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A show about finding yourself, true and genuine self love and care, and creating a life you love and want to wake up to each and every day.

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93. Intentionally walking into the new year

Happy new year! I wanted to talk today about intention and what that really looks like when you practice it fully. Let's dive in to it! 


3 Jan 2022

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92. I'm learning about my brain and I want to bring you along for the ride

I've been spending and enormous amount of time lately really diving into my neurodiverse brain and I wanted to update you on some things and share with you what I've found and how that might inform the podcast/blog going forward. Look to amberslocum.com in the new year to get more info and read about it all. 


14 Dec 2021

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91. The role of chaos and how co-creating works

Today we are going to talk about what chaos is, how it affects us, and a huge epiphany I had around this idea of being a co-creator with the universe. I'm starting to fully grasp the concept and SEE more clearly what's been happening in my life. It's almost as if I've had these sun glasses on and I haven't been able to truly see things in the way they should be seen. Anyway, give a listen and email me and let me know your thoughts. 


28 Oct 2021

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90. September Income Reports

As promised, I'm sharing my income from month to month as I journey toward financial independence. This is the one for September


28 Oct 2021

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89. Advocate for your own health - feel your body

I am in the midst of a health scare and I want to share how we got to the point we are in the hopes of helping to save a life. I will keep you all up to date with biopsy results and the rest as it comes. But touch your boobies and feel your other various body parts! Deep love and hugs.


11 Oct 2021

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88. The journey to financial independence

I have a big goal of becoming financially independent within the next few years. And because I do better with accountability I have decided to share this journey with you. Follow along with this once a month series where I lay it all out there. What has gone well that month and what hasn't. Click below to follow on instagram and get email updates about my journey.  www.instagram.com/amber_slocum_consulting https://amberslocum.ck.page/0793be4ca8


29 Sep 2021

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87. Moving beyond jealousy and the shame that often comes with it

Comparison is the thief of joy (I've researched this quote and cannot find the original person who said it. It's been said by a lot of folks)...but is it? Is it comparing ourselves to others or is it the jealousy that comes from seeing others and feeling as though they are having an easier time and not struggling as you are.  Let's discuss that and the shame that comes around when we DO feel the jealousy. How do we let go of that and do it better?


13 Sep 2021

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86. Are you running away from what's working?

Let's talk a little bit about self sabatoge and what it looks like and how to knock that crap off.


11 Aug 2021

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85. How are you rushing through life?

How and why are you rushing through your daily life? Where do you need to slow down simply because it makes no damn sense to keep rushing? Let's talk about that. 


11 Aug 2021

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84. Boundaries and respecting our children and therefore ourselves

Today we are going to talk about how I recognized that I was disrespecting a boundary my child needed and how I corrected that problem and what that process looked like. And then we dive further in to respect and thinking about how we parent our kids based on how we were parented and how we learn as adult humans. 


14 Jul 2021

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