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The Nick Monaghan Show - Grow Your Tribe

Nick Monaghan is the Owner and CEO of Tribal Media Co. a Denver based digital marketing agency focusing on website development, paid ads, SEO, email marketing and social media management. In this podcast Nick talks about what it is like to have a startup digital marketing agency. How to become an entrepreneur as well as digital marketing strategies that will see your clients business GROW! Sit back, relax, grab a notebook and take some notes! We are excited you are listening!

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What To Have In Your About Page

About pages is one of the biggest keys to your website's success. Far too often people overlook the about page and they wonder why they are not getting any sales or leads. The about page is very helpful because it allows others to see what your business is all about! Especially these days when people are dying to get behind a cause, they want to buy your services not for your product but because of what you are about! 


19 Jul 2021

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Setting Up Great Sales funnels!

Today we will talk about funnels! They are VERY important when it comes to sales and growing your business. I see a lot of people who have a great product but they don't have a great funnel to market that product or service! We will go in depth on how to set up a funnel, the different parts of a funnel as well as what each part of the funnel is meant for! 


12 Jul 2021

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6 Keys To A Converting Landing Page

This is a GREAT episode for you today! Digital marketing is HUGE right now and something that is really important when you are marketing on the internet or any type of platform is to make sure that you take people to a great landing page. A lot of times people don't have a great landing page, their ads don't perform well and they won't see success with a lot of their digital marketing endeavors. Check it out guys! 6 ways that you can create a landing page that works! 


18 Jun 2021

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The Nick Monaghan Show Interview with Cat Kennebeck of Innovative Influence

Guys we have a GREAT interview for you all today, we are with the owner of Innovative Influence. She is an absolute boss girl who crushes social media management. She goes into depth about what it looks like to start your own agency, the hiring process, dominating the social media world and everything in-between! Check it out!! 


11 Jun 2021

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The Nick Monaghan Show Interview with Darrin Utynek

What an AWESOME episode we have for you today! We are talking to Bernie's Book Bank CEO Darrin Utynek, we go behind the scenes of what it looked like to run a non profit during a pandemic. Darrin talks about how they use social media for good and how they weathered the storm of Covid-19 You can find Darrin on Twitter at @DarrinUtynek and Bernie's Book Bank at @Berniesbookbank Enjoy the show! 


28 May 2021

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The Nick Monaghan Show Interview with Chris Rubio

Another GREAT interview on today's podcast! It is one that I really think you will enjoy. Rubio takes us back to where he first started and how he started in his journey as an entrepreneur. To growing Rubio Long Snapping to a world wide leader in long snapping. We talk a lot about how being an entrepreneur is a lot of trial and error and learning what works and what doesnt work! Check it out! Chris Rubio's Social Medias: IG: @TheChrisRubio TW: @TheChrisRubioFB: Chris Rubio You can also find him at https://rubiolongsnapping.com/ 


21 May 2021

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The Nick Monaghan Show Interview with Aman Ailani

Aman Ailani is the founder of SAH.OL Cold Brew, which is currently available all up and down the New England Area. In today's podcast we dive deep into what it is like to own a start up and how to grow in this ever changing marketing business. We talk about being relatable on Instagram and how we can grow our following just by being US! We go deep into what it is like when you first start a business and you want to appear to be a huge business when in reality you guys are just starting out! This is a GREAT interview and it was great to see a good friend again! 📺@sipsahol📺@amanachos


14 May 2021

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3 Ecomm Tips To A Successful Ecomm

If you are an ecommerce store or you are marketing for an ecommerce store you have come to the right place! In today's podcast we will be going over 3 ecommerce tips that will help your store succeed! ✅Don't only focus on products ✅Collect emails ✅Build trust in your store ⚠️Bonus tip if you stay till the end! If you love what you hear, please rate, subscribe, review, we would love to hear from you! Also, if you would like to be on the Nick Monaghan Show- Grow Your Tribe, please reach out Nick@TribalMediaCo.com The Nick Monaghan Show- Grow Your Tribe - Presented by Tribal Media Co. 


7 May 2021

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How to Grow Your Instagram Following!

Welcome to the Nick Monaghan Show! Today we go through Instagram and how you can grow your following. Instagram has been something that we have learned a lot from in the last few years. It has become one of the biggest and most powerful tools for businesses. We want to make sure that you know how to optimize yours! We will talk about: ✅Instagram bios✅Instagram content ✅How to post ✅How often to post✅How to perfect hashtags✅Tag your location ✅All other little Instagram hacksWe hope that this helps your instagram grow!! 


30 Apr 2021

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Q&A; SSL, Facebook Ads and Email Marketing

Welcome to the Nick Monaghan Show! Today we go through a quick Q&A session where we will cover  SSL, Facebook ads and email marketing . I love doing these quick Q&A sessions with my followers and help them grow! What we will talk about: ✅What is an SSL ✅Why are facebook ads so expensive? ✅Does email marketing work? We hope that you enjoy this show! Be a friend, tell a friend!  


28 Apr 2021

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