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Decoding Genius

What exactly is a genius? Are you born that way or can you become a genius? Meet young geniuses from around the world and find out what makes them tick in this 6-part series from GE.

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Getting the 'lightbulb' to turn on

​Genius: nature or nurture? At ten years old she built her own microbiology lab, at 12 she developed an ‘intelligent antibiotic’ and joined the battle in a cure for Alzheimer's, how will she change the world next? Listen to episode 2 of Decoding Genius and find out.


2 Nov 2016

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Decoding Industry: Coming Soon

We have decoded genius, and now we decode industry, with the nation's brightest minds examining how Australia's industrial landscape is evolving, adapting, and digitising for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

8 Jun 2017

Rank #2

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The future of Genius: Watch this space

Before the age of 20, this young Aussie rocked the world of mathematics, creating a new theorem changing the face of the field. If a young genius like this can shake mathematics, why can’t scientists figure out what makes geniuses tick? Find out in the final episode of Decoding Genius.


30 Nov 2016

Rank #3

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The magic of Genius: What science can't explain

If genius isn’t in the genes, how does it arise? And what part will the study of geniuses play in the creation of thinking machines? Find out in Episode 5 of Decoding Genius as we chat to exceptionally gifted brothers Josh and Zac Tiessen.


23 Nov 2016

Rank #4

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The 99%: Genius + Hard Work = Extraordinary Results

Why do high IQ people give up where geniuses keep going? In episode four of Decoding Genius we hear from Dr Jordan Nguyen whose reimagining the boundaries between human and technological evolution, and how geniuses deal with failure.


16 Nov 2016

Rank #5