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This branch of the Australian Physiotherapy Association podcast family speaks directly to members of the public, discussing healthcare, health issues and how physiotherapy can make a difference. Essentially, 'Physios on the Mic' features our hosts speaking to 'in the know' physios about changing the face of Australian healthcare, and 'busting myths' about issues in the system.

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Common doesn't mean normal | rethinking women's health

What exercise is safe for me to do during pregnancy? After the birth? What helps to alleviate period pain? How can I manage incontinence? Sex is painful for me - can I do anything to change that? What can I do before and after surgery to optimise my recovery?If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, tune in to the latest episode of the 'Physios on the Mic' podcast! Join us as we chat with the fantastic Chair of the APA Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health group, Cath Willis, about all things female pelvic health – including bladder and bowel health, sexual dysfunction, endometriosis, pelvic pain, period pain, conditions relating to pregnancy, menopause and pre and post-surgery, and the impact all of this can have on mental health.Pelvic pain conditions can be debilitating and are often uncomfortable or embarrassing to discuss — but rest assured, a visit to your local physiotherapist can help change this.


22 Jan 2020

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Patient and practitioner mental health

With 1 in 5 Aussies suffering from a mental health condition at any one time, many of which are linked with a myriad of co-morbidities, the discussion around mental health is as important as ever.In this ‘Physios on the Mic’ podcast, physiotherapist and psychologist Peter Hallet and physiotherapist Georgie Davidson, tackle this important topic and the role physiotherapy plays in treating patients with mental illnesses. The duo also discuss how to reduce the risk of practitioner burnout, as well as breaking down the common stigmas and stereotypes surrounding this area of healthcare.


7 Jan 2020

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Sports participation and physical activity for children with disability

Australian children and young people do not move enough each day, and this is particularly true for children with disability. There is no denying that something must be done soon to increase kids’ physical activity levels and sports participation. But how do we make the shift that’s needed to get children - particularly those with disability - to stand up and start moving?Join Georgina Clutterbuck and Dr. Leanne Johnston as they discuss research on the topic of sports participation in Australia, and how physiotherapists can make a difference in the lives of this population.Links to Georgina's publications and infographics relating to sports participation for children with disabilities can all be found at: https://padlet.com/Georgina_Clutterbuck/Portfolio. This includes details about Sports Stars.Georgina's university profile can be found here: https://science.csu.edu.au/schools/cmhealth/staff/profiles/physiotherapy/georgina-clutterbuckLeanne Johnston’s university profile can be found here: https://researchers.uq.edu.au/researcher/8863The best place to follow new research on sports participation - from the transition to sport research discussed in this podcast, all the way to elite sports performance for children and young adults with disabilities, is on the Children’s Motor Control Research Collaboration’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Childrens-Motor-Control-Research-Collaboration-646866125450212/Organised Junior Entry Point Programs (Including Net Set Go):Netball: https://netsetgo.asn.auSoccer: https://www.playfootball.com.au/miniroosCricket: https://www.playcricket.com.au/junior/T-ball: https://baseball.com.au/play-baseball/sporting-schools/Australian Rules: https://www.play.afl/auskickFinally, an AFO is an ankle foot orthosis. These are commonly worn by children with CP wear to help manage the spasticity they experience in their calves.


2 Dec 2019

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Kicking goals with Collingwood physios

With finals fever heating up, we sat down with APA members and Collingwood AFL physiotherapists David Francis and Lachlan Fooks to hear about their journey to becoming physiotherapists for one of the largest AFL clubs in Australia.


18 Sep 2019

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Physical activity after cruciate ligament reconstruction

In this podcast, the editor of Journal of Physiotherapy, Associate Professor Mark Elkins, joins Stephanie Filbay to discuss her paper in the April issue of the journal, titled “Activity preferences, lifestyle modifications and re-injury fears influence longer-term quality of life in people with knee symptoms following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a qualitative study”.In what follows, the pair discuss how finding a way to maintain a physically active lifestyle seems to have a major influence on quality of life after cruciate ligament reconstruction.


12 Oct 2016

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Are graduates work-ready for private practice?

Whether or not graduates are work-ready for the private sector is often a topic of debate. At the 2016 Business and Leadership conference in Darwin, Cherie Wells, Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) grant recipient, speaks with Errol Lim, private practice owner, about the barriers and facilitators to new graduate success in the private sphere.This podcast explores key findings of Cherie's PRF funded research on the subject of graduate work readiness. The pair discuss the expectations of private practice owners and the top tips for business owners wanting to better facilitate new graduates transitioning into their practice.


28 Sep 2016

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Physiotherapy management of lung cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Lung cancer is the fifth most common cancer in Australia and accounts for 9% of all cancers. In 2008, Dr Catherine Granger was awarded a Jill Nosworthy Grant by the Physiotherapy Research Foundation.Associate Professor, Mark Elkins, editor of the Journal of Physiotherapy, joins Dr Catherine Granger to discuss her recent paper titled 'Physiotherapy management of lung cancer,' published in Issue 2 of the Journal of Physiotherapy.In what follows, the pair discuss the breadth of evidence-based interventions physiotherapists can offer lung cancer patients, the role of pre-habilitation and the importance of exercise both pre and post surgery.


12 Jul 2016

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The future of digital health

With health now entering a digital age, health professionals, particularly physiotherapists, need to know how to embrace and excel in this new model of healthcare. A component of this year's APA Business and Leadership Conference to be held in Darwin, will address the future models of healthcare in Australia and the key benefits for patients in the e-health model.This podcasts brings together world leader and CEO of the Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA), Louise Schaper, talk with physiotherapist and Participatory Health Informatics Lecturer and Researcher, Mark Merolli, to discuss digital healthcare and how physiotherapists can ensure they have a voice in shaping the changing healthcare model.


1 Jul 2016

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Exercise rehabilitation for cancer survivors

It is well known that, for those people with cancer, exercise has beneficial effects on strength, cardiovascular function, fatigue and quality of life. However, the ideal mode and intensity of exercise remains unclear.In an effort to help remedy this gap, APA member Amy Dennett’s research investigates whether there is a dose-response effect of exercise on inflammation and fatigue in adult cancer survivors. Amy chats with Associate Professor, Mark Elkins, editor of the Journal of Physiotherapy about exercise rehabilitation for cancer survivors.


18 Apr 2016

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