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You Really Blew It This Time, Moffett

Well after a terrible FPL week Moffett followed that up by screwing up the edit and running out of time to fix it for this podcast, so our epic 30+ minute VAR rant will have to wait.  We start with some questions about the run in to the World Cup and then a few thoughts from the midweek CL games.  Then league updates and bets.  See you bright and early on Discord Saturday morning.

1hr 7mins

28 Oct 2022

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If the Moon Was Made of Green Cheese, Would You Eat It Then?

A likely too-late-to-be-helpful podcast that also lacks helpful content.  Some game predictions, some questions not answered, some other questions, not answered, and some bets.  Enjoy!  Opening and Filler Music by The Tan and Sober Gentlemen#FPL#EPL#PremierLeague


21 Oct 2022

Rank #2

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He's a Collar-Popping Idiot

Quick turnaround so excuse everything that you don't like including Moffett's double up of odd Trossard pronunciations.  We start with a Liverpool City recap and then follow that with some Leeds Arsenal. Then on to some questions, week 12 thoughts, and league updates.  And then we finish with some Cunningham CFB bets and some EPL bets.#Liverpool#Man City#Arsensal#Leeds#EPL#FPL#Hashtags


18 Oct 2022

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Beware the Gray Horse

We were off for a week but we start with a recap of GW10 including Liverpool v Arsenal, City's dominance, Spurs' annoyance, Chelsea's intrigue, and a revived group of Hammers. Then we move to some questions and follow that with league updates.  Finally we wrap with some bets including a few left fielders from Cunningham on CFB.Opening and Filler Music by The Tan and Sober Gentlemenhttps://acerankings.com/

1hr 26mins

14 Oct 2022

Rank #4

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Sleepless in September

We're Back!  We return from the international break and dive into the week ahead, answering a few questions along the way.  We take a look at a some alternative captain options, try to figure out the upcoming Arsenal/City dilemma, and take a quick look to see when pitchers and catchers report.  Then on to some bets, including some CFB from James Cunningham, NFL, and close with a few EPL bets.Glad to be back and please rate and review.Opening and filler music by The Tan and Sober GentelmenFollow us on twitter @FPLGamble (we never check this) or join us on Discord:https://discord.gg/pkgY5aqq


30 Sep 2022

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International Break Blues

A true waste of an episode this week neither covering the past week or what's upcoming all that well.  A few league updates, some NFL bets and some late College Football entries from James Cunningham to wrap things up.  Let's hope the players make it through the next week+ unscathed.


24 Sep 2022

Rank #6

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Beware the Foreigner Belt

Well, games are back, we think, at least some of them.  We recap the week that wasn't and accept that fact the sometimes things happen that complicate our existences.  We then ramble our way through the Champions League results for a few of the PL squads and then shift over to bets in an even more non-directional form. If you're reading this far, don't forget the GW deadline is Friday at 1:30 EST.Follow us @FPLGamble on TwitterOpening and Filler Music by the Tan and Sober Gentlemen

1hr 11mins

16 Sep 2022

Rank #7

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If you thought last year was chaos...

Well, we all knew this year had the potential to get crazy but just when things were looking semi-stable, Week 7 showed up and kicked open the turnstiles of the Madness Saloon. Good luck writing the rest of the script.  We start with a Tuchel sacking shocker, then discuss Liverpool's many woes, and then a Spurs/City chat.  But none of that matters now because the whole game is on hold.  Stick around until the end for some CFB bets from James Cunningham and we will come back next week and try to predict the unpredictable.  

1hr 13mins

10 Sep 2022

Rank #8

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Wait, What Gameweek Are We Talking About? 4-5-6

We are officially moving into the schedule madness so bear with us as we navigate the FPL/EPL multiverse.  We start with a recap of GW 4 and talk about City and Liverpool.  Then onto the early midweek fixtures and league updates (58:00), and then onto some best for the weekend matches.Follow us on Twitter @FPLGambleOpening and Filler Music by The Tan and Sober Gentlemen#FPL#EPL#City#Liverpool

1hr 22mins

2 Sep 2022

Rank #9

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The Liverpudlian Lament

We start with a gameweek recap discussing the highs and lows, including the ongoing slow start for Liverpool, and the nice rebound from Man U.  Then on to La Ligarie and the FPL Gamble league updates (55:16), Anton Chigurh update (1:06:11) and then wrap up with some bets.  Follow us @FPLGamble on TwitterJoin us on Discord:  https://discord.gg/jZtpXy5GOpening and Filler Music by the Tan and Sober Gentlemen

1hr 25mins

26 Aug 2022

Rank #10