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Case Acquaint is a podcast which features open and unresolved cases related to violent crime and missing persons. Here, we distribute information in an effort to encourage public engagement. We tell the victim’s story, the events that precipitated the unresolved case, and the current known facts.

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Series 1 Ep. 1 The Dead and Missing of Lumberton, NC

This is the first episode in a series about mysterious disappearances, murder, and other crimes, along the 1-95 corridor communities of North Carolina.  Today, we talk first about Rhonda Jones, Kristin Bennett, and Meagan Oxendine. The FBI is offering a $30,000 reward for information leading to the killer/s of these women. Then we bring you the stories of Cynthia Jacobs, Eric Montreal Evans, and Abby Patterson. There is also reward money available if you know what happened to any of these persons. Lumberton is a small town. Why are there so many mysterious disappearances and deaths? Why can't police seem to solve these cases?  Some say it's police corruption, and they are covering for someone. Some say a serial killer is and has been on the loose in Lumberton for decades. Some blame the victims themselves. Others say each case is different. Could there be several killers in Lumberton? Hopefully the FBI can sort this out. Let us know what you think. Many thanks to John Allore of theresaallore.com  who graciously provided permission to use quotes from one of his excellent episodes. Subscribe to John's podcast. It's on itunes, and I found it on Stitcher. Discuss or get more info about these cases.  Music: Modum    by: Kai Engel    Album: Caeli Link to more music by Kai Engel Check out Kai's website


29 Dec 2017

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