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You Can Heal Your Life is your connection to today’s most influential thought-leaders. Elevate your morning coffee, afternoon walk, or evening commute into an inspirational, motivational, and transformational personal growth experience.We invite you to take a step back from life’s stress and anxieties and replace any negativity with life-changing insights and real-world solutions. Learn from some of the world’s greatest teachers in spirituality, health and wellness, and more—like Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Anthony William, Radleigh Valentine, Pam Grout, and more.From careers to crystals, happiness to health, money to manifesting—Hay House’s inspiring authors join the podcast twice a week (or more!) to teach new skills, share powerful stories, and encourage you to take the next step towards living your best life. After all, as Louise Hay always reminded us: You Can Heal Your Life

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Brian Weiss | Find Your Inner Peace

Even in times like these, beautiful energy is all around you–and inside of you! Join Brian Weiss, M.D. as he guides you through this tension-relieving meditation that takes you through the places in the body that hold onto damaging stress. Heal with him, and let your loving energy once again flow through you and out into the Universe. 


27 Mar 2020

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Dr. Wayne Dyer | Secrets of Your Own Healing Power

When a harmful virus threatens loved ones, it leaves us feeling powerless. But this is an illusion, as Dr. Wayne W. Dyer will explain in witty explanations and affirmations during this excerpt from one of his famous lectures. Though we must all follow CDC guidelines to stop the spread of COVID–19, we must not forget the innate healing powers we have inside us.  


22 Mar 2020

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Iyanla Vanzant | Starting Over (and Better)

Things feel off–that’s no secret. Children are celebrating milestone graduations online. The world’s most vibrant cities are quiet. Many of us haven’t seen friends in weeks. So, guest Iyanla Vanzant is not here to tell you things aren’t that different or will be getting back to “normal” soon. As she tells Reid, this is a “re-set”–a time to remember the small things in love and life that materialism and stress had taken away. So, grab a journal, a vision board, and a nap and prepare for a beautiful new future.  


9 Apr 2020

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Christiane Northrup, M.D. | Healthy Positivity

You’re social distancing, sheltering in place, and wearing a mask–but are you really giving yourself the best possible chance against COVID-19? Join Christiane Northrup, M.D. as she discusses the supplements, health-practices, and positive mindsets that mainstream media often overlooks. It’s important (and possible!) to thrive mentally and physically, through quarantine and beyond. 


15 Apr 2020

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Louise Hay | Your Healing Light

Is your compassionate soul rocked during these troubling times? When things get this tough, it’s easy to feel scared and wounded. However, it’s important to remember that your empathy is your superpower, and your love is a gift. Join Louise Hay for this heart-soothing meditation that will help you spread your healing light throughout the world, and into homes and hospitals everywhere. 


23 Mar 2020

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Gabrielle Bernstein | Fear to Faith

When times change like this and we are thrown into uncertainty and anxiety, the purpose of walking a spiritual path is more apparent than ever. Join Host Reid Tracy with as he speaks with Gabrielle Bernstein about how charging our spiritual and emotional batteries with mindfulness and self-care will help us show up in our lives as our best selves — even when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.


4 Apr 2020

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Alan Cohen | Choose Faith & Love Over Fear

Are you choosing loving thoughts in this difficult time? With COVID-19, isolation, and a questionable economy, to say many of us are having “fearful thoughts” is an understatement. Join Alan Cohen for this exploration on what we really believe, and how to reframe this time into a chance to understand our values and trust in a higher power. Faith, and choosing to see the bright spots, will get us through even the most difficult times. 


13 Apr 2020

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Anita Moorjani | We’re More than Physical Beings

Our minds are the bridge between the physical and non-physical worlds. When we decide to use this to tap into our higher selves, we find that we are guided, loved, and more powerful than we imagined. Join near-death-experience survivor Anita Moorjani for a beautiful look at transcending our physical states to live in the love and light of our spiritual selves–especially during times of physical illness.  


19 Apr 2020

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Robert Holden | Not Fearless, but Hopeful

It’s all about spreading love, not fear—but that doesn’t mean bottling up those negative emotions and putting on your happy face. In times like these, it’s more important than ever to be honest with yourself and each other. Join Robert Holden as he explains how deepening our spiritual practices and honoring our emotions–without letting them take over–will change this experience for the better. Plus, enjoy pertinent affirmations from Louise Hay!


