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Like Mulder from the X-Files, I want to believe.So I've embarked on a journey of discovery. I've talked to people deeply entrenched in the spiritual, metaphysical, mental health and self help worlds. I've thrown myself into weird and wonderful experiences, and I'm sharing them with you in an effort to find the trick to self-growth. Whether your interests lie in the metaphysical or the spiritual or even grounded in the three dimensional world, this show will help you explore the endless possibilities of self growth....tinged with a hint of the supernatural.New episodes every Wednesday

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Runes - The Language of the Gods with Liz Simpson

Metaphysics embodies so many things….its really a general term that tries to categorize things that are not in the scientific mainstream.When you think of metaphysics, things like psychics, mediums, astral projection, auras and Tarot cards might come to mind. And you might be kinda sorta close to our next topic when you think about the tarot.  The art of reading runes goes back so far in time that its likely the oldest modality that we’ve tackled on this show. Runes are technically an ancient language used in the dark ages, that have been adopted by some to psychically guide their lives and the lives of others. Now the history of runes is hotly debated by historians and psychics alike, so my guest won’t be speaking to much about them…or if she does, it will be in the most general of senses. What she WILL be talking about is how she uses runes as a tool to connect people to their intuition. She uses them in readings (where she channels information from them) and in healings (where they often clarify or amplify other messages).And folks….reading runes is just a small part of what my guest today does and I’m super excited to have her on the show today…..Liz Simpson from Ravens Eye Healing!Liz is an intuitive practitioner with a passion for connecting people with the Earth and their higher selves. Her work is focused on using energetic & shamanic modalities to nurture the body and soul toward wholeness. She works to uncover and uproot patterns, wounds, and blockages in physical, energetic, and soul bodies using a variety of intuitive and ancient tools.She began her journey with energy healing in 2015 when she trained as a yoga teacher in Rishikesh, India. Since then, she's grown on this path with additional yogic, reiki, and shamanic training. She's seeking to remember the Earth-honoring traditions, especially through her Celtic and Nordic lineages, and to remember her full purpose and identity as a Daughter of the Cailleach, as a starseed, and as a face of the Goddess.Her clients are curious and seeking -- they don’t need to be familiar with intuition, reiki, tarot, past lives/other timelines, shamanism, crystals, or any of the modalities or ideas with which she works. Resources:What ARE Runes:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RunesGuest info:Website: https://www.ravenseyehealing.comIG: @ravenseyehealingBook a session with her: https://calendly.com/ravenseyeSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Speakpipe.com/skepticmetaphysicianFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastE-Mail: willrodriguezfl@gmail.com


21 Jul 2021

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The Truth Behind Astrology with Jazmin Kylene

Everyone has, at one point or another, checked out their horoscope. At time, it could have really spoken to you and prepared you for the day......at others, it may have seemed so vague that it didn't really inspire a lot of confidence in the words you were reading.So many people laugh astrology off as a pseudo-science.....but is it really?I put my guest, Jazmin Kylene, to the test by giving her ZERO information about me, other than my date of birth, my time of birth and my birthplace.The results.......BLEW MY MIND.Sure...there is a lot of information about me out there on the internet and I suppose she could have learned a few things that way prior to coming on the show, but.....her reading of my chart was so NOT vague. Like AT ALL. The specifics that she shared were so deeply personal, that I'm even worried about releasing this episode!Let's just say that listening to this episode will DEFINITELY provide you with DEEP insight into who Will is.We  also dive deeply into the "science" of astrology, where it comes from, what are the parameters behind the reading of charts and we talk about different aspects of different singes.Oh and of course, the reason why those horoscopes are sometimes so ridiculously vague!Don't miss this show if you're at all curious as to the validity of astrology. You will be amazed!Resources:What IS Astrologyhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AstrologyAstrology.comwww.astrology.comGuest info:IG: @jazminkyleneWebsite:  jazminkylene.comSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Speakpipe.com/skepticmetaphysicianFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastE-Mail: willrodriguezfl@gmail.com


14 Jul 2021

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Astral Projection - One Woman's Story

