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Prem of Many Names - 89

Meet Prem our number one fan in the Canadias! We talk poutine, perogies, and polish swear words.  NEWS: No Man's Lie updates, Lawbreakers Launch on PS4, Pokemon Sun & Moon Ultra, Friday the 13th Removes Team Killing. GUEST HOST: Prem of Many Names HOSTS: Cat McGuire, Salvador Madrigal, Samson Lancaster Music: n8bit Become a Patron of STR CAST

1hr 51mins

15 Aug 2017

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Retro Games Plus w/ Kris Krohn - 123

We sit down with the owner of Retro Games Plus and discuss the origins of the store. In addition we cover loot box legislation, the ProJared Controversy ( A.K.A. F**k ProJared and his Creepy Dick) and the Claptrap debacle! GUEST: Kris Krohn Owner of Retro Games Plus HOSTS: Cat McGuire, Salvador Madrigal, Samson Lancaster  Recorded on location at Retro Games Plus, 17431 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Music: n8bit Become a Patron of STR CAST ABOUT RETRO GAMES PLUS Retro Games Plus was founded in 2008 and is an independent video game store with 3 locations in CT in Norwalk, Orange and Newington and one in Huntington Beach, CA. Retro Games Plus was created out of an avid love of video games and vintage toys. We wanted to create not only a store but a personalized experience that is a tribute to the classic games. Besides, today many games can be bought online and we feel that being able to visit a store talk about games, and search for titles is something every community should have. We carry almost every type of system dating back to the original Odyssey, Intellivision and Atari up to the latest consoles of PS4, Xbox One and Switch. In the past few years we expanded to also carry Vintage Action Figures, Collectibles, DVDs, Blu Rays, Gundam Figures, LEGO and Minifigures, Accessories for all Games and more! In creating our store we wanted to be as far apart from the large chain stores as possible. Therefore when you come in our store you will see complete classic systems in their boxes on display. Most importantly, we believe that our customers have the same passion for video games as we do and should be able to share that passion. Retro Games Plus is dedicated to providing our customers with world class customer service. If you have any issues with any games we accept returns within 14 days and offer a 60 day warranty on all systems. We strive to offer the best customer service, pay the most for your items and offer you the lowest purchase prices.

2hr 1min

14 May 2019

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Calm before the ShitStorm - STR +32

Jack is surprisingly calm for someone who is about to Liquid Ass all of us into oblivion. Though as you know Spike, Sal and Samson are no stranger to this abyss. Enjoy the hangout and prep for episode 111.


2 Jan 2019

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Kaitlyn Fae Celebrity Gamer VI - 125

CELEBRITY GUEST: Kaitlyn Fae HOSTS: Cat McGuire, Salvador Madrigal, Samson Lancaster  We had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Director, Actor,Writer, and Host of Pangeekery Podcast, Kaitlyn Fae! We talk in depth about Board games, Tiddies and Hentai, nuff' said. Music: n8bit Become a Patron of STR CAST Kaitlyn Fae Biography Kaitlyn Fae is a Filipina-American film writer, director, actor, and singer who hails from Los Angeles, California. Kaitlyn graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2012 with a degree in English. Despite having originally intended to become a musical theater actress, in recent years Kaitlyn has turned to writing and directing for both theater and film. Her movie directorial debut, Madeira, premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in 2017. In 2018, Madeira won "Best Music" at the Feedback Female Film Festival. Kaitlyn continues to write, direct, and produce her own original shorts. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Kaitlyn Fae

2hr 20mins

4 Jun 2019

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Massage Therapy III - STR +30


16 Feb 2018

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Death Penalty, Power Rangers & Sex with Yourself - Dex +8

Chris of More Gooder Than Podcast - If you could be a Power Ranger or a Voltron Paladin, which would you choose? Prem- The best Star Wars themed game? Mine is Star Wars Galaxies. Jack Acebedo - If you have sex with a clone of you, is it gay or is it masturbation?


