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Candid discussions about cannabis inspired music, great past and upcoming concerts and the social implications of legalized cannabis. Old-school Grateful Dead fans, cannabis attorney Larry Mishkin, cannabis CPA Jim Marty and cannabis attorney / investor Rob Hunt share their cannabis stories and view of the industry. Produced By PodConX

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Impact of vaping crisis with guest Andy Greenberg

Andy Greenberg from Society Jane  , a California  cannabis distributor and Deadhead is a special guest to talk about how the vaping crisis is impacting the industry and how her suppliers are responding.   Larry Mishkin and Andy share Grateful Dead concert stories with Jim Marty,Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


4 Nov 2019

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The Allman Betts Band Mackrell UK Canna Law Firm

Jim Marty and Larry Mishkin  interviews Elliott Rolfe & Chris Lane from the cannabis exclusive UK law firm Mackrell Turner Garrett.  They talk about the UK's current cannabis environment and opportunities throughout the world.  Larry reviews the Allman Betts Band concert. Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/ellicott-rolfehttps://podconx.com/guests/chris-lanehttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


6 Jan 2020

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Jerry Garcia, his impact on the band and the culture

Cannabis CPA Jim Marty and Cannabis Attorney Larry Mishkin have enjoyed over 150 Grateful Dead concerts with Jerry Garcia. His musical genius is very hard to understand without experiencing it. They share some of their favorite stories from concerts where his magic was on display. They also talk about the FDA involvement with CBD and the potential for governmental disruption.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-huntPhoto Courtesy of Jay Blakesberg


22 Jul 2019

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Recent 280E ruling | Jim's rock photo-journalist career

A recent court ruling that tightens the 280E tax rules by eliminating some deductions and possibly making it harder for companies to receive payments from plant-touching companies.  Jim Marty and Larry Mishkin discuss the potential far-reaching ramifications.  Jim also shares stories from his "hobby job" as a Rock N Roll photo-journalist.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


28 Oct 2019

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On Hemp with Joy Beckerman

Joy Beckerman hemp passion was ignited at a Grateful Dead concert in the '90s. She has gone on to become one of the industries leading advocate, President of the Hemp Industries Association and host of the Hemp Barons podcast. She joins Larry Mishkin and Jim Marty, to talk about the Grateful Dead's influence on the movement.and how this amazing plant is changing the world.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


11 Nov 2019

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Tedeschi Trucks review, licensing process in MO & IL and Days Between Continue

Tedeschi Trucks Red Rocks concert review along with explaining the Missouri cannabis licensing process and closing with a wrap up and final reflections on this years Day Between Tedeschi Trucks played at Colorado's famous Red Rock's concert venue and Cannabis CPA Jim Marty along with Cannabis attorney Larry Mishkin review the show and share stories from the show. They also talk about steps to getting a license to do business in the cannabis industry in Missouri. They end the show with final thoughts about Days Between and Gerry Garcia's impact on the world.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


12 Aug 2019

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How would replacing the Dead's drummers impact the band & will Illinois have enough cannabis on Jan 1st

Cannabis CPA Jim Marty from Bridgewest Accounting and Cannabis attorney Larry Mishkin from the Hoban Law Group begin the first of a series of discussions about the changes to the Grateful Dead and Dead and Company. In this episode they talk about the drummers, their styles and their relationship with the other members of the band. They close the episode talking about Illinois new adult use cannabis laws and if the cultivation facilities will have enough time to produce the cannabis to supply the demand on Jan 1st.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


1 Jul 2019

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From Red Rock before the Phil Lesh show, Jim's lobbying trip to DC

Cannabis CPA Jim Marty is at Red Rock before the Phil Lesh concert talking to Cannabis attorney Larry Mishkin. Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


10 Jun 2019

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Cannabis business valuations & tribute jam bands

Jim Marty is a CPA and his cannabis accounting firm BridgeWest, has conducted many cannabis business valuations.  He discusses with Larry Mishkin the challenges of determine an accurate value and the reasons for wide variances.   They also discuss the rise of the tribute jam bands.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


2 Dec 2019

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Downtown Chicago opts-out of adult-use

The Chicago politicians have voted to prohibit the sale of cannabis in the city's downtown tourist section.   Jim Marty and Larry Mishkin discuss this  short-sighted decision and how it will impact the industry.   During the music section of the show they start a new series about their five favorite Grateful Dead Shows.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


30 Sep 2019

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Remembering Ginger Baker | Ten Circuit US Court of Appeals ruling