if you’re tuning into this episode before you listen to the previous one, I could not suggest highly enough that you put this one on pause, and you hit play on the Sleep Paralysis episode, because this one is just a continuation of that conversation with my last guest….Bess. And you may find it helpful to hear the full conversation that leads up to this one. But Will, you might be saying, I don’t have the patience to listen to the buildup…I want to hear about the astral travel that Bess managed to do! And I would say….fair enough….but at some point you may find that you’ll want to go back and listen to that other one to fill in the gaps of this on.  This one IS all about astral projection...but there's so much more to it than just that! And we don’t just lead up to her travels on the last episode…we dive into the Monroe Institute, The CIA’s Gateway Project and SO MUCH MORE! Now if you are a regular listener and have already listened to the previous one, you’ll remember that Bess first experienced sleep paralysis, then went on to talk about the great buzzing event, where massive vibrations rocked her repeatedly, along with providing an overall feeling of euphoria…..Gosh there’s so much more to it than just that, but in the interest of time…..let’s just say that when we left off, I had just asked Bess if she could confirm that she had indeed traveled out of her body…..her simple response……. YES. Let’s pick up the conversation from right there……Resources:What IS Sleep Paralysis:sleepfoundation.org/parasomnias/sleep-paralysisThe Monroe Institute:www.monroeinstitute.orgThe Journey of Robert Monroe: From Out-Of-Body Explorer to Consciousness PioneerAmazon.com/Journey-Robert-Monroe-Out-Body/What Dreams May Come Filmhttps://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120889What Dreams May Come Bookhttps://www.amazon.com/What-Dreams-May-Come-NovelSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Speakpipe.com/skepticmetaphysicianFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastE-Mail: willrodriguezfl@gmail.com


7 Jul 2021

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Sleep Paralysis and the Great Buzzing Event

The Universe has once again conspired to derail my carefully-laid out plans to release certain episodes, and I promise that all of the great episodes that have already been recorded will be released as soon as the universe allows me to but…..as is so often the case…..when you open yourself up to the flow, the flow takes over. And this show is absolutely no different. Two weeks ago, I shared my good friend’s 11:11 Decree meditation….which opened me up to a fantastic interview with April Hannah of Path 11 TV fame about Life after Death, and no sooner did I complete that interview that the universe tapped me on the shoulder and whispered that I was not going to be releasing my past life regression as I had at first thought….BECAUSE…..after speaking about life after death with April, nothing less than a continuation (of a sort) of that conversation needed to come next.Enter my next guest…..her story is one that she is sharing with the world FOR THE FIRST TIME! I’m incredibly honored that she has accepted my invitation to “come out” as it were…to share her story with you, as she did with me. I won’t spoil it in the introduction because its just TOO GOOD not to have it shared in its proper order, like she did with me. This is Part 1 of a 2-part interview that will Blow. Your. Mind!And stay tuned to the end to hear a very special SpeakPipe message!Resources:What IS Sleep Paralysis:sleepfoundation.org/parasomnias/sleep-paralysisThe Monroe Institute:www.monroeinstitute.orgThe Journey of Robert Monroe: From Out-Of-Body Explorer to Consciousness PioneerAmazon.com/Journey-Robert-Monroe-Out-Body/Skeptic Metaphysician Info:Speakpipe.com/skepticmetaphysicianFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastE-Mail: willrodriguezfl@gmail.com


30 Jun 2021

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Is There Life After Death with April Hannah of Path 11 TV

Is there life after death? April Hannah of Path 11 TV, April has interviewed over 350 of the top best-selling authors, scientists and researchers of consciousness and has spent countless hours documenting, investigating and filming topics related to grief, bereavement and afterlife studies. She shares her findings with us.In numerology, your life path number gives you a blueprint for living. It gives you insight into what you’re like as a person, as well as how you might navigate your career, relationships, and even what you do in your spare time.Numerology tells us that double-digit numbers like 11, 22, and 33 are incredibly powerful. They’re called master numbers and are said to possess intense energy.  It is said that master numbers operate at a higher vibration or have more potential than other life path numbers. But Will…what does this have to do with the Skeptic Metaphysician or your next guest you might ask? And I’m glad that you did because my guest is none other than the host of the hit podcast “Path 11”. But to say that Path 11 is just a podcast would be tantamount to saying that the bible is just a book. Boasting their own Path 11 app, they provide hours and hours of great video, audio and even event content wrapped around specific messages of interest to the spiritual path. But specifically....to the prospect of Life after Death. From documentaries about the subject to deep dives into how to overcome your fear of death and everything in between....Path 11 offers a way to explore this topic in a really informative and entertaining way.To dive into everything that Path 11 does and offers, joining me today is the cofounder of Path 11 productions, April Hannah.April Hannah, founder of Hannah’s Healing Wellness Studio and co-founder of a media production company in upstate New York, has been providing over two decades of clinical mental health counseling in combination with a variety of healing modalities and consciousness studies to her clients around the world. After co-founding her media production company, Path 11 Productions, in 2008, she went on to produce three documentaries on life after death and consciousness studies. She is the host of the Path 11 Podcast and recently launched her first streaming television network, Path 11 TV.  After April’s mother passed away tragically in 2019, she immersed herself further into the study of the afterlife. She has now made it her life’s mission to use her film production company and one-on-one consultations to help others become better prepared not only for their own death but for the death of their loved ones.Guest info:App: Path11TVFacebook: @path11productionsIG: @path11productionsWebsites:  Path11tv.com, Path11podcast.com, Path11productions.comSPECIAL OFFER: Ue "Podcast30" for 30% off a subscription to the Path11TV app!Skeptic Metaphysician Info:Speakpipe.com/skepticmetaphysicianFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastE-Mail: willrodriguezfl@gmail.com


