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The Black Sheep podcast is the place to celebrate unconventional lifestyles, working for yourself, and redefining the "american dream" from the perspective of people of color. Hosted by Nicole Letelier, this show and supporting community, were created to create a space to convene, recharge and connect with other women of color like you!  Are you a woman who owns her right to design her life celebrating her brown skin but not being defined or contained by it either?  Welcome.

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28: The Break Up

This week we break the news - we are breaking up! Jes is going to be stepping down from the Black Sheep Podcast and the Live Black Sheep brand.  We know, we know...shocking!  But it's all love and all good. Tune in to hear our candid conversation where we process this decision together for the first time since we made the decision with love and grace.  Upmost was our commitment to maintaining our friendship and staying in integrity. We came to this decision in late January as it became clear that at this point Jes doesn't have the time to devote to the podcast. We then went through the process of working through the logistics mainly over email. This chat is our first time we got on the phone since that call to discuss and process the end of our partnership. This episode is a great one for anyone curious about what it is like to partner with grace and integrity even when it doesn't work out.  We cover lessons learned...partnership agreement early on. Hello...yeah that would be very helpful to have had early on. Especially if money is being paid out and/or shared assets are being created. We talk about getting clear...are you partnering on a business or a project? Our lack of clarity created a space for uncertainty and resentment to build. Although it is sad - we are filled with gratitude for the journey and time together and the ability to end this part of our relationship and maintaining our friendship.   Past Episodes referenced in episode: Episode 21: Maintaining Motivation and Momentum Episode 15: Live From Toronto: Schedules and Workaholism Episode 14: 3 Keys to Success: Risk Taking, Failure + Being Vulnerable


23 Mar 2017

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33: Supporting Black Owned Businesses w/ Sharee Johnson-Cammon

If you're interested in finding out about what drives and motivates someone with an active social conscience, join Nicole and her guest, Sharee Johnson-Cammon, on this week's show. Listen in and find out about Sharee and what she does to educate and raise the awareness of her community. Sharee is from Houston Texas and she's the founder and owner of the BAM Black Friday Market, which she started in 2015. Although she shies away from the limelight, Sharee is active with social justice movements and with raising awareness about inequality, oppression, police brutality, communities and education. Listen in this week and find out what Sharee does to raise community awareness and create business opportunities for black people. This week, Sharee and Nicole discuss: Providing information to inform and educate people, without overwhelming them. How Sharee's business came about and what provided the impetus to make it happen. That Sharee's business is a whole new thing for her. How people of color tend to be overlooked for events and conferences. Sharee's bold approach to getting out there and taking risks as an entrepreneur. Sharee's planned event, now to be launched in 2017 and how she responded to the pressure to make it happen. The momentum and motivation for creating something or for making something happen. How people have been conditioned to believe that black owned businesses are inferior, and Sharee's efforts to create awareness to change that perception. What really motivates Sharee. How you can make a change with the money you hold in your hands. Sharee's white friends' responses to what she's doing. How some people have labelled Sharee racist for what she does. The obvious disinvestment in black communities. The criticism that has been directed towards Sharee, due to her focus being only on black owned businesses. How businesses capitalize on black (people's) pain. Links: Sharee's website: www.bamblackfridaymarket.com Dates for BAM Black Friday Market: 24th November 2017                                                   25th November 2017 and                                                    27th November 2017- Online for Cyber Monday Follow Nicole on all the social media outlets- @liveblacksheep


27 Apr 2017

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36: The take over with Dani Dares