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer Ginger Baker recently passed away at the age of 80.  Jim Marty and Larry Mishkin pay tribute the co-founder of Cream's legendary career with concert stories.   They also discuss the recent Ten Circuit US Court of Appeals ruling that cannabis companies must comply with federal employment laws.  The landmark decision will have far reaching ramifications that will impact most cannabis businesses.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


14 Oct 2019

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Days Between, Cannabis Banking & the NY Metropolitan's Rock N Roll Exhibit

Celebrating the Days Between, (an annual August  tribute to Jerry Garcia)   explaining cannabis banking and enjoying the NY Metropolitan Museum's Rock N Rock exhibit.  Cannabis CPA Jim Marty and Cannabis Attorney Larry Mishkin begin their Days Between preparation. This annual tribute to Jerry Garcia is celebrated by Grateful Dead fans every August. They also explain cannabis banking from the banks perceptive, highlighting the complexities of banking laws. The show ends with Larry's review of the NY Metropolitan Museum's Rock N Rock exhibit.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


5 Aug 2019

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Tedeschi Trucks Band & Congressional Cannabis Banking Hearings

Jim Marty and Larry Mishkin are together in the famous Deadhead Cannabis Barn for a pregame before the Tedeschi Trucks concert at Red Rocks. They take a Tedeschi Trucks Band deep dive into their music, talent and musical influences. Heaping high praise on Susan Tedeschi as one of today's most powerful female vocalists and according to Larry, Derek Trucks the best guitar players on the planet. They also recap the recent Congressional cannabis banking hearings and speculate what influence it will have on the industry.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


29 Jul 2019

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Vaping Crisis | Summer Concert Recap

The recent, unexplained rash of deaths linked to the use of vaporizers is creating concern within the cannabis industry.   Jim Marty and Larry Mishkin have an in-depth discussion about the likely causes.    They also reflect on it's impact on the industry and talk about possible solutions.    The show ends with a recap of the summer concerts and a preview of upcoming shows.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


16 Sep 2019

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Colorado's October Freeze | Oysterhead reunites

Many Colorado cannabis farmers were caught off-guard by an October fall freeze which killed many plants just before they were harvested. Jim Marty and Larry Mishkin discuss whether it will impact dispensary prices. They also talk about Les Claypool's announcement that he is reuniting Oysterhead for a 2020 tour with Stewart Copeland from the Police on drums.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-huntv


21 Oct 2019

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Vaping Crisis Continues | Jam Band's Fall Tour Update

The uncertainty of the vaping crisis has the cannabis industry calling for stricter regulation.    Jim Marty and Larry Mishkin continue their discussion about how the vaping related illnesses are currently impacting the industry.   They take a comprehensive look at some of the possible causes and solutions.   At the end of the show they review this fall's Jam Bands concert schedule.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


23 Sep 2019

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Dead & Co from the LA Forum (Part 1)

Shakedown Street is the area of a jam band parking lot where the vending takes place. It is named after the Grateful Dead song of the same name, and began in the early 1980s in the parking lots at Grateful Dead concerts.   Jim Marty and Larry Mishkin  to reports live from LA Forum prior to Dead & Co New Years concerts.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


13 Jan 2020

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Illinois passes adult use and Widespread Panic

Adult use is coming to Illinois. Chicago-based cannabis attorney Larry Mishkin talks with Denver-based cannabis CPA Jim Marty about what they can expect. Jim gives a review of the Phil Lesh Red Rocks concert and they both talk about Widespread Panic.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


17 Jun 2019

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Dead without Phil, does Otell do the Job?

Recording from Cannabis CPA Jim Marty's barn during his pre-game party before the Dead and Company concerts at Folsom Field. Cannabis attorney Larry Mishkin calls in to continue their discussion on how each instrument has impacted the band. This week they compare Phil to Otell and shares stories about these legendary bass players. Special guest Duke Rumley joins to talk about Sober AF Entertainment the Not-For-Profit organization that provides sober areas at events. Inspired by a group of sober GrateFul Dead fans who toured with the Dead call the Wharf Rats, SAFE gives people struggling with addiction a sober space to enjoy events.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkinhttps://podconx.com/guests/jim-martyhttps://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


8 Jul 2019

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Folsom Field Dead & Co concerts review and stories about Bob Weir

Jim Marty shares stories about the Dead and Company's concerts from Folsom Field at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Part way through Friday's show a bad storm rolled in and the band took a one hour break, when they came back on they started right where they left off and played without a break for three more hours. ** Larry Mishkin** calls from the car on the way to a Phish show to tell stories about Bob Weir and reflect on his contribution to the band's chemistry and success. Produced by PodCONX https://podconx.com/guests/larry-mishkin https://podconx.com/guests/jim-marty https://podconx.com/guests/rob-hunt


15 Jul 2019

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