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feels, happenings; asmr aesthetics. a poet.recorded & posted every friday night,sometimes something special midweek🌸🤫🤲🏾🌊🌙🦪💭☸️

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deerdear xo 10

11th episode! checking in with plans for the future & a deeper understanding of how what i do here serves you all...please contribute to my computer fund to help me level up my content creation game!!! -gofundme.com/ddxibo -venmo: deardeer10 -cashapp: nearlyperfectblack. become a patron for all the best of the best, patreon.com/xibo. TYSM ILY, xo


12 Jun 2021

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deerdear xo 9: hbd mom

dear mom, a black panther, calm waves, birds of paradise & black sand beaches for you on your 63rd birthday. i love you, truly, madly, deeply—not for just an hour, not for just a day, not for just a year, but always


29 May 2021

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deedear xo 8

flowers for keith: i paint a portrait of my dead lover that looks nothing like him while i talk about being with him. subscribe at patreon.com/xibo to see the patrons-only video. BLESS. i love you.


15 May 2021

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deedear xo 7

i read a poem at the end of this one, enjoy


8 May 2021

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deerdear xo 6

i’m in the best mood i’ve ever been in ever EVER & it’s almost entirely your fault! HOW DARE YOU LOVE ME?!? 😫😭(🥰) also please share the gofundme link! THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU MORE! https://gofund.me/6536f89d


1 May 2021

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deerdear xo 5

have you seen that show, “lie to me”? it’s one of my favorites. i talk about why and, of course, as always, how i’m doing, bc that’s what this podcast is about...


24 Apr 2021

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something for me

& for you too if you please


20 Apr 2021

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deerdear xo 4



17 Apr 2021

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deerdear xo 3

a lil bit of asmr cookie eating over a long bit of talking about an in-between. bit of things. please share the gofundme link: https://gofund.me/6536f89d THANK YOU!


10 Apr 2021

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deerdear xo 2

car trip complete! slight changes to future plans, may be shifting from patreon to a new platform, new poems & all of my tender heart, as always...


4 Apr 2021

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