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That Week In SNL (A Vintage Saturday Night Live Podcast)

Join us as we explore vintage episodes of SNL, analyzing the show and the bizarre pop culture ephemera that surrounded it. Tangents are had. Jokes are made.

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Episode 49: Eddie Murphy/Robert Plant & The Honeydrippers (Dec. 15, 1984)

It's our big ol' honkin' Christmas extravaganza with John Murray of the SNL Afterparty podcast! This week, we're covering Eddie Murphy's first grand return to studio 8H with his 1984 episode (featuring the perennial classic, White Like Me). Elsewhere, we talk Paw Patrol, try to make sense of the dense layers in Lishman's Deli and more!

1hr 55mins

20 Dec 2019

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Episode 25: Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines (Nov. 13, 1999)

Before there was Justin Timberlake, there was...Garth Brooks. Hey, simmah down now! It's true! Garth was one of the first to prove that a musical artist could should an adept SNL host, they almost seemed like a part of the cast. This week, we're exploring Garth's second (and, sadly, last) hosting gig from the distant of 1999 so go tell Lorne to grab you a coke and settle in. It's gonna be a fun one.

1hr 17mins

10 Nov 2018

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Episode 30: Drake (Jan. 18, 2014)

This week we're exploring a fairly important episode for both SNL and us! Not only is this the one that got us back into watching the modern era of the show but it's also Sasheer Zamata's first episode as well! Join us for all sorts of mispronounced names, hot takes on Rahat and more!

1hr 22mins

19 Jan 2019

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Episode 16: Phil Hartman/Gin Blossoms (March 23, 1996)

We return from our brief hiatus with a trip down memory lane with SNL legend, Phil Hartman. We get some old favorites like Charlton Heston, Sinatra and Frankenstein amidst the debut of some new favorites (?) like the Roxbury Guys and acting workshop teacher Bobby Coultsman. Tangents include listener response about Chris Kattan, Phil's effect on our lives and more!

1hr 19mins

7 Apr 2018

Rank #4

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Episode 31: Jason Patric/Blind Melon (Jan. 8, 1994)

Few hosts are as hard to get a bead on as Jason Patric is. Is he uninterested in hosting the show? Is it all a big put on? Is it somewhere in the middle? Join us as we attempt to unravel the mystery.

1hr 28mins

26 Jan 2019

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Episode 13: Tom Arnold/Tupac Shakur (Feb. 17, 1996)

1hr 7mins

17 Feb 2018

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Episode 35: George Wendt & Francis Ford Coppola/Philip Glass (March 22, 1986)

This week, we're exploring one of the most idiosyncratic episodes the show has ever done! Our host is George Wendt but the real star attraction is Francis Ford Coppola as this episode's "Guest director". It all adds up to one of the few times the show has completely broken format to allow an episode-length story to be told and by god, we love it.

1hr 13mins

9 Mar 2019

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Episode 1: Mariel Hemingway/Blues Traveler (Sept. 30, 1995)

The chronological survey of season 21 begins here...at the beginning, of course. We dig into how the previous season brought the show to near cancellation, meet the new cast and read an ancient news article about the premiere. Tangents include "is this Stephen Colbert", Showgirls (or is it Striptease?) , the Weekend Update O.J. joke bet and more!

1hr 20mins

30 Sep 2017

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Episode 39: Bob Saget/TLC (May 6, 1995)

This week, we return to a troubled time in SNL history by dipping back into the infamous season 20 with Bob Saget's episode. Is it as painful Deion Sander's show, the only episode to receive a zero on our podcast? Generally, yes.

1hr 1min

10 May 2019

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Episode 12: Danny Aiello/Coolio (Feb.10, 1996)

1hr 11mins

10 Feb 2018

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Episode 41: Kyle MacLachlan/Sinead O'Connor (Sept. 29, 1990)

We're kicking off our third season with one of the show's most fondly remembered premieres! Take a trip back to a wonderfully weird time in America's history when Twin Peaks and Sinead O'Connor were both surprisingly popular and Chris Rock & Farley were just getting started on the show. Featuring fun with commercials!

1hr 13mins

27 Sep 2019

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Episode 36: Rob Lowe/Spice Girls (April 12, 1997)

After covering the entirety of season 21 last year, we've finally decided to dip our toes into season 22. What we find is a whole bunch of Heavens Gate and Ellen coming out as gay material, sprinkled with some dead bodies, Goth Talk, misogyny in game show form, further battles with Norm and Robert De Niro's best guest appearance!

1hr 11mins

5 Apr 2019

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Episode 26: John Lithgow/Tracy Chapman (Nov. 19, 1988)

It's Thanksgiving with John Lithgow! This week, we explore John's last hosting gig from 1988, which features some classics and a few not-so-classics. We talk comparisons to John Cleese, Jon Lovitz as the Catchphrase King, a sketch that manages to amuse despite the use of blackface and more!

1hr 5mins

17 Nov 2018

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Episode 27: Candice Bergen/Frank Zappa (Dec. 11, 1976)

We're heading back to Season 2 for an old-school holiday classic! Does it hold up all these years later? An intense discussion unravels the mystery. Within, we discuss the nature of Candice's performance, just how over or underrated Belushi and Radner are, and Frank Zappa's amazing performances.

1hr 43mins

1 Dec 2018

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Episode 2: Chevy Chase/Lisa Loeb (Oct. 7, 1995)

Chevy Chase returns to Studio 8H to host the second episode of season 21 and low-key hilarity ensues! Tangents include an old Entertainment Weekly article that reviews the previous episode, the history of Chevy on SNL, the film roles of Father Guido Sarducci and more!

1hr 22mins

7 Oct 2017

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Test Ep. 4: Deion Sanders/ Bon Jovi (2/18/1995)

For our final test episode, we do battle against one of the absolute worst episodes in the show's 40-plus years: the Deion Sanders show from February 1995. It's a true dark night of the soul as we do our best to rail against the horrifying levels of abrasive non-comedy that was thrown at us. We made it out alive...just barely. And now we're here to tell our tale and give warning. Peace, we outta here.


22 Sep 2017

Rank #16

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Another Notes From The Quarantine

This week in efforts to keep sane: the second episode of Saturday Night Quarantine, Tiger King, Australian post-apocalyptic exploitation trash and more!


31 Mar 2020

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Episode 19: Christine Baranski/The Cure (May 11, 1996)

It's bizarre times with Christine Baranski and The Cure! Experience the last sputtering moments of unique season 21 favorites and a barrage of other weirdness! Tangents are kept to a minimum because we respect your time.

1hr 6mins

12 May 2018

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Episode 42: George Carlin/Billy Preston & Janis Ian (Oct. 11, 1975)

This week, we're going all the way back to the beginning. That's right. Season One. Episode One. The big one. The birth of SNL. It's one of the show's most unique episodes, with more discrete segments than nearly any other episode. Things come flying fast and we're breaking it all down (and manage to discuss a bit of the second episode as well).

1hr 24mins

4 Oct 2019

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Episode 32: Jamie Lee Curtis/The Fixx (Feb. 18, 1984)

We're heading back to Ebersol Land to complete the Halloween trifecta with Jamie Lee Curtis and The Fixx! Within we discuss more Belushi theories, Joel Hodgson, an impromptu review of Halloween 2018 and more!

1hr 22mins

8 Feb 2019

Rank #20