The Black Sheep Podcast is BAAACK! In this episode you will head from Nicole on what caused the long delay in between seasons, what to expect in upcoming seasons of the podcast and how to get your initiatives, products and services in front of our audience. This episode is an interview by past guest Danielle Fontus who is back to interview Nicole.  This episode kicks off the “Take Over Season” where Nicole invited Danielle to take over the mic for honest chats with women who are daring to live life on their terms as a Black Sheep. In this episode we will learn: What has happened since last season? Nicole had baby # 2 and alot of work come her way at the same time and the impact of both these on her, her family and health. Including the low moments - “I’m failing” and high moments “im living and doing work that matters” Her plans for the future of the podcast and ways to continue to support WOC. How time is the most valuable currency in her home Why she and Danielle are really owning not having a business and being freelancers. Reacting vs responding to life’s challenges Hard chats around gender norms with her husband. Deep work; money work, valuing her worth. Creating an entrepreneurial life. Nicole’s aspiration?  Creating a WOC Podcaster Network. NEW WAYS TO GET YOUR SERVICES, PRODUCTS + SOCIAL GOOD EFFORTS FEATURED! A call to listeners >>>>WOC who want to experiment with launching a podcast!Want to Take Over the Black Sheep Podcast?? We pick a topic- tied to your word, your biz, interviews or a topic to explore with NIcole Email: Hello@liveblacksheep.com or visit www.liveblacksheep.com A call to listeners >>>>WOC with Social Impact Efforts that Need Promotion! The Black Sheep Podcast is looking to support smaller grassroots efforts - We will be experimenting with in episode segments or mini episode on initiative led by WOC looking for small investment of funding. Use the Black Sheep Podcast platform to promote it. Email: Hello@liveblacksheep.com or visit www.liveblacksheep.com A call to listeners >>>>Micro-sponsorship for WOC with Small Businesses! The Black Sheep Podcast and Live Black Sheep brand is looking to support smaller WOC owned businesses interested in sponsoring episodes, segments and WOC Shopping Guides. Email: Hello@liveblacksheep.com or visit www.liveblacksheep.com Join the Black Sheep Society and connect with fellow WOC! Get on the list and get notified about new episodes! Follow us @liveblacksheep


1 Mar 2018

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34: Listening to Intuition w/ Tanya Brown

If you would like to know what it's like to have psychic abilities, or how a person gifted with clairvoyance or clairsentience uses those talents to help people, listen in and find out, as Nicole's psychic guest, Tanya Brown, shares her story, on this week's show. Tanya, who comes from New Jersey, is psychic, clairvoyant and she's also a business coach. Tanya describes her psychic ability as being like having someone whispering the answer to a question in her ear. She explains clairvoyance by saying that her guides give her information, in the form of pictures, which she can 'see' when she closes her eyes. She's also clairsentient, which means that she can feel what her clients are feeling, either emotionally, or physically. Tanya's journey so far has been really fun and interesting. Join her and Nicole this week's show to find out more about her and about how she uses her gifts to help her clients with their lives and in their businesses. Today, Tanya talks to Nicole about: How her gifts developed in stages and how she learned to work with them. How she came to realize that her grandmother was her Spirit Guide. The ad that she put on Craig's list to do free Tarot readings and what happened as a result. How she initially put her abilities down to luck. The prophetic dreams that she's had. How she describes her sense of really knowing. How her Guides urge her, in loud voices, her to do as they recommend. How the information comes to her in various ways. How channeling gives her a nauseous feeling. Nicole explains how you, as a listener, can benefit from hearing Tanya's story. How Tanya's participating in a Brian Weiss Event worked as a catalyst for awakening her to her abilities. What Past Life Regression is all about. What she experienced during some of her Past Life Regressions. How Tanya's family accepts her gifts and abilities. How her clients find her. Why she prefers working with people that she's never met before. Why it takes more energy for her to work with people that she knows well. How her journey has brought her to the full realization of who and what she really is today. How she feels after she's done a reading. Why people tend to contact her, either regarding their businesses, or for themselves, personally. That she is more afraid of not doing, than doing- and how that really works in her life. Nicole talks about Tanya's courage and confidence in doing what she does. Links: Tanya's website: www.laurenstjulian.com Tanya Brown on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Resources: Book: Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss.


7 May 2017

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32: Women Designed + Manufactured w/ Dara Elliott

This chat was super insightful and inspiring. Dara is the founder of Brevity Brand which is launching its first piece of apparel the Do Anything Jacket.  In this episode we talk about: The process of designing and producing a piece of apparel Her drive for creating a social enterprise  The importance of getting away from the computer + email and just going out and meeting people. She started showing up at factories and meeting with pattern makers at as a result was able to move faster on getting her jacket designed. Going in person to the factories also opened her eyes to the huge disparity of women owned vs male owned manufacturing plants Launching a successful KickStarter campaign - we go behind the scenes with step by steps to ensure your campaign is successful Ignoring naysayers! Going against the grain and trusting your gut - all the established fashion experts advised her against Kickstarter and told her she can't build a brand or launch a sustainable biz on Kickstarter but trusting her gut that this wasn't true she meet with newer brand owners who supported her vision stating many had regrets on not doing it  What Dara learned about entrepreneurship from watching her immigrant parents run a donut shop waking up at midnight everyday. Why she feels so passionate about women owned factories producing her work, in the USA and only using vegan materials. Resources mentioned in this episode include: MakersRow - http://makersrow.com/ Get your Do Anything Jacket at https://brevitybrand.com/ And connect online at https://instagram.com/brevitybrand and @BrevityBrand


