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Dove Step Episode 24

Dove Step - the podcast 24We are gearing up for the next Dove Step output - Dove Step Rehab. 80 miles of endurance. As always - for Turtle Doves.I catch up with Dove Step Patron Iolo Williams for a conversation about Turtle Doves, Wales, eagles and much more! Check out:Dove Step Rehab: dovestepjonny.blogspot.com/p/dove-step-rehab.htmlJustGiving: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dovesteprehab21Iolo Williams: http://iolowilliams.co.ukOpticron: www.opticron.co.ukOperation Turtle Dove: www.operationturtledove.org/2019/09/12/…rtle-doves/Don’t forget Turtle Doves and please don’t forget Dove Step!


16 Feb 2021

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