18 Apr 2020

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Gregg Braden | Designed For Triumph

When a virus of this magnitude is going around, it’s easy to feel powerless—especially if we are old or have a weakened immune system. However, it’s never too late to strengthen your body against this threat. Join host Reid Tracy as he interviews Gregg Braden on the nutritional, physical, and emotional practices we can use to respect our bodies and give them the power to do what they do best—heal.


2 Apr 2020

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Dawson Church | Controlling Emotions

So many of us are experiencing unexpected stress, sadness, and grief, and could use new tools for coping. In this insightful and practical interview, Reid Tracy talks with Dawson Church about the empowering methods you can use right now to control your emotional responses to forces that are outside your control and reclaim some peace of mind—all while raising your immunity and promoting health. 


30 Mar 2020

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Kyle Gray | Healing with Angels

2020 is a mix of angel numbers denoting a time of great change, and also of great togetherness. Join angel expert Kyle Gray as he gives his take on the year so far and what we can expect going forward. Be comforted–guidance from the angels in this uncertain time is more forthcoming than ever. We can all take this chance to strengthen our connections with them, and the Universe, through our spiritual practice. 


11 Apr 2020

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David R. Hawkins | How to Surrender to God’s Will

In times like this, we all can succumb to moments of anxiety, stress, and fear.  But you can rise above those moments by relinquishing your will to the Divine and allow love to guide your path.  Today, David R. Hawkins reminds us to surrender our concerns—no matter how big or small—to the Presence of God.  That’s how to discover blessings instead of fears.


18 Mar 2020

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Mike Dooley | The “Rat Race” is Canceled

For the first time in modern history, the “rat race” has been canceled. Though many of us are feeling the anxiety of the pandemic and the massive change it has brought, we must remember that life is a gift, and we chose to be here. Join Mike Dooley for an exciting discussion on the rare possibilities we have right now to re-prioritize and use our unprecedented time off for healing and change.


17 Apr 2020

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Colette Baron-Reid | We Are Not Broken

Trying times have a strange way of reminding us that we’re all in this together. Oracle expert Colette Baron-Reid invites us to practice “physical distancing” rather than “social distancing” because we need each other now more than ever. Colette joins Reid Tracy for a heartfelt interview and meditation on the strength of hope, compassion, and the simple truth that not only are we not broken—but we’re capable of turning this experience into a better world for all.


29 Mar 2020

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Cheryl Richardson | Your New Priorities

Pay close attention to what you’re missing these days–it’s what you need to prioritize in the future. Join life-coach Cheryl Richardson as she reminds us to take this time to cherish the little things in life, and protect the bigger things when we can. (Hint: get out in nature!) Plus, hear her methods for staying calm and centered. 


14 Apr 2020

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Heather Askinosie | Crystal Healing

While this pandemic has reminded us to slow down and love each other, many of us are still experiencing grief, stress and fear. If you’re searching for relief, crystal expert Heather Askinosie wants you to know that crystals are a beautiful tool to calm your energy and reconnect to the Earth. Heather explains how to use this “energetic technology” to center yourself and raise up your light–even in the darkest of times. 


10 Apr 2020

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Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor | Smart Emotions

We have a million thoughts running through our heads these days, and most of them are uncomfortable. These are scary times, so it's easy to let fear run away with your peace-of-mind. These feelings are real, and natural—but they do not define you. Join brain scientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor as she explains how our feelings start in the brain, and how we can control them.


16 Apr 2020

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Pedram Shojai | Permanent Vitality

The reality is that our health has always been important. COVID-19 may have shaken us up, but it’s not the first (or only) “boogeyman” we must protect ourselves against. Join Dr. Pedram Shojai for a reminder that while this disease may be new, our defenses are tried and true. It’s all about exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness! Ask yourself: When this scare passes, will you still prioritize your wellness?


7 Apr 2020

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Denise Linn | Decluttering for Good Energy

In times like these, when everything is up in the air, we crave a physical way to make sense of all the uncertainty, and ground those intangible feelings of fear and negativity. Join Denise Linn to see how decluttering your belongings gives “form to the formless” and shakes out bad, stagnant energy. After this episode, you’ll be more than just organized–you’ll be energized! Covid-19, coronavirus, pandemic, hay house,


20 Apr 2020

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