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Episode 16: MOOCs and Open Education

Carleen, Dana and Mark try to dissemble and make sense of MOOCs and open education and the possible role(s) of libraries in that movement.Download Episode 16 (mp3: 57:20)or listen to the streaming version: Podcast Notes:A New Culture of Learning (book)Q&A With The Authors of A New Culture of LearningARL Issue Brief: Massive Open Online Courses: Legal and Policy Issues for Research LibrariesMOOCs and the Future of the UniversityMOOCs: What role do they have in higher education?The Year of the MOOCTransformative Learning and Technology Literacies (Michael Stephens course)When Freemium FailsMusic attribution: Dancing On My Bed (The Pleasure Kills) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

3 Dec 2012

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Episode 15: IL Standards

The regular crew goes in-depth with information literacy standards. They declare the ACRL standards dead and look at other possible models for SUNYLA and how collaborating with the K-12 community in these efforts is needed.Download episode 15 (mp3: 49:52 min)or listen to the streaming version:Podcast Notes:ACRL Information Literacy Competency StandardsThe Seven Pillars of Information LiteracyQuick Overview diagram layoutThe Big Six Skills overviewUNESCO/IFLA joint Information Literacy statementUNESCO Media & Information LiteracyLibraries and Transliteracy blogAn Analysis of Information Literacy Education WorldwideMusic attribution: Dancing On My Bed (The Pleasure Kills) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

16 Jul 2012

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Episode 14: Live at SUNYLA 2012

Carleen, Dana and Mark are joined by Emerging Technologies Librarian Ken Fugiuchi of Buffalo State to discuss happenings at the 2012 SUNYLA Annual Conference, as well as issues on mobile technologies and much more. The audio levels are a little low so you may need to turn up your volume a bit to hear us (after the intro music, so you don't blow out your eardrums :-)Download episode 14 (mp3: 49:36 min)or listen to the streaming version:Podcast Notes:SUNYLA 2012 PresentationsPew Research hub: LibrariesMusic attribution: Dancing On My Bed (The Pleasure Kills) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

27 Jun 2012

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13: The Horizon Report

This month Carleen, Dana and Mark dissect the newly released NMC Horizon Report for Higher Education; discussing some of it's issues, obstacles and emerging technologies, and the possible implications for libraryland.Download episode 13 (59 min)or listen to the streaming version: Podcast notes:NMC Horizon Report for Higher EducationGamification Dynamics: Identity and StoryLearning Conversations in World of WarcraftLearning and Knowledge Analytics (George Siemens site)Marc Prensky's writingsMusic attribution: Dancing On My Bed (The Pleasure Kills) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0Overview video from NMC about their report:

1 Mar 2012

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WGIL Room 12: Invasion of the Blogs!!!

via Flickr CC by cambodia4kidsorgBlogs and more blogs! The regular crew shares their fave blogs and contemplates changes that have undergone the blogosphere generally, and in instructional contexts, in recent years. A side quest in search of effective screencast tutorials is taken.Download episode 12: (mp3: 49 min)or listen to the streaming version:Podcast Notes:Carleen's fave blogs:ACRLogLauren's Library blogInformation Wants to be FreeAttempting EleganceDana's fave blogs:In the Library with the Lead Pipe: fantastic team-blog with in-depth and well-thought out articles on all aspects of the library profession.Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning: MacArthur Foundation blog focusing on the intersection of technology and education and covers all levels of learning.Academic Librarian: blog of Princeton librarian Wayne Bivens-Tatum. Even though I don't always agree with his perspective on the mostly academic issues he tackles, his posts are always thought-provoking and well-written.Mark's fave blogs:Librarian in Black (Sarah Houghton) is a strong library advocate. She is a public library director at San Rafael Public Library. Has incredible insight on the use of technology in libraries. Seth Godin  is a great speaker and has good insight on marketing, new media and today's culture.Tame the Web, as mentioned on the podcast, Michael Stephens in a prof. at the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State. He is great at explaining complex topics.ESC's Online Library YouTube channelJCC's Melville Dewey YouTube channelDo Screencasts Really Work? Assessing Student: Learning through Instructional ScreencastMusic attribution: Dancing On My Bed (The Pleasure Kills) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