21 Apr 2017

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29: Money, Money, Money

In this week's episode we jam about money. How we manage our money, tools/apps/systems and general thoughts on money. Want help finding awesome women of color owned business? Get on our list to access our latest Buy Brown Guide is coming out soon. Don't miss out on these amazing products by women of color owned businesses. Sign up here http://bit.ly/buybrownguide to be notified when the new guide is released. We would love your feedback! Email us or leave a review at iTunes.  And join us in the FB group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/iamblacksheep/ to get support on your Black Sheep journey.


30 Mar 2017

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31: Unpacking Latino w/ Lupita Santana

This week Nicole brought Lupita Santana her online buddy for a friendly jam on the way we experience being Latinas.  The idea for this conversation came when Nicole learned that like her, Lupita was married to someone from a different Latino culture, and was now living in her husband's native country.  Having spent time living abroad in a Latin country Nicole was curious about Lupita's experience being an 'Latina expat' in a Latino country. Nicole shares about her experience moving to Chile for a year and her challenges with in fitting in and the hard chats with folks who saw her as simply American vs what she was used to in the states being seen as a Latin American. Please note, there may be some points of views expressed that some people may not agree with as we are speaking from our POV and perspective.  As always, all feedback is welcomed.  Email hello@liveblacksheep.com


21 Apr 2017

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30: Get Better Sleep w/ Aycee Brown

This week Nicole welcomed Aycee Brown to the podcast to talk to us about the launch of Good Night Darling Co. her company dedicated to helping us get better sleep.  In this episode we talk about: Why is sleep so important that she would start a company around it?  The moment when she knew you this idea had to be birthed. The journey and process of creating a product based business. Being a serial entrepreneur (Aycee started her first biz at age 8!!) How the micro-agressions and the hustle of WOC that affect us during the day affects our sleep e.g., being the only person of color in office  Aycee is so awesome she even created a special promo code just for Black Sheep Podcast listeners. Enter BLACKSHEEP to score 15% off any product in the store. We agree that sleep is so important to any Black Sheep Lady that this winter we featured her fade to black. herbal tea & tincture combo in our Holiday Buy Brown Guide and since then she has added more products and soon will be launching a sleep consultation practice. Sign up to be notified when it launches and to purchase visit www.goodnightdarling.co/collections/all and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram @goodnightdarlingco and Twitter @GNDarlingCo


6 Apr 2017

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25: When Life Gets Hard

We don't know about y'all but it has been really intense in these parts! Things have been so busy and intense here at Black Sheep HQ that we paused the podcast release and took two weeks off to get healthy and caught up on the insane amount of everything February threw at us! Anyone else?  We would love your feedback! Email us or leave a review at iTunes. And join us in the FB group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/iamblacksheep/to get support on your Black Sheep journey. Are you on the list? Our latest Buy Brown Guide is coming out soon. Don't miss out on these amazing products by women of color owned businesses. Sign up here http://bit.ly/buybrownguide to be notified when the new guide is released.


5 Mar 2017

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23: Finding Your Cause and Embedding it Into Your Life

