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Welcome to the AAFE’s Face Forward podcast. Join AAFE President, Dr. Louis Malcmacher and his special guests as they explore hot topics in facial esthetics.

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Episode 7: The Zoom Boom - The Esthetics Explosion 2020

Join AAFE President Dr. Louis Malcmacher as he explores the reasons why facial esthetic treatments are more popular than ever post Covid for one reason - Zoom.  Find out why Botox, filler, and PDO thread treatments are up over 100% and esthetic practices are now busier than ever!


10 Jul 2020

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Episode 6: Treating The Two Most Sensitive Areas Of The Face and Body

AAFE President, Dr. Louis Malcmacher discusses transitioning into esthetic medicine with special guest Dr. Lonny Green. Enjoy this fascinating interview and learn why Harvard trained Urologist Dr. Lonny Green changed careers to the "specialty" of Esthetic Medicine so he could enjoy taking care of patients the way he did 20 years ago.  


10 Jul 2020

Rank #2

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Future-Proofing Your Practice

AAFE President, Dr. Louis Malcmacher discusses marketing your practice during COVID-19 with special guests Tim Sawyer and Audrey Neff from Crystal Clear Digital Marketing. Topics include time management during quarantine, future-proofing your practice, creating a digital marketing strategy. Find out how to implement virtual consultations into your practice and enhance your engagement with both new and current patients. 


21 Apr 2020

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The Leap From The ER To Esthetics

AAFE President, Dr. Louis Malcmacher interviews special guest Megan Lynn Riedy, BSN, RN about her career change from the ER to facial esthetics. Topics include dealing with burnout, transitioning into esthetics, the importance of safety, and the many medical disciplines that are learning facial esthetics with the AAFE.


7 Apr 2020

Rank #4

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The Esthetic Beauty Journey

AAFE President, Dr. Louis Malcmacher joins special guest Rick Diaz, co-founder of Tier3 Media to discuss the role of esthetic practices in their patient's esthetic journey. Topics include social media, creating a clear message, and meeting patient needs. Find out how you can create the full esthetic experience for your patients.


31 Mar 2020

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Injectors That Scare Me & What To Look For In Training

AAFE President, Dr. Louis Malcmacher discusses frightening trends in facial esthetics, the importance of certification training, and why you shouldn't call yourself an injector.


26 Mar 2020

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Dentists doing Botox?

AAFE President, Dr. Louis Malcmacher interviews special guest Dr. David Kimmel about his integration of facial esthetic services into his dental practice. They discuss training, patient relationships, and combining facial esthetics with a traditional dental practice. 


26 Mar 2020

Rank #7