Day in their latest audio golfing adventure.This week they are joined by reporter David McPhee as he catches up with Bob for a wee chat and Steevie learns more golfing terminology and what are the chances of getting a hole in one.


13 Dec 2019

Rank #9