25 Jun 2017

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EPIC vs STEAM - 118

HOSTS: Salvador Madrigal, Eddie Vargas, Jack Acebedo, Samson Lancaster  In this extremely heated episode, Sal has a lot to say about EPIC vs STEAM. Hold on to yer butts, this steamy epic pile of entertainment will get your hot and bothered. We also discuss Sony Playstation's "State of Play" and Google Stadia. Meanwhile Jack "liquid-Ass-ebedo" swipes right on all everyone, check him out on tinder ladies just search Liquid-Assebedo. (he was actually on Grindr) Music: n8bit Become a Patron of STR CAST "Epic isn't afraid to spend its Fortnite money, as evidenced by its free game program, and it's been quick to jump on any opportunity: When Unity and Improbable had a public spat last week, it was mere hours before Epic announced a partnership with the latter. The company has also secured multiple exclusives, including Journey, which we never even expected to come to PC. It's going hard, in other words. Meanwhile, Steam has 90 million monthly users, and plans to spend the year improving discoverability, growing in China, building out its Twitch competitor, and improving the client. The Epic Store has made itself known, and will surely introduce the unruly Fortnite crowd to new games throughout 2019, but I don't expect it to slow Steam down—not yet, at least. GOG and itch.io offer very different selections and experiences, and will hopefully not be overshadowed by this battle of giants. The best-case scenario is that the competition inspires Valve, Epic, and everyone else to improve their offerings—maybe with features we didn't even know we wanted (or perhaps a few more Valve-developed games?). However it shakes out, Epic has ensured that 2019 is going to be a lively chapter in the story of PC gaming." - PC Gamer

1hr 37mins

2 Apr 2019

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Clare Grant Celebrity Gamer I - 115

The Strength in Gaming crew get down and Nerdy with celebrity guest Clare Grant! We had so much fun getting to know Clare and her gaming habits! You will be surprised by just how much of a video game nerd Clare is, we certainly were! HOSTS:  Cat McGuire, Salvador Madrigal, Samson Lancaster  CELEBRITY GUEST: Clare Grant Music: n8bit  Clare Grant Bio: Clare Grant next stars as one of the two female leads in Changeland, the feature directorial debut of Seth Green. Grant also starred in 2018’s Dance Baby Dance, 2016’s Holidays, which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival, and has several soon-to-be announced films coming out this year. Grant always knew she would be an actress, but she grew up fascinated by science, math and technology. During Junior High and High School, Grant moved to Clear Lake, Texas, right next to NASA's Johnson Space Center, which further fueled her love of space exploration.  As an adult, she sought out shuttle launches and visits to science centers all over the country. In 2016, Grant utilized her appreciation of science as one of the producers on a science news show, "Blame it on Science," in partnership with Lionsgate for their Comic-Con HQ digital network. Grant made her feature debut opposite Joaquin Phoenix in a small but pivotal role in the Golden Globe-winning film, "Walk the Line." Grant earned her theater degree from the University of Memphis in her Tennessee hometown. While there, she met director/filmmaker Craig Brewer, who cast her in her several indie films. When Grant moved to Los Angeles, she quickly landed a leading role on the Showtime series, "Masters of Horror." Grant returned to Memphis for a leading role in Brewer's feature, "Black Snake Moan" and then as the star of his MTV series, "$5 Cover." Grant continues to work in various film, television and voice-over roles including "MAD," "Robot Chicken," "Clone Wars" and "Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H." Grant was the lead guest star in an episode of "Castle" as well. As a producer, Grant created geek genre projects including the viral sensation, "Team Unicorn: G33K & G4M3R Girls," which stirred controversy over its sexy portrayal of geek girls. She co-created and produced a pilot series for Adult Swim. Grant also won two Lucasfilm Fan Film Awards for Best Action and Audience Choice for "Saber," the short film trilogy she starred in and co-created. Interview Questions by category: -------- VIDEO GAMES   What was the first video game you remember playing?   Your preferred video game genre? FPS, RTS, RPG etc.   What is a video game you are currently obsessed with? What's the one video game you find yourself playing over and over again?   In the Team Unicorn video G33K &G4M3R Girls you appear in Lara Croft cosplay, was that your choice, are you a fan of Tombraider?   Whimsyshire "Killaire", "Miss Hell", "Maulin Sorely", "R'Lyeh" Team Unicorn Easter-egg in Diablo III, how'd that happen?   Any specific video game franchises you would like to work with?   You said in an interview once that video games have taught you many of the valuable lessons you've learned in life. What has been the most influential life lesson you've experienced from a video game? Which game was it?   If you could be a video game character in real life who would you be?   -------------  COSPLAY   Favorite Cosplay so far?   Are you working on a cosplay at the moment? What are some cosplay ideas you're dying to try?   Where do you go for inspiration / favorite fellow Cosplayers?   Upcoming cons / events?   -------------  TABLETOP GAMES   You were on the chess team in school, do you still play?   What tabletop are you into these days?   Magic the Gathering, how long have you been playing, since which set? And what is your favorite color deck?   Have you played any of the MTG video games such as Arena?   -----------------  PROJECTS Your latest projects, what are you having the most fun working on?   What is the nerdiest project you are working on right now?   ----------------- LISTENER QUESTIONS  Strength in Gaming's #1 Fan "Prem": What DnD class do you prefer? Do you play Fortnite? Anime or Manga?   -----------------  RANDOM (time permitting / curve-balls) Star Wars or Star Trek? Any plans to work with Felicia Day again? You've worked on the MAD TV Series, did you ever read the magazine growing up? Do you play co-op with fans?  Your favorite Mass Effect game? How did you feel about Andromeda? Best method to kill a MEGA SHARK?