23 Jun 2021

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The 11:11 Decree Meditation

Today’s show is a different type of show. I don’t have a spectacular guest to interview, I don’t have an experience to share….but that doesn’t mean that the show won’t be a fascinating. Just the opposite…in my humble opinion. This show is about meditation. But not just any meditation…its about a special meditation that was sent to me by my good friend Alexandra Prudente. Long time listeners will remember her for waaay back as my very first interview when I was first starting out.I’ve known Alexandra for more years than either of us care to admit, but never knew about this special meditation that she was a part of creating until very recently when she shared it with me....and gave me permission to share it with all of you. And we are all the luckier for it. She’s the owner of Wings Metaphysical Bookstore in St Pete Beach, Florida, and has her hands way deep in the world that we explore weekly on this show, so I’m unbelievably lucky to be able to share this special episode with you. I think you’ll get a lot out of it if you pay close attention.Now…why is this meditation so special? Well…..we can start with the name: The 11:11 Decree. Those of you who have an awareness of numerology…or heck even a passing awareness of the symbolism behind the 11:11 series of numbers…..you’ll know that this is a very special number. In numerology, some New Age believers often link 11:11 to chance or coincidence. To them, its an example of synchronicity. And for some when they see 11:11 on a clock, they often see it as an auspicious sign or a sign that a spirit is present.Beyond the significance of the title of the piece….Alexandra leads us through a powerful exercise in spiritual protection….clearing of negative energies…..the opening of opportunities….the evolution of the universe in its entirety and so much more!I won’t deny that some of the things she says…some of the entities that she calls on…..parts of the script as a whole….. are way beyond my understanding,. But the parts that are accessible to my humble, neophyte brain….touch me deeply every time I listen to it. So I invite you to put on some headphones…..sit back in a comfortable chair…turn off all other distractions….close your eyes…and listen exclusively to what I’m about to play. This is not the time for multi-tasking. The meditation in its entirety is….appropriately enough….11 minutes and 11 seconds long. Allow yourself this time of self-indulgence. Allow yourself the time to really listen, feel and be transported with the music and words you are about to hear.  For more information about Alexandra and her bookstore, WINGS, visit her website (https://www.wingsbookstore.com) or connect with them on Facebook! (https://www.facebook.com/WingsBookstore)Want to leave a review? Here's an easy link to the Apple Podcast platform, where you can do just that.Want to get in touch? Have a great idea for a guest you'd like to hear on the show? Send me a voice message through SpeakPipe (https://www.speakpipe.com/SkepticalMetaphysician) and I may answer your question on a future episode!Looking to connect with me on social media?Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SkepticMetaphysician)Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/skepticmetaphysician_podcast)Thanks for listening!


16 Jun 2021

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Kundalini Activation Process with Alexandra Michelle

About Kundalini Activation Process:KAP is a direct energy transmission that activates the Kundalini awakening process. Spontaneous movements can and does arise. Some consider it a cathartic experience or something that gives them deep insights or realizations. But these are just some of the side effects that can and do happen.A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens with continued exposure. Every “symptom” or sign of a kundalini awakening, from the earliest signs to the later end manifestations, are seen regularly in participants.You lie down on a yoga mat. Some music is played. The facilitator touches or presses some of the chakra or meridian points on your body. That’s it. That’s all that happens on the outside. What happens on the inside is a totally different story..." About my Guest:Alexandra Michelle is a spiritual teacher and transmitter whose work is based on the values of awakening and liberation. Alexandra transmits raw kundalini in a process similar to shaktipat to awaken your own internal energy and initiate spiritual emergence. She is a mentor, healer, published author, Reiki Master Teacher, and accredited KAP Facilitator. Her approach is direct and compassionate; practical yet joyful. Alexandra trained with a toltec lineage holder to transmit "Light" and facilitate direct energetic awareness.  She has also been selected and sanctioned by Venant Wong, founder of Kundalini Activation Process, to become one of the first facilitators in the US. Through a direct energetic activation the student is able to accelerate spiritual progress and experience profound healing. Alexandra is uniquely qualified to assist those navigating the path of spiritual awakening and transformation. She offers her signature mentorship programs to those individuals ready to reach a space of stable emotional well being and expanded spiritual awareness.Guest info:Facebook: @alexandra.michelle.1221 Instagram: @alexabracadabraaYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzkAm77d-8qjDvM-N5DOxVwSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Speakpipe.com/skepticmetaphysicianFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastE-Mail: willrodriguezfl@gmail.com


