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Causepods is a passion project of The Podcast Consultant, Mathew Passy. The aim is to interview folks who are using podcasts to raise awareness for a good cause. Whether that’s a non-profit, charity, medical cause, social justice movement, or anyone looking to create a positive impact in the world, from the local level to the global population. One unique feature to Causepods is that we are going to use this platform to raise money for a 501(c)3 non-profit of your choosing through GoFundMe. If you think you’re a podcaster making a difference in the world, please take a few moments to fill out the Causepods Form and we can’t wait to have you on Causepods.

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Live Well by Doing Good with Corinna Bellizzi of the Care More Do Better Podcast

Do you see the good in the world, or do you see the negative?With all the world's recent events, it can be easy to see what is wrong with the world. What if there is good? How would you find it?These are the questions that Corinna felt called to start the Care More Do Better Podcast. It is a podcast with a mission of shining a light on the good, even when surrounded by darkness. Love Without Borders – Etsy StoreEpisode explaining – Love Without BordersKey Topics:Having a mission for good in the world (0:56)What makes this podcast important for Corinna to create (1:45)Someone looking to do good in the world, where does one start (2:39)How has podcasting helped amplify the missions of others doing good (5:25)What made a podcast the right tool for this mission (9:02)You just need to start (9:28)Advice for other podcasts to watch out for (10:36)How a flight attendant and a refugee camp started to find the good (11:50)Website link: https://www.caremorebebetter.com/Podcast Links:AppleGoogleSpotifyCharity: Love Without Borders (http://lovewithoutborders4refugees.com/)Donation: (http://lovewithoutborders4refugees.com/contribute/)Social LinksLinkedIn: YouTubeFacebook InstagramPatreonThanks for Listening!Be sure to subscribe on Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon, or wherever you get your podcasts. And feel free to drop us a line at mathew@causepods.org.Follow Mathew on Social Media to stay up to date on Causepods – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedInFor help, resources, and community support, please join the Causepods Facebook Group if you are already producing podcasts for a cause or are thinking about launching one.And if you would like to be a guest on Causepods, please fill out this form and schedule your chat here.


22 Feb 2021

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