This week's episode is all about giving back in a way that is sustainable to your life and maximizes impact around your cause. This episode has a freebie - The Ready, Set , Do (Good) mini course is designed to help embed giving into your biz or life. It outlines seven ways to give back, get it for FREE at www.liveblacksheep.com/findyourcause A hallmark of every client Nicole has even coached is that they are values-driven women. And whether through their work or personal lives they seek ways to give back.  Many of them are also multi-passionate and have a ton of ideas and projects they are trying to juggle. Sound like you?  This week Nicole uses Jes as a case study of how she works with clients to launch social good projects. Make sure you grab your freebie to get access to Nicole's coaching process that helped Jes maximize her social impact through the social impact initiative she birthed called www.poweredbyher.com This week we are Black Sheep because.... "I am Black Sheep because I am taking risks to talk more about the things I am passionate about." - Nicole "I am Black Sheep because I make unreasonable asks." - Jes The BlackSheepAsk Challenge is live!  For 30 Days we are making small and large asks to get out of our comfort zone. When you make your ask tag us #blacksheepask  Terms mentioned in this episode:  DoGoodLiving.com [link to www.dogoodliving.com]- Spectrum of Social Change There is a pipeline of change, where along a change journey to affect this wrong is your intervention going to be placed?Social Entrepreneurship - Mission driven for-profit entity that from it's start is intended to do social good for world. Or non profits that create revenue generating streams.  One-for-One Model - Buy a product, company donates one.  Examples: Warby Parker - https://www.warbyparker.com TOMS - http://www.toms.com/ B-Corps - "B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency."  Source: https://www.bcorporation.net/what-are-b-corps Example: SustyParty - http://www.sustyparty.com/ Non Profit with Revenue Generating Streams - These organizations are supported by both donations and "incorporate some form of revenue generation through commercial means into their operations. Income-generating activities are not conducted as a separate business, but rather are integrated into the organization's other activities."  Source: http://www.4lenses.org/Setypology/iga Examples include:  SHE Health Enterprises - http://sheinnovates.com/ DC Central Kitchen - https://dccentralkitchen.org/our-social-ventures/ Social return on investment (SROI) - "is a principles-based method for measuring extra-financial value (i.e., environmental and social value not currently reflected in conventional financial accounts) relative to resources invested."  Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_return_on_investment Organization mentioned in this episode: Unreasonable Institute - https://unreasonableinstitute.org/ ThoughtWorks - https://www.thoughtworks.com/ Ashoka - https://www.ashoka.org/ AshokaU - http://ashokau.org/ The New School Social Innovation Initiative - http://www.newschool.edu/social-innovation/ To learn more about Nicole's coaching work with clients around social impact visit www.DoGoodLiving.com Have a cause or effort you support - tell us so we can support and share with the community.


26 Jan 2017

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21: Maintaining Motivation and Momentum

This week we talk about motivation and momentum and what we each need to maintain both.  Topics we explore include: What is the difference between motivation and momentum? The important of values-based motivation + doing work that is meaningful The importance of growth and education + learning in maintaining momentum Coaching Corner In this episode we asked you consider the following questions to help with motivation and momentum, especially when either (or both!) are stalled:  What am I learning from this process? (as easy or hard as the task or project at hand is) How I am growing? (personally or professionally) What can I say I now know that I can apply to a future project or endeavor?  What motivates you or enables you to keep up momentum? Reply to this email and we will feature your response in an upcoming episode! Part of maintaining momentum for Nicole was finding tools and software that can support her to maintain the flow of work. When she gets bogged down doing work that doesn't inspire her she can loose motivation which in turn affects the momentum of her projects. Sound like you?   One of the biggest hurdles you might have heard her discuss in Episode 20: "Being Seen"- was maintaining a presence on social media. Doing it manually was causing a bottleneck. Enter one of her new favorite tools - Coschedule, an all-in-one content marketing editorial calendar solution that lets her plan out all her social media ahead of time. "Getting out of the day to day of writing posts and uploading and instead sitting down and at one time writing and then scheduling posts for the next week (or three!) freed up so much room to focus on other aspects of the project. Most important though, was it allowed me to get excited about content marketing and having a consistent dialogue with our followers and friends online!." - Nicole They have a free 14 day trial we suggest you try out: http://coschedule.com/r/81100 Have you downloaded our Buy Brown Buy Guide yet?  Each much we curate a list five women of color owned businesses to feature in a free guide. Leverage your purchase power and sign up today at http://liveblacksheep.com/buy-brown-guide/ Look for community, inspiration and accountability on your Black Sheep journey? Join our free online community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/iamblacksheep/


12 Jan 2017

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17: Launching + Loving Your Podcast