26 Jan 2012

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WGIL Room 11: Late Reflections, Early Predictions and the Collaborative Effect

Our regular crew of Carleen, Dana and Mark don their New Year's hats and sound makers and reflect on the year past and prognosticate on the coming year in the library instruction world. Topics include co-habitation with a writing center, open access and open learning, and faculty-librarian collaboration.Download episode 11: (mp3: 72 min) or listen to the streaming version:Podcast Notes:SUNY Empire State College Vision 2025 (focuses on Open Education)SUNY Central pushes shared president decision to July (Watertown Daily)This is NOT the future of librarianship (McMaster Univ.'s Jeff Trzeciak controversy)Music attribution: Dancing On My Bed (The Pleasure Kills) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

11 Jan 2012

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WGIL Room 10: Got the One-Shot Assessment Blues

Dana, Mark and Dunstan talk one-shot and Gen Ed assessments: experiments, shortcomings, follow-ups and existential musings about the utility of one-shot data.Download episode 10: (mp3: 56 min) or listen to the streaming version:Podcast Notes:Mark's Annotated Bibliography Assessment Rubric SUNY General Education Student Learning Outcomes (Info Mgt and Critical Thinking req's are at bottom of list)RAILS (Rubric Assessment of Information Literacy Skills)LibQUAL+ SUNY Delhi Gen Ed Campus-Based Assessment Plan (scroll to page 89)Why E-Portfolios?Music attribution: Dancing On My Bed (The Pleasure Kills) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

17 Nov 2011

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Episode 7: SUNYLA Annual Conference Confab

Better late than never! I apologize, especially to the participants about the lateness of getting this podcast up. It was recorded in June, but took me into July to post it.A small group of instruction librarians gathered one evening during the recent  SUNYLA Annual Conference (several weeks ago) in SUNY Plattsburgh to discuss any and all things conference-y or instruction-y. I started the recording in mid-discussion, so please forgive the confusing start. A more formal introduction is buried a couple minutes into the recording.Download Episode 7 (mp3: 69.00 min) or listen to the streaming version:  Podcast Notes:The Courage to Teach, Parker J. Palmer Other writings by Parker PalmerALA Freedom to Read StatementNational Library Week lower east side librarian blog Additional podcast participants:Mike Daly, FMCCDarcy Gervasio, Purchase Barbara Kobritz, TC3Dunstan McNutt, DelhiJim Nichols, OswegoScott Richmond, Fredonia Music attribution: Dancing On My Bed (The Pleasure Kills) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

8 Jul 2011

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Episode 6: Pride and Ownership

Wherein special guest Stacy Pratt, English professor at SUNY Jefferson Community College talks to us about working with her JCC librarians and several innovative assignments she's designed to equip her English students with research skills, and give them a sense of pride and ownership over their work (I apologize that my own mic is so hard to hear; not sure what happened - DL)Download Episode 6 (mp3: 55.00 min)or listen to the streaming version:Podcast Notes:Using Wikipedia as a teaching tool in higher educationMetal Health Will Drive You Mad: Mental Illiness and Insanity in Heavy Metal Music (abstract  located about halfway down the page on left side) Music attribution: Dancing On My Bed (The Pleasure Kills) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

17 May 2011

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Episode 5: Doing the Literacy Wiggle

Wherein we discuss recent conferences (3 T's, ACRL, CiL) and dig our way into and among literacy landscapes.  We scour the topic with a metal detector, trying to unearth mysteries and problems behind various issues like critical thinking, reflective learning, open learning and the transition from high school to college and the relationship/impact of technology on all of them.Download Episode 5 (mp3: 55.00 min)or listen to the streaming version:Podcast Notes:The Transliteracy DebateCarleen's ACRL Google Doc Collaborative notes: Integrating Library, Instructional Technology, and Distance LearningInformation Deconstruction: Perspectives on Critical Information LiteracyBuilding Relationships through Embedded LibrarianshipPaper SessionsDana's CiL conference notesMusic attribution: Dancing On My Bed (The Pleasure Kills) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

18 Apr 2011

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