9 Jun 2021

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Living Lucky with Jana Banana & Jason Shelfer

Radio personality extraordinaire, Jana Banana (Shelfer) and her husband Jason share their life-changing experience on a Safari in Tanzania, where Jana's life seemingly was in mortal danger. But is that how Jana sees it? This conversation is my absolute favorite so far and I am completely convinced that it will change. your. life!The Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer helps you to live, laugh and grasp every day. Jana and her husband Jason are edu-tainers! From their entertaining stories, the jewels of life advice that they teach, to the motivational speeches they share; you will be inspired! Jana's mission in life is to help others become their best! You are one decision away from Living Lucky!Guest Info:Website: janashelfer.comFacebook: @RealJanaShelferInstagram: @realjanabananaYouTube: @janashelferLiving Lucky Podcast: livinglucky.buzzsprout.com Skeptic Metaphysician Info:Speakpipe.com/skepticmetaphysicianFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastE-Mail: willrodriguezfl@gmail.com


2 Jun 2021

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Mysteries of the Tarot with Audience Questions

Tarot cards have been representative of the metaphysical for a very long time. These mysterious cards have been the focus of most psychic readings that I've ever been involved with. On this episode, we take a look at just what the Tarot is, how it works and even answer some questions from the audience, thanks to the talents of Daniel Maday!Questions tackled: Are the cards really a connection with spirits or are they just random?Will I get a promotion at work?Should Jamin from Fairfax continue with her current contract or look some something  else?Will Leslie's husband be more faithful in the future?Will Karen be moving back home an time soon?Will Chris' family have to deal with health problems?Should Jamin buy a house this year or wait till next year?Apologies to Nina, who's question was to general in nature to be included. Promise to have you on to answer your question specifically on a later show.Daniel Maday is a part time tarot reader out of Chicago.  In his day jobs, he teaches organizational psychology, specializing in training and development, strategy, and personnel psychology.  He also delivers pizza part time on his moped, runs the business side of The Ozymandias Project LLC. His tarot practice comes from a place of discovery, having started back in 2019 after learning how to do readings from a friend.  While he mostly lives in the world of science and business, he uses tarot as a tool for personal exploration with others and approaches readings as a fun exercise that allows for us to reflect and connect in a dynamically different way than we often do in our day to day lives. Readings can be entertaining and comedic in nature, as well as deep and emotional, and often end up being a combination of the two.He does offer tarot readings by request, and anyone interested can reach out to him via social media or email him. All of his information can be found below.Pricing is flexible and usually operates on a sliding scale. Virtual readings are customizable and encompass both the drawing and analysis, and I can offer more broad guidance and conversation expanding from the reading.He also produces a podcast called The Ozymandias Project where they speak with thought leaders from academia and the entertainment industry and facilitate thoughtful discussions focused on exploring the ancient world through the lens of contemporary storytelling and examine the practical applicability of a degree in ancient studies in modern society. They also discuss the importance of funding humanities programs and how to increase open access to resources and programs of study in the ancient disciplines like Classics, Egyptology, Old Norse Studies, etc. Regardless of your education in classics / ancient studies, the podcast seeks to make the universal ideas and content that surround us more accessible. Guest Info:Email: inthistarotiwill@gmail.com Facebook: @InThisTarotIWillInstagram: @inthistarotiwill The Ozymandias Project: theozymandiasproject.com Skeptic Metaphysician Info:Speakpipe.com/skepticmetaphysicianFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastE-Mail: willrodriguezfl@gmail.com


26 May 2021

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Dream Interpretation with Benjamin the Dream Wizard

Benjamin the Dream Wizard from the Dreamscapes Podcast joins me on the show to talk about all things dreams.  I also welcome my wife Karen to the show, who has first hand experience with Benjamin the Dream Wizard's dream interpretation process, having undergone one herself.What are dreams and where do they come from?Are they actually messages from beyond?How does someone become adept at interpreting dreams?Do dream dictionaries really help?Can working through recurring dreams clear them from your mind?Dream database:Adam Schneider & G. William DomhoffPsychology Dept., UC Santa Cruzhttps://www.dreambank.net/Guest info:Dreamscapes podcast on Apple podcasts.YouTube: Benjamin the Dream Wizard.Website: benjaminthedreamwizard.wordpress.comTwitter @WizardBejaminFacebook: @BenjaminTheDreamWizardInstagram: @BenjaminTheDreamWizardSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Speakpipe.com/skepticmetaphysicianFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastE-Mail: willrodriguezfl@gmail.com


19 May 2021

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