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Every week we answer pulse raising question about the Christian faith. You can send in your questions in to hello@ourgodgivenmission.com

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What is the role of the Holy Spirt?

Of all the gifts given to mankind by God, there is none greater than the presence of the Holy Spirit. For many people, the person of the Holy Spirit raises many questions as to its functions, roles, and activities. Our Director Mike Omoniyi shares how The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is active in our world and notes several roles the Holy Spirit plays in the lives of believers today. Join the discussion online using #ThePulsePodcast.


4 May 2021

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Why are there so many Christian denominations?

Jesus often prayer that his followers would have such a radical unity that would be a testimony to the world. However, when we look at the Christian body today, it seems as though they divide up into hundreds of different groups, churches, and denominations. For those who are not Christians, it seems confusing. Why can’t they agree on anything? Why are there sometimes four different churches on the same street? Even for believers, the question often arises: Why are there so many Christian denominations?


27 Apr 2021

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Is it wrong for Christians to swear/cuss?

The topic of swearing/cussing is one that often elicits deep divide amongst Christians. Some believing in no circumstances should use that type of language and some believe that they’re just words, what’s the big deal? So then what does the Bible say about this and should these four-letter words be in our vocabulary?


20 Apr 2021

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How long do I need to wait for God to answer my prayers?

Waiting on God when He has not answered our prayers is one of the hardest places to be. There are times when we pray with everything in us and we need God to intervene and yet, nothing changes. So what then should we do when it seems as though God isn't listening? Join the discussion here using #ThePulsePodcast


11 Apr 2021

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I feel like my job isn't God-glorifying, should I quit to go into full-time ministry?

When we read about the importance of evangelism in the scriptures, a feeling that often comes up is that this means that full-time ministry is the lifestyle that really maximises sharing the gospel, and so we begin to feel second rate in our “secular” jobs. In this weeks episode, Mike Omoniyi discusses the importance of not separating the Christian life into the sacred and secular. Join the discussion online using #ThePulsePodcast


28 Mar 2021

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How do you combat the feeling of loneliness during lockdown?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has made it harder to be with others. Contact with family and friends continues to be limited, and with social and leisure activities are restricted, for many of us, the last year has been one marked with feelings of loneliness. So what hope does the Bible give for those who may feel this way?


7 Mar 2021

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How do I make the most out of lockdown?

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus and ongoing lockdown restrictions, we live in a world where fear and anxiety dominates. Mike Omoniyi shares some advice to ensure that we don't simply survive, but that we thrive during these odd and frightening times. Join the discussion online by using the hashtag #ThePulsePodcast.  


14 Feb 2021

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Is Christianity the white man's religion?

On this weeks episode of The Pulse Podcast, we look at the history of the Christian faith. Many people claim that the roots of the Christian faith within the African community is based on slavery and should be rejected. However, what does the Bible say about the origins of the Christian faith and its existence in Africa prior to the slave trade? Join the discussion online using #thepulse  


24 Jan 2021

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Can I speak things into existence?

When God created the heavens and the earth he did so by speaking,  but has God passed this same power and authority to you and I allowing us to speak things into existence?  Join the discussion online using #ThePulsePodcast


17 Jan 2021

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Should Christians take the COVID-19 Vaccine?

With the emergence of vaccines to combat the spread of the virus, many questions have been raised about the ethics, testing and development of the vaccine. As conspiracy theories are on the rise, what does the Bible say about whether Christians should take the vaccine?   Join the discussion online using #ThePulsePodcast.


10 Jan 2021

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