In this episode ,we pull back the curtain and take you through the steps needed to launch a podcast by giving you a behind the scenes of launch. If you are considering launching a podcast this episode is a much. It was recorded as a free training with a free worksheet to accompany this episode that can be found at http://liveblacksheep.com/freebie-launch-podcast If you aren’t looking to launch a podcast but are curious to see behind the curtains of the Black Sheep Podcast and hear about how the idea was birthed, the role of collaboration in our launch, and how Nicole and Jes ended up teaming to make this a co-hosted show vs. a one woman show tune in! We also recommend you also check out our previous episode on - 3 Keys to Success – Risk Taking, Failure, + Being Vulnerable http://bit.ly/liveblacksheep14 and episode 12 - Launching a Website in Five Steps http://liveblacksheep.com/12 FREE COACHING OFFER! Ready to launch your podcast? Want more free help launching your podcast? We want to bring one lucky lady onto the show for free live coaching to talk through her ideas and her launch!  Email us at hello@liveblacksheep.com Resources mentioned this in episode:  Donate to Haiti Relief Efforts - These are just three organizations that were recommended to us to support Hurricane Mathew Relief efforts http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/country-region/haiti http://edeyo.org/ http://www.pih.org/ Donate to Standing Rock – The Dakota Access Pipeline, which is a violation of the Sioux Nation’s right to oppose destruction of their land (the use of the term nation means just that, this is their land.) Native peoples from around the world, as well as allies have gathered to support this effort. Protestors rights are being violated, they are being arrested and attacked and money is needed to support legal fees and for supplies.  http://standingrock.org/


18 Oct 2016

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11: Dior Vargas - Latina Feminist Mental Health Activist

This week we welcomed Dior Vargas to the podcast for what was a very important and inspiring conversation. Dior is an American Latina feminist mental health activist and the instigator of a project focused on creating a community to eradicate the stigma of mental illness for people of color.  Dior’s work is so important for our communities and her conviction and commitment towards social justice, advocacy and activism for women and people of color is inspiring for us all.  Full show notes can be found at www.livingblacksheep.com. You can learn more about Dior and her work at www.diorvargas.com


6 Sep 2016

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09: Owning Your Values + Beliefs, Taking a Stand and Keepin’ It Real

In this episode we talk about A LOT. The theme was owning our values and taking a stand for what we believe in. It was the first episode with just the two of us in a few weeks so we covered a lot: We are working on ways to support connections between community members including monthly groups calls starting soon. Sign up at www.livingblacksheep.com to find out the date of the next call A mini rant and a conversation about forming allies  Let us support you - need some tech advice? Email Jes for her insights to: theblacksheeppodcast@gmail.com Coming this fall is a buyers guide to help you use your dollars to support and invest in women of color owned businesses and projects! Want to be featured? Hit us up on social media @liveblacksheep or email us! Supporting indie podcasters – The Messengers a Podcast Documentary needs our support! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-messengers-a-podcast-documentary Some Black Sheep Podcast news – we are going to have seasons of the podcast and want to hear from you about topics or suggestions of women to interview for season 1 We had a launch event – we recorded live and brought some of the fun to the show! …and most important… a tremendous amount of gratitude to our listeners – you tuning in each week means so much to us!! Full show notes and resources tied to this episode can be found at: www.livingblacksheep.com


23 Aug 2016

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08: The "Power of We" with Gaby Guzman and Nadia Payan

When we decided to continue our conversation on the power of collaboration and partnering we thought of no one would be better to join us than Gaby and Nadia, our boss besties from Miami.  This was a fun interview filled with concrete examples of ways we all have used the power of we to create amazing things in our lives. This is a must episode for anyone who is seeking motivation and inspiration for creative ways to engage with others to further a shared vision.  From business partnerships that started in coffee shops, to artistic partnerships that launched from Instagram, there is a little something for everyone in this one! Highlights include: The amazing story of how these two ladies met 2x in one day and what came next! How a down home Internet forced Nadia to a coffee shop where she met their third biz partner Taking risks and going for it, signing leases, moving states and saying yes before you are ready! The importance of listening to your intuition when partnering Seeking out ways to collaborate that are purely based on a shared passion and love for fun not for financial gain Brand pillars, what are they and how are they useful when leveraging the power of we Gaby and Nadia answer our Black Sheep questions, "how does your family describe what you do," and "which member of TLC do you most embody? Connect with Gaby and Nadia on Instsgram their fave place to do social https://www.instagram.com/thejupitercircle/ https://www.instagram.com/nadiapayan/ ...and if you are in Miami at #TheCreativeGirls HQ http://thecreativegirls.com/ And stay tuned whose knows when we might do a Miami Meet up Black Sheep Style with #TheCreativeGirls Seeking to build your community? The Black Sheep Society is filled with awesome women like YOU seeking to support each other. Perks include access to promos and discounts, secret recordings, and our weekly Sunday evening digest where we share our journey Living Black Sheep. Join us at www.livingblacksheep.com 


