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Welcome to GirlsOfAqua’s virtual mind. A true Aquarian, Astrologer, Crisis-Counselor, make up enthusiast, avid writer, dog mom and friend, taps into everyday topics you wouldn’t normally have. Get ready to know yourself and the world around you. This is a safe place to think. Twitter/YouTube/Instagram: @girlsofaqua

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Social Distancing is Cool

We’re back! Hello Aries season. In this weeks episode I basically rant about this quarantine, mental health, and Saturn in Aquarius. We go over the importance of social distancing/isolation and how this correlates to the current astrological transits. Great time for self-care and spending time with yourself and or your loved ones! I also give you a product list of all the things I’m loving right now. This is coming from an Aquarius who practices isolation constantly. Big hugs.


28 Mar 2020

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Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T)

Let’s wrap up Capricorn season AND 2020 on a good note, shall we? The worlds falling apart but it’s ok. I give a quick monthly “horoscope” for the signs as well as what they have accomplished for the new year. We also speak on father figures, self care, and the importance of Capricorn’s. No cap. 🐐 (Cover photo by @james_bousema on Instagram)


9 Jan 2020

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Happy, Hurting & Healing

Are you happy? Good. Are you hurting? Sorry about that. That’ll open up your heart chakra, though. Are you healing? Ok, let’s start. If not, maybe this will help.


28 Dec 2019

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We all f**k up sometimes and it might be because we’re cold. It happens. I’m here to tell my story... and to apologize.


10 Dec 2019

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3 Dec 2019

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