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USA TODAY’s critically acclaimed investigative podcast about power in American cities.Season 1, Chicago: A black neighborhood fights back when a mysterious man with mob ties builds an illegal dump across the street from an elementary school. Along the way they confront corrupt politicians, apathetic bureaucrats—and a secret undercover FBI investigation.Season 2, Reno: A surprising proxy battle for the future of Reno pits a brash strip club kingpin against power brokers in city hall. The winner-takes-all fight could remake the city—and ruin lives in the process.

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"Mount Henry" | S1 E3

The neighborhood turns to a beloved ward boss—but his own agenda comes first. A man in the know offers some valuable advice on power. There's bonus content for this episode of The City and more at our website: thecitypodcast.com Instagram: @thecitypodTwitter: @thecitypod Facebook: @thecitypodEmail: info@thecitypodcast.com _________________________________ Support The City by supporting our sponsors! Helix Sleep: Get up to $125 off your mattress when you visit them at helixsleep.com/thecity


1 Oct 2018

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