16 Aug 2016

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07: The Business of Self Care with Tara Pringle

Tara Jefferson Pringle is committed to the self care of women. This focus has been evident throughout her entrepreneurial journey. Currently she offers self care to women through her bimonthly subscription box – The Bloom Beautifully Box. More than a box, she is creating a community for women devoted to self care and well being. One of the goals of this podcast and supporting community is to showcase various models of entrepreneurship and give you the behind the scenes on what it looks like to run these different types of businesses. This week we were excited to explore the subscription box model with Tara Jefferson Pringle the founder and Chief Curator of The Bloom Beautifully Box. If you are interested in upping your self care you sign up at www.theselfcarebox.com and enter code ‘Welcome’ for 15% off.  Our Black Sheep Society community has had access to this code for a few weeks when we first recorded this episode.  Any special offers shared on our recording get shared with the community immediately after we record. If you haven’t signed up for our weekly Sunday evening digest or joined out private FB group you can by visiting www.livingblacksheep.com to get the scoop first!


9 Aug 2016

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41: Dare to say yes with Leah Lakins

Dani is chatting with Leah Lakins, editor, writer and publisher, or as she sometimes calls herself - a wordy, nerdy, quirky girl from Baltimore. You may have seen her name and words in popular books like Steve Harvey's New York Times Bestseller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success, and his most recent project Jump. Leah shares her early dreams of what she wanted to be when she grew up and how her high school journal revealed pieces of her current reality. We get to learn about how her variety of career opportunities has prepared her for life as an entrepreneur doing what she loves - sharing the stories of others. Change in her life inspired more change. After dreaming of living in New York for 10 years, she gambled on herself and moved to NYC and started her life as an entrepreneur. Leah shares about how she prepared for that major move and what some people had to say about her plans.   We hear about some of her unique challenges of NYC living, what she loves and appreciates about the city, and how it has contributed to her career and success. Her advice to making it in this city: say yes! It is saying yes that has opened up so many amazing opportunities in Leah's life, including working with Steve Harvey. We get to hear her story of how that unfolded from starting a conversation with a fellow word nerd to the process of giving her all to the project. Leah touches on the benefits and the importance of supporting herself with her networking community and business coach. Leah also shares about her aerial yoga adventures and how it has improved her mind body connection, helping her find strength and confidence, and how it helped her on her trip to India. We learn about her superpower, her anthem songs, and about a conversation that shifted her perspective on her life.    Leah's story is a great example of seeing how she planted the seeds are planted and laid out the steps to create life she wanted, and this is just the beginning. May this episode encourage you to "say yes" to gambling on yourself in whatever you want to see happen in your own life. Learn more about Leah: Website: http://www.fresheyeseditorial.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreshEyesEditorialServices/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lakins9/


5 Apr 2018

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39: Daring to Make a Home with Evelyn Badia

Dani is chatting with Evelyn Badia, the hostess with the mostest. She has been an Airbnb host since 2010 (before airbnb was cool and a verb). When the economy shifted, Evelyn couldn’t find work in her industry as a TV producer. She stumbled upon Airbnb in the NY Times and decided to try it as a way to save her home. Evelyn shares about how her lifestyle changed and what it was like moving out of her home as a way of income. She tells the stories of how she started her listing and her first guest. We learn in this episode the lessons she’s learned from hosting - like setting boundaries and establishing realistic expectations with clear communication. She also shares about some of her favorite guests and funny moments, like when the guy ate her avocado. Evelyn is the ultimate hostess because not only does she create a special experience for her guests but she also contributes to her community, lending her home to neighbors during challenging times like Hurricane Sandy and home repairs as well as for their families’ visits. She equips her guests with recommendations to give them the best NYC experience while also supporting local businesses in her neighborhood. This conversation with Evelyn is a story of perseverance and resilience. She has created a new career in this unexpected chapter of her life, which is continuing to evolve. Seeing a need that was not getting met, she has created The Hosting Journey, an international community of hosts she offers information and support on everything from how to create a listing to how to get a stain out. From moving to NYC from Puerto Rico at the age of 15 knowing no English to creating this new business and career for herself, Evelyn has proven to be tough, someone who takes new challenges; and we see lends that strength and her voice and experience as a host as an advocate for Airbnb and other hosts. In this episode, you will learn what it looks like not only to become an Airbnb host but what it looks like to start a new chapter from an unfortunate situation. There are great lessons and nuggets of wisdom for you to digest. You’ll also get answers to some questions like: -what does she (and should you) look for in an Airbnb? -does she ever stay in hotels? -what makes her Airbnb a unique experience? -what kinds of things guests have left her as gifts? -what have been some of her interesting experiences as a guest? Here’s where you can connect with Evelyn: Listing: https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/118971 Website: http://www.evelynbadia.com/ Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheHostingJourney/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehostingjourney/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvelynBadiaBk


