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A national feminist current affairs program for community radio. A gender analysis of contemporary issues, as well as in-depth analysis by a range of women and gender diverse people around Australia and internationally. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network (CRN).

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Preventing violence against women

On today’s program, Women on the Line looks at campaigns and strategies for the prevention of violence against women. Gender Victoria held a conference on this issue in June 2019. Today we hear from Karla McGrady, Senior Practice Advisor, Our Watch and Lauren Caulfield from Advocacy & Law Reform Officer, Flemington Kensington Legal Service

8 Sep 2019

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Youth Mental Health in Schools, Gender Whisperers

On this week on Women on the Line look at mental health issues that LGBTIQ+ young people and rural and regional young people are facing today.  We chat with Mel Gaylard, secondary school teacher who is committed to creating safer schools for LGBTIQ+ young people. Later in the show we hear from Pauline Neil – founder of Live4Life, a health promotion organisation addressing youth suicide in rural and regional Victoria.

11 Nov 2018

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Antimicrobial Stewardship

World Antibiotic Awareness Week occurs annually in November aiming to draw attention to the role of effective use of antibiotics in preventing and containing antimicrobial resistance (AMR). In Melbourne, the National Centre for Antimicrobial Stewardship and Safer Care Victoria are hosting aforum featuring a number of Australian clinical and research groups in a dynamic program covering all facets of the response to antimicrobial resistance.In this show, we speak with Lesley Hawes, a PhD fellow at the National Centre for Antimicrobial Stewardship and the Department of General Practice at Monash University; and Courtney Ierano, a PhD fellow at the National Centre for Antimicrobial Stewardship and the Department of Medicine at the University of Melbourne.

28 Oct 2018

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Bumuntu in the DRC

The 41st African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP) Conference was held in November 2018 at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. In this show, we hear a presentation from the conference by Rene Sephton, a PhD candidate within the School of Global Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University.  This presentation looks at the concept or philosophy of Búmùntù from the perspective of the Luba people from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

6 Jan 2019

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Kurdish Self Determination

On 6 October 2019, Donald Trump ordered American troops to withdraw from northeastern Syria, where the United States had been supporting its Kurdish allies. Three days later, Turkey launched airstrikes on border towns. The air assault resulted in the displacement of over 300,000 people and countless civilian deathsThe Middle Eastern and North African alliance of socialists organised an international dialogue over zoom, that I had the benefit of participating in, on the question of Kurdish self determination. Here is an excerpt of that dialogue.

17 Nov 2019

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Tamar Hopkins on Racial Profiling

This week on the program we speak with Tamar Hopkins, researcher and founding lawyer of the Police Accountability Project at the Flemington and Kensington Legal Centre, about racial profiling by police. Tamar discusses how racial profiling functions in Victoria, lessons that can be learned from the Canadian legal system, and how positive change can be made going forward.

11 Aug 2019

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Sex work decriminalisation, NT and Vic

The sex workers rights movement had a win with a bill for the decriminalisation of sex work in the Northern Territory passed on November 26th. Decriminalisation allows sex workers to access basic labour rights and protections as in other sectors. This week we hear from sex workers involved in campaigns for sex workers, first in the Northern Territory from Scarlet Alliance ATSI chair Desirae August, SWOP NT co-ordinator Leanne Melling and Sex Worker Reference Group member, Alison Woods; and later in Victoria with Jane Green from Vixen collective, after the announcement of an inquiry moving towards decriminalisation of sex work in Victoria.

1 Dec 2019

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Black Voices

In Our Own Words is an organisation that exists to encourage the development of young Afro-Black people through self awareness, de-colonial thinking and community empowerment.We chat with co-founders Aysha Tufa and Soreti Kadir about their upcoming conference Black Voices where they are curating a whole day of workshops, panels and performances with amazing international and local guests.In Our Own Words Black Voices In Our Own Words Facebook In Our Own Words Twitter In Our Own Words Instagram M.O.B- Tkay Maidza

22 Nov 2015

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Science interplaying with Art

This National Science Week, we hear a discussion on the interplay between science and art. On the 7th of August, Yarra Libraries held a forum, Adding the A to the STEM, Stem standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and A standing for Art. The panel also explores how STEM fields have presented barriers for people at the margins because of systemic oppressions, with women and people of colour under-represented in the area. We hear from Mei Liu, a science communicator; Erica Hediger, a designer and mechanical engineer; Maxime Banks, multidisciplinary creator, of the Black-American diaspora; and from the moderator, Stacy Gildenston, an educator and rocket builder. We end with a moving tribute to the late Toni Morrison by Maxime Banks.

18 Aug 2019

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HIV and Intersectionality Part One

Part one of a four part series of recordings from LaTrobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society’s one-day symposium looking critically at the intersection points of HIV and people’s lives, especially people and communities affected by HIV who have not been at the centre of the Australian HIV response. Hear from Hope Mathumbu, secretary of the Victorian African Health Action Network (VAHAN) and Chiedza Malunga, an African Australian Healthcare Professional discussing key concepts around Intersectionality and HIV.

8 Dec 2019

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Don't Read The Comments

GEN VIC & MEAA launched 'Don't Read the Comments: Enhancing Online Safety for Women Working in the Media'. The report outlines the discrimination and abuse faced by women journalists and what needs to be done to resolve it.

