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Renee L. Ferguson and Dawn D. Hester are professional photographers that are sharing their passion about photography. With laid back conversations, Renee and Dawn’s discussions includes: photography life, what they enjoy about photography and how they continue to grow. Two different photographers with the knowledge that if you don’t understand basic photography it will be hard to move forward. Dawn: dhesterphotography@gmail.com; www.dawndhester.comRenee: renee.ferguson@phinishingtouches.com; https://www.phinishingtouches.com

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Season 1. Episode 22: Staying Inspired, Keeping Motivated

Season 1, Episode 22: Staying Inspired, Keeping Motivated. This episode Renee and I talk about even before COVID-19 when we got into slumps (or where they slumps?), how did we get out of them.  Dawn: dhesterphotography@gmail.com; www.dawndhester.com Renee: renee.ferguson@phinishingtouches.com; https://www.phinishingtouches.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dawn-hester/message


18 Feb 2021

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