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Want to make money, do something you love, AND make the world a better place? You're in the right place. Making Good is the podcast for small business owners who want to make a big impact. This podcast is about two things: building a strong small business, and using it as a tool for good. We cover topics like marketing, business philanthropy, finding community, doing purpose-driven work, mindset - and everything in between. If you have (or want) a small business and life that make a difference, this podcast is for you. I'm your host, Lauren Tilden, ex-corporate marketer turned maker and shop owner. I'm so glad you're here.

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65: The Exact Tools I Use to Keep My Business Running Smoothly

When you start a small business, no one hands you an instruction manual. In my experience, the process of getting set up and figuring out how to run your business is a process of Googling, asking around, and experimentation. And because there’s no ONE way to do it, I LOVE seeing the behind the scenes of how other people run their businesses. And specifically -- what tools are they using to help them get stuff done? I often get questions about the different tools I use to run my various businesses, so today I thought I’d share the specific online tools I use to keep my business running and organized, and to market it as effectively as possible. INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/laurentildenSHOW NOTES: https://makinggoodpodcast.com/65


8 Jun 2021

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64: How to Reduce Waste + Be Kinder to the Earth with Moji Igun

If you want to have a more sustainable business that is kinder to the earth, but you’re not quite sure how to approach it…. this episode has the answers you need. My guest today is with zero waste consultant Moji Igun, and we’re going to be talking all about how no matter where you're starting from, your business can reduce your environmental impact through a Zero Waste mindset.INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/laurentildenSHOW NOTES: https://makinggoodpodcast.com/64


1 Jun 2021

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63: How to Stick With It

Making Good is 1 year old! I released at least one podcast episode per week -- every week for a year. In this episode, I'm sharing what I've learned about sticking with it and keeping consistent through the ups, downs and plateaus of small business. I share my 8 suggestions for keeping on track and provide examples along the way.INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/laurentildenSHOW NOTES: https://makinggoodpodcast.com/63


25 May 2021

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62: The Magic of Pinterest for Small Business with Renee Dick

In this episode, Pinterest expert Renee Dick joins me for a conversation about how to use Pinterest to generate traffic and sales for your small business. We discuss about how to get set up on Pinterest, the role of keywords, the parts of your Pinterest profile to optimize, Renee's weekly Pinterest routine, and much more.INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/laurentildenSHOW NOTES: https://makinggoodpodcast.com/62


18 May 2021

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61: I'm a MOM! How I'm Approaching My Business 3 Weeks into Parenthood

In this episode, I thought I’d talk a little bit about the arrival of our baby, how it’s going 3 weeks into parenthood, and how I’m approaching running my businesses and parenthood. If you feel like hearing someone talk about becoming a parent might be tough for you (I know what that's like!) feel free to skip this episode! Small business strategy, marketing, and doing good tips are coming back next week.INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/laurentildenSHOW NOTES: https://makinggoodpodcast.com/61


11 May 2021

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60: Money, Profit First, and Worthiness with Aimee LaLiberte

In this episode, my guest is financial advisor and virtual CFO Aimee LaLiberte. In our conversation, we talked about Profit First and how to apply it to your business, financial goal setting, as well as money mindset topics like worthiness. This is a fantastic episode full of tactical take-aways and inspiration -- don't miss this one.SHOW NOTES: https://makinggoodpodcast.com/60INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/laurentilden

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4 May 2021

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59: How to Get Started with Email Marketing

When it comes to driving REAL business results, email marketing is one of the most important tools in your marketing toolbox (if not THE most important tool). In this episode, I cover why you should be thinking about email marketing - and how to get started. We discuss how email marketing works, how to get people to sign up for your list, what to say in your emails, the different types of marketing emails (automated and scheduled), and more.SHOW NOTES: https://makinggoodpodcast.com/59INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/laurentilden


27 Apr 2021

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58: How to Give Through Your Small Business with Kris Putnam-Walkerly

In this episode, I'm thrilled to have Kris Putnam-Walkerly join me for a conversation around how to incorporate a give back element into your small business. Kris is a giving expert and the author of Delusional Altruism.In this episode, we talked about the role of intention in giving, why “how” you give is just as important as “what” you give, how to choose a cause to give back to, how to make an impact even if you have limited resources, how to magnify the impact of your giving, and much more.I encourage every listener to incorporate some element of giving, no matter how small, into their business. This episode will show you how.SHOW NOTES: https://makinggoodpodcast.com/58INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/laurentilden


20 Apr 2021

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57: The Golden Rule in Small Business

In this short and sweet episode, my goal is to convince you that the Golden Rule should be an underlying philosophy to the way that you run your business -- and also give you some very practical guidance on applying this concept to your business.INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/laurentildenSHOW NOTES: https://makinggoodpodcast.com/episodes/57


13 Apr 2021

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56: Community, Mindset and Consistency with Terrah LP

In episode 56 of Making Good, I'm joined by social media strategist Terrah LP. In this conversation, we talk about community, mindset and consistency. Topics covered include: We talked about the importance of community and how to build it, how critical a strong mindset is, the power of sharing both the highs and the lows of your journey, how to approach collaboration, why the most important thing you can do is show up consistently, the role of intention in your content… and everything in business, and much, much more.SHOW NOTES: https://makinggoodpodcast.com/56INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/laurentilden


5 Apr 2021

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