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The NeoPhotonics Podcast provides insights and best practices for optical communications, lasers, and their applications.

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11. Extended Discussion of the 400ZR and 400ZR+

Discussion of 400ZR and 400ZR+ including, how they are defined, used, their impact, deployment in the field, and challenges.  There is a bonus tutorial in the last half of the podcast, which caters to listeners who are new to optical networking. NeoPhotonics guests are Winston Way, Ph.D, and Chief Technology Officer, Ferris Lipscomp, Ph.D, and VP of Marketing, Marc Stiller, M.S. and VP of of Coherent Modules.  Hosted by John Houghton.


2 Dec 2020

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10. Lasers and Components Propel the Next Big Leap In Data Transmission

Discussion of next-generation ICRs, CDMs, and lasers that are propelling transmission rates of 800Gpbs and beyond using 90 – 96Gbaud components.  Guests include Janet Chen, Ph.D. and Product Line Manager for Coherent Modulator and Receiver, Mike Desmond, Product Line manager, Tunable Lasers, Winston Way, Ph.D. and Chief Technology Officer of NeoPhotonics, and Ferris Lipscomb, Ph.D. and Vice President of Marketing.  Hosted by John Houghton.


10 Sep 2020

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9. Will IPoDWDM go Mainstream?

Ron Johnson, Senior Director of Product Management and Architecture of Cisco and Winston Way, Ph.D and Chief Technology Officer of NeoPhotonics, discuss IP over DWDM.  This technology has been around for a while, but has not necessarily gone mainstream.  How will 400ZR and ZR+ change this?  Discussion of how are things changing for Cloud and Telecom networks.  Hosted by John Houghton.


5 Aug 2020

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8. Packing more Punch into Existing Data Center Interconnects with 75GHz Spacing

First generation data center interconnects can now boost fiber capacity by 800% with upgrades and by moving from 100GHz to 75GHz channel spacing.  John Houghton interviews Winston Way, Ph.D and Chief Technology Officer of NeoPhotonics on how to realize this capacity increase.   


10 Jul 2020

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7. Pluggables and Play: Simplifying Data Center Interconnects

NeoPhotonics VP Marc Stiller and John Houghton discuss pluggable modules including definitions, how they can be used in data center interconnects, important characteristics, and what makes NeoPhotonics modules unique.


20 Jun 2020

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6. Space Connectivity

As radio bandwidth becomes saturated, the interest in optical communications in space is increasing because data transmission in space is much faster and more secure.  Join NeoPhotonics VP, Nicolas Herriau, and John Houghton as they discuss the future of space connectivity.


11 Jun 2020

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5. Sensing with Coherent Light and LiDAR

Laser linewidth is the finite spectral width related to phase fluctuations in emitted laser light. A lower linewidth implies a purer laser frequency. If a laser’s phase noise is zero, it has a single pure frequency, which is just a line in the frequency domain. Ergun Canoglu, PhD and Director of Sensor Products is interviewed by John Houghton.


26 May 2020

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4. Linewidth as a Critical Parameter for Coherent Communications Systems

Why narrow laser linewidth, which implies low phase noise, is a critical parameter for lasers used in coherent systems.  Winston Way, PhD and Chief Technical Officer at NeoPhotonics is interviewed by John Houghton.


12 May 2020

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3. Increasing Fiber Capacity with Coherent Detection and Spectrum Expansion

How to get more bandwidth through existing fiber by using optical coherent detection and optical spectrum expansion technologies.  Winston Way, PhD and Chief Technical Officer at NeoPhotonics is interviewed by John Houghton.


12 May 2020

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2. Data Center Connectivity: Why is 400ZR important?

Description: Discussion of network traffic between data centers, why bandwidth capacity is running short, and how NeoPhotonics 400ZR modules can help.  John Houghton interviews Marc Stiller, VP of Lineside Product Management.


9 May 2020

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