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What is school really for and how do we make it work best for learners and teachers? A fun and (mostly) lighthearted discussion show exploring issues of learning, school, creativity, culture, innovation and transformation with interviews, ideas and interpretation. Steve and Chris are our hosts... one is a teacher training consultant and the other is a headteacher. They are accompanied by the jazzy hands of Andrew as they wonder about schooling and learning and growing and becoming.

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Episode 5 - Virtual lessons, secretly baking cookies and the tentative reopening of secondary schools

15th June - Secondary schools across the UK opened their doors to small groups of students returning to school.  We interviewed one of these small 'bubbles' of returning student to find out how young people feel about returning to school... how have they been coping with 'remote education' and what sorts of other things have they been doing during virtual lessons.  Steve and Chris then go on to consider educational technologies and what of this new digital provision might we want to keep as schools reopen? #pushthejumbo


29 Jun 2020

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Episode 4 - Schools in lockdown: hearing from some actual young people

In the daily news 'churnalism' of COVID19 updates, one group is talked about a lot but rarely if ever is given the mic to voice their own thoughts - children and young people.  The closure of schools and their pending reopening is discussed many times a day along with assumptions about how young people are affected by this but the voice of school pupils themselves is notably absent from the national story.  Steve and Chris have invited some actual young people to talk about the loss they feel following the closure of their school.  Steve and Chris also discuss the challenges facing schools as they seek to care for students as schools plan to reopen.  Education needs to be relational and personally responsive possibly more than ever.


8 May 2020

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Episode 3 - Vocational learning - finding your voice with special guest Lauren Christy

In episode 3, Steve and Chris build on the inspiring ideas presented last week by Roger Morris as we explore the merits of proper 'identity led learning' or learning through professional projects and applied vocation.  We welcome the wonderful Lauren Christy to the show to investigate some of the work she does with young people to help them discover their element.  In the process, we uncover the value of 'relational learning'.  It's also nearly Christmas and we were without our resident jazz man for this episode but Andy prepared a festive treat for us to open the show with a full band so seasons greeting to one and all! 


23 Apr 2020

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Episode 2 - Vocational Education and the Creative industries (with special guest Roger Morris)

In this second instalment of The Very Becoming Podcast, Steve and Chris interview Roger Morris (MD at world renowned Elstree TV and Film Studios).  It's a very full show - Steve and Chris delve back into the origins of our contemporary educational system.  They consider the work of Professor Ken Robinson and discuss whether education, as we have it, is dysfunctional and unfit for purpose. We interview some young people to find out what they want from school in today's world and then finally, we interview Roger Morris (Elstree Studios MD and educational sponsor) about why vocational education needs to be rebranded and revalued as the most important form of education there is, and why real relationships in school are so important to cultural development.


23 Apr 2020

Rank #4

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Episode 1 - Introducing the Very Becoming Podcast - what is it and who are we?

Welcome to the first instalment of the Very Becoming Podcast.  Steve and Chris and Jazz Man Mallen are the team.  In this episode, they introduce each other and the vision for this new education podcast.  As well as finding out a bit about Chris and Steve, this episode also outlines some of the topics we are keen to explore in the coming episodes including; school structure, learning relationships, the why behind learning, the current concerns about young's people's mental health and the connection between learning, vocation and the world of work. 


14 Apr 2020

Rank #5