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It’s time to Glow Up! This candid and comedic podcast is brought to you by two rowdy, cheap wine-drinking, city girls… they ain’t picky. Every week Erin and Kirsten discuss simple ways to glow up by sharing the nitty gritty on self-love, relationships, and transformation, all from their own life experiences. Need to ghost without feeling like a jerk? Trying to truly trust your gut? Want to stay fit without starving? They got you! Listen every week… you might just glow up too.

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Ep. 08: Reclaim Your Time: It’s Not Selfish, It’s Self-Care

On this episode, your girls are talkin’ ways to free up more time for yourself. Make “no” you’re new favorite word and focus your energy on being productive rather than just busy. They discuss limiting your time scrolling on social media and scheduling time for your hobbies, because calendars shouldn’t just be filled with shit you hate like work meetings and doctor appointments. Set yourself up for a successful week by indulging in a Sunday Self Care Routine and make the most of your lunch hour. Be efficient when scheduling social activities because the more the merrier, and the less time it takes away from you! Last but not least, let go of the little stuff, because perfectionism can hold you back and holding onto grudges can waste serious time and energy. But before we get into all that… you’ll get a fun update on the girls’ dating lives and a nice little reminder to secure your false eyelashes ;-)Find us at glowtimepodcast.com and on Insta at @glowtimepodcast.


30 Jan 2019

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Ep. 07: Manifest a Man (and Friends!)

The girls are leveling up on manifestation and trying it to attract their dream partners! You’ll hear what they’re dream guys are made of and learn about the process for finding the perfect person for you...when the timing is right. Steps include:Making your list and checking it twiceTaking action - getting out there and changing up your routineDoing the things you love and becoming a regularHaving a positive attitudeTurning yourself into the person you’re looking forExpressing your feelings and admitting your weaknesses Remember that with manifestation and anything else for that matter, you get what you give, so don’t half-ass this if you’re serious about finding someone in #twentyshineteen, whether that’s the man of your dreams or a new bestie!Find us at glowtimepodcast.com and on Insta at @glowtimepodcast.


23 Jan 2019

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Ep. 06: Self-Care Sunday Survival Guide

Your Glow Up Girls are here to redefine Sunday Funday with a solid self-care routine sure to kick those Sunday Scaries right in the ass! Achieve maximum chill by following along Erin and Kirsten’s ideal day, which includes: setting some much needed weekly intentions, hardcore adulting by cleaning up your place, and committing to a mini social media detox - because there’s nothing worse than wasting your day watching everyone else live theirs.  You’ll feel easy like Sunday morning after making time to spruce yourself up! It’s the perfect day for a deep clean so shave your legs, steam yo’ face, exfoliate, and clean out those pores. Last but certainly not least, sit back, relax, and light yourself up a fat J because you deserve it. OR scrap the whole list and hit up a bottomless brunch, because the most important takeaway is to spend this day doing whatever the f*ck you want.Find us at glowtimepodcast.com and on Insta at @glowtimepodcast.


16 Jan 2019

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Ep. 05: The Keys To Feeling Confident AF

Today the girls are spilling the beans on how they stay confident when they’re running low on self-esteem. Tips include taking a social media detox, pampering yo’self (don’t forget the face mask!), reaching out to your A-Team to help pull you out of your rut, and telling yourself why you love you, because you’re pretty awesome -and that’s just the beginning! This episode is just the quick shot of confidence-fueled adrenaline that you were looking for to take you from Sasha Farce to Sasha Fierce. You got this. Keep your head, heels, and standards high, always!Find us at glowtimepodcast.com and on Insta at @glowtimepodcast.


5 Dec 2018

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Ep. 04: Date for Dinner: How to Maximize Your Funds

Your Glow Up Fam’s got champagne taste with a Natty Light budget… so they’ve attempted to come up with some money-saving hacks to live the fab lives they deserve! From dating for dinner to hand washing your clothes, the girls discuss the best tips they can think of, but don’t get too excited. They may or may not have a clue what they are talking about! Take or leave the advice from this week’s episode, we aren’t promising any miracles, but we can ensure a few laughs at the very least!Find us at glowtimepodcast.com and on Insta at @glowtimepodcast.


17 Oct 2018

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