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The Lifelong Journey of Education

In today’s episode, we are interviewing David Blake. David is the founder and now executive chairman of Degreed. Degreed is a lifelong learning platform that individuals and organizations use to discover learning content, build skills, and certify their expertise. David is also the author of a book called The Expertise Economy. David joins us to discuss the difference between being a ‘good student’ and a ‘good learner’ and how higher education institutions can serve us over a lifetime. Education Trends is brought to you by our friends at Vemo Education. Vemo works with higher education institutions to develop and implement income-based finance programs. Want help designing an ISA program? Vemo has you covered. Go here to learn more about how Vemo partners with, and designs, ISAs for world-class higher education institutions. --- For more interviews and weekly information, sign up for the Education Trends Newsletter at EducationTrends.com


18 Sep 2018

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