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The Deeper Breath of the Entire Body of the Church - Dr. Philip Kariatlis explores the doctrines of the Church and their significance for everyday living.

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The Creed as a Standard of Faith

What is The Creed? What do we mean when we say that The Creed is the standard of faith? In what way is The Creed relevant to us today? Dr. Phil answers these questions and more on today's episode.


28 Mar 2012

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Theology and the Sciences: A Comparative Study

All too often in modern society today, theology is compared to the sciences (academic disciplines) where the latter very often see no relevance for the former. Dr Kariatlis examines the different approaches that the Fathers of the Church took regarding the relationship between these two domains in order to suggest an approach for today.


17 Feb 2012

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The Creed - An Overview

Having reflected on the first section of the Creed which deals with “God the Father almighty", this episode offers a brief summary of what has been said thus far and then turns its attention towards introducing the next two most significant doctrines that are contained in the Creed, namely, those concerning the Son of God and the Spirit of God. A deeper study of these two central doctrines (i.e. Christology and Pneumatology) will be the subject of several podcasts that will follow.


16 Jan 2014

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Maker of Heaven and Earth . . .

In this episode, Dr. Kariatlis investigates the meaning of the phrase "maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible," endeavouring to explain why these words were incorporated into the Creed. He then gives a basic outline of the Orthodox teaching on creation, raising some of the more important aspects of the doctrine and reflecting on its significance for us today.


30 Jan 2013

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I Believe in One God Father Almighty: Part 2

What is it that we are saying when we confess that God is our heavenly Father? Dr. Kariatlis continues his reflection on the first article of faith in the Creed, showing that in calling God "Father" we are essentially saying something about us—namely, that we are God’s adoptive children called to share by grace the very same relationship that God has from all eternity with his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.


14 Sep 2012

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