3 Nov 2019

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Preventing Violence Against Criminalised Women

On today’s program, Women on the Line looks at campaigns and strategies for the prevention of violence against women. Gender Equity Victoria held a conference on this issue in June 2019. On today’s program, Rei Alfonso from Flat Out discusses the challenges facing workers in the Prevention of Violence Against Women (PVAW) industry with specific reference to the Criminal Justice System followed by the Q&A Panel – policing and the justice systems and preventing violence against women, faciltated by Alyssha Fooks, CASA House

20 Oct 2019

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Save Footscray Park

Built on the stolen land of the Kulin Nation in 1911, Footscray Park has been an important part of Melbourne's western suburbs community for over 100 years. On this show, hear from Gemma Cafarella, one of the co-chairs from the Save Footscray Park group. You will also hear from Ella and Maddy, two residents from Footscray. All three guests discuss grassroots action  to try and save parts of Footscray Park from being redeveloped into a large soccer complex.

13 Oct 2019

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Save Sacred Djab wurrung Landscape rally pt 1

This week we hear some of the speeches at a rally called by Djab wurrung women to defend sacred land on September 10 in Melbourne. We hear from Georgia Mae, Lidia Thorpe, Marjorie Thorpe, Aunty Donna Wright and Sissy Austin. The fight to defend sacred Djab wurrung landscapes near Ararat, Victoria, from destruction by a highway duplication by the Andrews state labor government heated up after a Djab wurrung heritage protection embassy established front line land defense camps in June 2018.Visit dwembassy.com, and their social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can support the campaign by staying at the front line camps, donating, and many other ways here in this document.

29 Sep 2019

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School Strike for Climate

On this episode of Women on The Line we’ll hear from student strikers based in Melbourne, fighting for climate justice as part of the School Strike for 4 Climate Australia network. Disillusioned by the inaction on the climate emergency before us they've taken action into their own hands.These students are here to remind us we have just 12 years to massively reduce carbon emissions, before there is no turning back. In this interview we'll hear from Freya, Stella and Emma about the state of emergency that is climate change, why the strikes are important, how more people can support it and the inherent hope within this movement. This interview occurs before the mass Global strike on March 15.Image Credit: schoolstrike4climate.com

3 Mar 2019

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Djab Wurrung Embassy + Student Strike 4 Climate

This week on the program we bring you an interview with Aunty Sandra Onus speaking from the Djab Wurrung Embassy in Victoria, and also some coverage of the Melbourne School Strike 4 Climate held on Friday March 15.The Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy was founded in mid 2018 to lead a grass roots protection action to preserve Djab Wurrung heritage threatened by the Western Highway Duplication project near Ararat. Last week (w/c 18 March) pressure on the Embassy ramped up as police threatened to make way for works to begin.  Women on the Line spoke with Aunty Sandra on Thursday 21st March. As of publication today the Embassy are requesting support and for people to come to camp as police pressure to start works is increasing once again.To find out how you can support the Embassy visit: https://www.facebook.com/Djab-Wurrung-Heritage-Protection-Embassy-191956261657314/https://dwembassy.com/This episode we also hear excerpts from speeches at the Melbourne School Strike 4 Climate and interviews with rally attendees by Dale Bridge from the Australian Council for the Defence of Government Schools.For more information about School Strike 4 Climate, visit:https://www.schoolstrike4climate.com/

24 Mar 2019

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Feminist Philosophies

The field of philosophy has long been a hostile environment for women. Feminist thought has been slow to infiltrate the significant back catalogue of ideas and theories that have shaped how we understand ourselves and western societies. Until recent years, when students and contemporary thinkers have engaged with philosophy, often in academic settings, there’s been limited exposure to women thinkers, and only recently has intersectional feminist thought been taking on the old masters.  In this week’s show we meet feminist philosophy academics and teachers Katherine O’Donnell and Emma McNichol on the meeting of feminist thought and traditional philosophy. With Katherine, we ask what does it mean to live philosophically, discuss the feminist move in philosophy to value the body as well as the mind, and question if feminists can be misogynistic towards women. And later in the show, Emma McNichol introduces us to her work with the Melbourne Centre for Feminist Philosophy.

23 Dec 2018

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Kids On The Streets, Kids Off Narau

In this week’s Women on the Line, we speak to Nyah and Romy, two young people who’ve spent many weeks organising a ‘Children’s March for Nauru’ in Melbourne. We talk about refugee advocacy and what it’s been like to get involved in activism and campaigning. Later in the show, we also chat to Gabrielle de Vietri from the Artists Committee who initiated working with children and young people for this event. This show also features singer and musician Gelareh Pour, also involved with the Children’s March.

21 Oct 2018

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Safety Begins at Home - Gender Violence in International Aid

Today’s Women on the Line looks at sexual and gender based violence in international development and humanitarian organizations.The interviewees are Hendrica Okondo, who has 20 years of experience in humanitarian contexts within UN organizations; Robin Yaker, who has worked for the International Rescue Committee and Raising Voices; and Sarah Douglas, who is the deputy chief of peace and security at UN Women. Hosted by Joanne Sandler and Shawna Wakefield from the Gender at Work podcast, available at genderatworkpodcast.org With thanks to Frieda Werden of the Women's International News Gathering Service. Music:We Share Our Mother's Health - The KnifeBird Flu - M.I.A.

3 Feb 2019

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Pill Testing and Festival Organising

Over the 2019 summer, music festivals - particularly those in NSW - have been put in the spotlight with a number of young people overdosing on substances. This prompted health and other professionals to renew their calls for pill testing. These calls were rejected by the New South Wales Government who instead decided to crackdown on festivals by introducing a raft of proposed changes to the industry. In this show, we speak with Steph Tzanetis, the Coordinator of Harm Reduction Victoria’s DanceWize program, a nightlife and music festival harm reduction service offering peer education and support. We also speak with Fiona Measham Professor of Criminology at Durham University since 2012, with over two decades of research and work across a broad areas including criminology and social policy.

17 Mar 2019

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