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The Doubters' Club is hosted by two friends who do not think like one another. The podcast is hosted by a Christian and a non-Christian who model friendship and pursue truth with each other on some of the most difficult topics! With special guests to bring new perspectives, Preston and Andrew continue to show how friendship doesn't require that you think alike. Doubters' Clubs have in person gatherings around the world. This was meant to allow you to experience it wherever you are. Whatever you are doing.

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What's the Right Way to Read the Bible?

If people have grown up experiencing the Bible as a weapon, it's no surprise that they leave the Christian faith. In fact, this has been an issue for all of the Church's history. Special guest and biblical historian, Jeremy Stein, discusses how the Bible is supposed to be treated and how faith has and is still evolving. To join Jeremy on a tour of Israel, visit www.thechls.org


24 Jul 2021

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Nationalism and Christianity with Greg Boyd

Is there common ground when it comes to politics and religion? Perhaps Christians and non-Christians have more in common than most think. Namely, that politics should not be part of a religious system. Author Greg Boyd is interviewed in this timely, yet controversial, podcast!


5 Jul 2021

Rank #2

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What's At Stake When You Change Your Mind?

Without a doubt, we all have questions and our questions can lead us to change our minds. Listen to how The Doubters' Club has provided a community for the deconstructing Christian and the militant atheist. The questions they ask one another are questions we all ask ourselves. Mainly, what's at stake if we change our minds? Click here to pre-order Preston's new book, The Doubters' Club: Good-faith conversations with skeptics, atheists, and the spiritually wounded.


22 Apr 2021

Rank #3