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Shoving a crowbar between state and church. This is the place where Christian faith intersects with libertarian anarchy/voluntaryism.

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Are You Gonna Make Me? The Issue of Authority: GodArchy 29

What’s the difference between a country ruling over me and a religion ruling over me? Quite simply, I chose one and not the other. It all comes down to the issue of compulsion. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I consider the role of authority in our lives. We chose to submit to some authorities. Other authorities force our obedience. I contend that coercing somebody to submit to your will isn’t a morally or ethically legitimate way to relate to them. But why not? Tune in and I’ll explain. You can visit the GodArchy website at https://GodArchy.org.

16 Nov 2019

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Romans 13: Obey Citizen! Really? GodArchy Podcast #6

In this episode, Mike Maharrey takes on Romans 13. Does it really mean unlimited obedience to government? Do these verses invalidate libertarianism? Or are we missing something?

29 Dec 2018

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The Truth About America's Wars with Scott Horton

People often support America's wars because they believe them to be righteous endeavors. After all, the U.S. is fighting tyranny, toppling dictators and spreading democracy. But the truth is far different. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I talk to foreign policy expert Scott Horton about the real impacts and effects of America's wars.

20 Apr 2019

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A Christian Defense of the Free Market With Tom Woods

In this episode I talk with Tom Woods about his book "The Church and the Market." We discuss how Christians often go off the rails when they start promoting economic policies because of basic economic ignorance. We also differentiate the moral ends with the economic means. And at the end, we detour into a short discussion on war.

29 Jun 2019

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Christian Nonviolence: GodArchy 7

In this episode, Mike Maharrey talks with Mennonite pastor Ryan Burgett about the concept of Christian nonviolence. They discuss war, self-defense and the ethical ideal demonstrated by Jesus. This episode challenges Christian libertarians to consider a step beyond non-aggression.

12 Jan 2019

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Economics and Free Market: GodArchy Podcast #8

Murray Rothbard said, "It is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.” Sadly, the vast majority of people advocating for various economic policies are indeed in this state of ignorance. In this episode, I attempt to alleviate some of this ignorance. I cover some fundamental economic truths and explain why every government intervention is doomed to failure.

26 Jan 2019

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A Fireside Chat With an AnarchoChristian GodArchy 25

Christian anarchist? Is that even a thing?Yes it is. And in this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I have a little fireside chat with fellow AnarchoChristian and podcast host Stephen about the ideas.Stephen shares a little bit about his faith journey and the path he took that led him to libertarian anarchism. As we get into the meat of the episode, we discuss some of the things that we've found particularly challenging as we've struggled to reconcile our faith and our political worldviews. Visit the GodArchy website at GodArchy.org.

4 Oct 2019

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Who AmI? Identity and Individuals

In this episode, I talk about identity and how it impacts the ways we interact with each other. I cover racism, dehumanization, and identity politics, and I make the case for looking at people as individuals.

1 Jun 2019

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Identity Politics and Race: GodArchy 23

Race has become one of the most dominant issues in American politics. In my view, both sides of the political debate get it wrong. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I explore the issue of race and identity politics from both a biblical and political perspective. Ultimately, I believe racial politics is used as a tool to divide us and empower government. Racism is real, but politics isn't going to fix that.

24 Aug 2019

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Who Owns You? GodArchy Podcast #2

In this episode, I tackle one of the most fundamental questions you face: who owns you? I make the case for self-ownership and then discuss the political ramifications.

3 Nov 2018

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Yes. Taxation IS Theft: GodArchy Podcast Episode 4

You've probably seen the "taxation is theft" meme on social media. But is it really? In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, Mike Maharrey explains why "taxation is theft" is more than a silly libertarian catchphrase. It captures an essential truth about the nature of the state.

1 Dec 2018

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The So-Called Biblical Values of Democratic Socialism GodArchy Podcast 11

In this episode I partnered with Doug Stuart of the Libertarian Christian podcast for a joint episode on the "biblical values" of democratic socialism. We take apart an article by Obery Hendricks published at the Sojourners website claiming that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's democratic socialism is the political ideology that best conforms to biblical values. Does it? Really? We don't think so and we explain why.Visit us a https://godarchy.org

16 Mar 2019

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A Fireside Chat With a Muslim GodArchy Podcast 18

In this episode, I talk with Muslims4Liberty cofounder Hesham El Meligy. He shares a little bit about his faith and shatters some stereotypes. We also seek some common ground around the principles of liberty.

14 Jun 2019

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Walking the Talk GodArchy Podcast 21

When David Swain's political and spiritual journey led him to reject war, he had a problem -- he worked for a defense contractor. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, David tells his story. I also rant about stupid "In God We Trust" signs going up in Kentucky schools.

27 Jul 2019

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Policing Without Police GodArchy 30

Do we really need government cops to "protect us?" Peter Quinones doesn't think so. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, he joins me to talk about the concept of private policing. Peter and I discuss the myriad problems behind the "thin blue line," the myths many people believe about law enforcement, restorative justice, and examples of private policing in existence today. Peter R. Quinones is managing editor of the Libertarian Institute and hosts the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast.Visit the website at https://godarchy.org

14 Dec 2019

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His Moral High Horse Is Lame GodArchy 28

A lot of people on the left (and the right) justify their politics because they view their preferred policies as just, compassionate and loving. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I look at a blog post by Christian activist John Pavlovitz making just such an assertion. He rides in on a moral high horse, but fails to realize it is crippled and lame. You don't get to claim the moral high ground when you advocate violence force and coercion.Visit the GodArchy website at https://GodArchy.org

1 Nov 2019

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Who Would Jesus Bomb? GodArchy Podcast #5

Who would Jesus bomb? I'm going to go out on a limb and say nobody. In this episode of the GodArchy, Mike Maharrey makes the antiwar case from both a Christian and libertarian perspective.

15 Dec 2018

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Answering 3 Objections: GodArchy Podcast #9

In this episode I take on three objections I've been hearing over and over.1. An anarchist can't be a Christian.2. Romans 133. War (and other stuff) is justified because it's "in the bible."Check out the website at GodArchy.org and follow us on Facebook @GodArchyOrg

9 Feb 2019

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Government Does; We Do Better

Everybody seems to be looking for political solutions to the world's problems. But the fact is, government isn't very good at actually doing anything - except maybe war. We do things better. By "we," I mean private organizations, charities and voluntary societies - people working in their communities at the local level. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I talk with We Do Better News host Rick Rivkin about making the world a better place - no politics or government bureaucracy needed.

13 Jul 2019

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Love Your Neighbor - The Non-Aggression Principle: GodArchy Podcast 3

This episode features a discussion of the non-aggression principle as a fundamental idea in both libertarian and Christian thought. What is the NAP? How do we derive it? And how should it guide our actions?

17 Nov 2018

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