1hr 34mins

26 Feb 2019

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Should Reviewers be Good at Games? - 104

Cat is back and Eddie has joined us to ask if reviewers should be good at the games they review, plus news: No virtual console for Switch, Death Stranding at E3, Destiny 2 DLC Warmind, Walmart leaked E3 games, Dark Souls 1 Remaster Network Test and Console Warranty changes. HOSTS: Cat McGuire, Salvador Madrigal, Eddie Vargas, Samson Lancaster Music: n8bit Brought to you by: Executive Producer – Prem, The Troll in the North (Przemek Ciesielski) Become a Patron of STR CAST

2hr 32mins

15 May 2018

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Fuck, Marry, Kill: Trump, Sloth, Bill Cosby? - Dex +11

Chris Braaten If you could have one materia from FF7, what would you take and why. Domenick Scolpini When giving your date the dick in the popcorn trick, do you also put your balls in the hole? Drew Carson Fuck, marry, kill Trump, Sloth, Bill Cosby? Przemek Ciesielski On the serious note, is Cat having a sex change? Oh and talk about Lords of the Fallen, I'm playing it now and it's Awsome. Andrew Spike Lancaster What game was the most deceptively marketed to you Cj Haviland If you could spend one day as the opposite sex, what would you do? Domenick Scolpini or who Cj Haviland If you could bang yourself, would you? Tj Messina Pick the last character you played as in a video game, how fucked up is your life now?


12 May 2018

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The original nerds discuss a mystery topic, plus news: Detroit Become Human Demo, God of War 4, Nintendo Labo released, Nintendo Switch Vulnerability, Shadow of the Tomb Raider announced, and MTG Arena closed beta releases Dominaria set. HOSTS: Bubba Acebedo, Salvador Madrigal, Samson Lancaster Music: n8bit Brought to you by: Executive Producer – Prem, The Troll in the North (Przemek Ciesielski) Become a Patron of STR CAST

1hr 14mins

1 May 2018

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ARCADE EXPO 4.0 - 101

The nerds are back at Arcade Expo 4.0! So many pinballs and arcades, so little time. We got Nico of SuperMadNES and THE Richie Kunckelz! Richie comments on the recent high score controversy with his best bud Billy Mitchell. Nico and SuperMadNES bring the video game metal thunder! It was nearing absolute zero in the high desert in Banning, CA; the nerds risked their lives to bring you this episode. The only thing that kept us from freezing to death was whiskey, weed and funnel cake. GUESTS: Richie Knucklez of the KONG OFF and Nico Saavedra of SuperMadNES HOSTS: Salvador Madrigal, Eddie Vargas,  Samson Lancaster Music: n8bit Brought to you by: Executive Producer – Prem, The Troll in the North (Przemek Ciesielski) Become a Patron of STR CAST