22 Mar 2018

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38: Daring to go deep with Tatiana Dellepiane

Dani is going deep with Tatiana Dellepiane - a sex and relationship expert and tantra teacher. She helps women connect to their sensuality, which she believes is our superpower. She works with them through movements and their body to break through from shame and reach their full potential out in the world. It is her mission and her work to help women remember who they truly are. Her journey started as she was seeking healing in her own life. During a time when she felt stuck and was experiencing pain, she found a teacher who opened up her eyes to work that used movement to help women heal their own trauma. Having experienced abuse and trauma throughout her life, which she coped with by dismissing, Tatiana reached a point in her life, when she realized true, deep healing was necessary for her to move on. Following her own self love and spiritual journey, she went deeper which not only granted her healing but also helped her discover the work that she wanted to do for other women. Tatiana has grown to know an intense life and existence, which has equipped her for the depth and capacity of the work she is doing with her clients. She is one to break taboo and play in the spaces in our lives that we often avoid or neglect. In this conversation, we go deep and get messy, touching on what happens when spirituality, religion, culture, family, sex, sensuality, all collide. We hear about Tatiana's personal experience of sorting through these things, how she has grown from this work and how she helps her clients do the same,. To learn more about Tatiana and her work, connect with her on: Her website: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelovegypsy Twitter: https://twitter.com/thelovegypsy Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelovegypsy

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15 Mar 2018

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37: Daring through Celibacy with Bernice Wooden

This episode is part of a series in the Take Over Season where speaker, host and adventure creator Danielle Fontus took over the podcast for chats about living a daring life. We are chatting with Bernice Wooden - entrepreneur & educator, who has been in the entertainment business for 10 years. She started her own production company, Be Nice Productions, which includes videography, photography and workshops. Bernice has recently written a book How to Get a Degree in Celibacy: 10 Steps to Keeping Your Lips Closed, where she is sharing with the world about her sex life,or lack thereof. In this conversation, we learn about Bernice's journey to where she is today in her career. She shares about the unique challenges she faced and how she overcame them and the lessons she learned from them. In this candidly, juicy and intimate interview, Bernice dares to share: what makes her uncomfortable to this day & how she approaches those uncomfortable situations an emotional failure and the wins that also came with it some of the excuses she's used that have limited her (which she has since overcome) a private detail she hasn't shared with anyone else In this episode, we get to hear from Bernice about: growing up in Brooklyn how she found her boldness who she's interviewed on the red carpet when she realized she was a Black Sheep her experience with her unique ethnic background & what unique challenges came from that all the things she thought she was going to be when she grew up the jobs shes had along the way &  the lessons she’s learned and prepared her for where she is now how she started in her current field - her first production job her networking tips Bernice has created her own adventure with her celibacy journey AND deciding to share it publicly with her book. We get rich insight from Bernice's experience, including: how she decided to be celibate & the struggle what supported her during the process what she has discovered through the process (in her friendships, in her body, in her relationships) the surprising reactions she heard when sharing with others (men versus women) some of her temptations and how she dealt with them the interesting way she got the title of her book tips for anyone considering their own journey We learn a few fun things about Bernice like: her superpower a random job would she do for a day one of her proudest moments So where we can find her and stay up to date on all that she is up to? www.bernicewooden.com (You can pre-order her book here.) Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/adegreeincelibacy https://www.instagram.com/adegreeincelibacy/ https://twitter.com/BerniceWooden https://www.instagram.com/beniceproductions/ https://www.facebook.com/adegreeincelibacy What questions do you have for Bernice? Let's keep the conversation going! Share in the comments below.


8 Mar 2018

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