1hr 27mins

21 Mar 2018

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STR CAST 98: LAST JEDI *SPOILER ALERT* Subscribe on iTunes! / Sign-up for our Newsletter The nerds Discuss Star Wars The Last Jedi. Cat returns after being ill, Spike has a lot to say about why he hated The Last Jedi. We also discuss the latest news: Intel CPU flaw - Meltdown & Specter exploit, Paladins gets battlegrounds, Paul Logan proves he is Human Garbage, Pedo-Judges in MTG wtf Wizards, Monster Hunter World comes out this month, Sal can't wait! HOSTS: Cat McGuire, Salvador Madrigal, Spike Lancaster, Samson Lancaster Music: n8bit Brought to you by: Executive Producer – Prem, The Troll in the North (Przemek Ciesielski) Become a Patron of STR CAST

2hr 21mins

9 Jan 2018

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Sign-up for our Newsletter EA IS IN SOME HOT WATER, AND A HOT PILE OF SHIT WILL START TO DISSOLVE. Granted EA has been shit for a long time, so it could be petrified. NEWS: Destiny (Bungie) was caught throttling XP at higher levels. There was an MTG Shitpocalypse a.k.a. #GatheringGate. Chromecast sucks bawls... And last but certainly not least, or actually last chronologically; Sal gets perma-banned from TWITCH. HOSTS:  Salvador Madrigal, Spike Lancaster, Samson Lancaster Music: n8bit Brought to you by: Executive Producer – Prem, The Troll in the North (Przemek Ciesielski) Become a Patron of STR CAST

2hr 5mins

5 Dec 2017

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The nerds Devin and Samson discuss their love of of the From Software / Bandai franchise DARK SOULS, while Sal falls asleep. Also included NEWS: MTG Arena stress test, Battlefront 2 No more Micro-transactions, Sea of Thieves beta, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Dark Souls Remastered, and RETRO GAMES PLUS Huntington Beach, CA - GRAND OPENING APRIL 14TH 11AM! GUESTS: YouTubers - EREBUS TOTALLUS & The Raging Red Onion HOSTS: Salvador Madrigal, Devin Steele,  Samson Lancaster Music: n8bit Brought to you by: Executive Producer – Prem, The Troll in the North (Przemek Ciesielski) Become a Patron of STR CAST

2hr 26mins

10 Apr 2018

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100 - Part III

Come celebrate with the nerds on their 100th episode bash! Lot's of drinks were imbibed, and many a drunken moment of clarity was had. GUEST: Kris Krohn of Retro Games Plus & RetroWorld Expo HOSTS: Salvador Madrigal, Bobby Perez, Spike Lancaster,  Samson Lancaster Music: n8bit Brought to you by: Executive Producer – Prem, The Troll in the North (Przemek Ciesielski) Become a Patron of STR CAST

1hr 34mins

8 Mar 2018

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The nerds attend ANIME IMPULSE 2018 they eat ALL THE BALLZ and the D-Cakes!  

2hr 35mins

27 Jan 2018

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STR CAST 97: ANTI-XMAS, R.I.P. NET-NEUTRALITY Sign-up for our Newsletter THE MOST DEPRESSING XMAS STORIES: Sal gets beat every XMAS, Spike and Samson's Grandmother died, Sal gets beat more, plus welfare XMAS3. Also R.I.P. NET-NEUTRALITY HOSTS:  Salvador Madrigal, Spike Lancaster, Samson Lancaster Music: n8bit Brought to you by: Executive Producer – Prem, The Troll in the North (Przemek Ciesielski) Become a Patron of STR CAST

1hr 57mins

20 Dec 2017

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Cootchie Itch - STR +31



18 May 2018

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100 - Part II

Come celebrate with the nerds on their 100th episode bash! Lot's of drinks were imbibed, and many a drunken moment of clarity was had. HOSTS: Salvador Madrigal, Devin Steele, Noah Musser, Sean "OGTay", BUBBA Acebedo,  Samson Lancaster Music: n8bit Brought to you by: Executive Producer – Prem, The Troll in the North (Przemek Ciesielski) Become a Patron of STR CAST

1hr 36mins

7 Mar 2018

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