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Your Favorite Thing with Wells & Brandi

Buckle up, Bros and Hoes. Join Wells Adams & Brandi Cyrus every Wednesday as they share their favorite, and sometimes least favorite, things: movies, TV shows, books, conspiracy theories, influencer faux pas, you name it. No streaming platform or viewer discretion notice holds them back; they cover everything from Christmas classics to erotica and everything in between. If you don’t like it, we’ve only got one thing to say to you, ah f**k you very much.

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Danielle Maltby

The question that everyone has been wanting to know: Are Wells and Danielle together, is finally answered. Also, Brandi Calls Wells' Dad who's a gynecologist to ask him some weird questions. It's a strange one folks...buckle in!

1hr 14mins

15 Sep 2017

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New Year, Same Me

This week on YFT, Brandi is ready to wrap up the decade in Washington, DC after quite the long holiday with the Cyrus fam, and Wells is preparing for Mexico after a drunk and crafty Christmas. The hosts discuss their fave gifts this year, including teacups meant for alcohol and just straight up cash from Wells’ mom who thinks he wears a size large. Wells and Brandi share how they celebrated Jesus’s birthday, their New Year’s resolutions, and what they’re most looking forward to in 2020. Plus, favorite things from the past two weeks, another unbelievable Haribo Sugar-Free Gummy Bear review involving a destroyed employee restroom, and a heartfelt ode to farmer’s market eggs. Look out for Brandi and Tish’s soon-to-be-released mother-daughter pod, Brandi’s updated website, and Wells’ fashionable appearance on the E! Golden Globe’s pre-show. Happy New Year, YFTers! Thanks to our awesome sponsors for making this episode possible! Check out these deals just for you, YFTers. CLASSPASS– Get your first month free at ClassPass.com/NewYearsARTICLE – Get $50 off your first purchase of $100 or more when you go to Article.com/YFT


1 Jan 2020

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Sarah Hyland

The episode that everyone has been asking for is finally here. This week on YFT we welcome in a huge YFT fan and Wells' girlfriend Sarah Hyland! They talk about everything from the Modern Family stars first acting gig to high school reunions to Wells and Sarah's romantic trip to Mexico. As per usual, the crew showcases favorite new music and Wells unpacks some Harry Potter 20 years late.

1hr 27mins

10 Aug 2018

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Ben Higgins

This week on YFT, Wells and Brandi welcome America's favorite Bachelor Ben Higgins on the show. We ask Ben the though questions like... What do you think happens when we die? Why Ben doesn't wipe his butt and what his favorite Disney movie is? Also, Ben and Wells talk manscaping and admit they really don't know what they are doing.

1hr 2mins

26 Apr 2018

Rank #4

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Heart of a Champion

This week on YFT, Brandi is planning her November 1st Halloween party and celebrating her “horse-showed” win, while Wells is getting ready to go garden party chic for his engagement party and excited about the start of beanie season. Brandi took home the blue ribbon this week after a two-year horse-showing hiatus, though in all fairness, she was competing against a child. Wells attended Jesse Tyler Ferguson's birthday where he got to hang out with Chrissy Teigen who, by the way, knows him from the internet... looks like he’s officially made it, YFTers. Brandi gives Wells a quick lesson on pesticides leading to a profound realization and the hosts reveal their new fave shows and movies from the past week. Wells and Brandi discuss the spelling of plaid, the possibility that a drug dealer left Wells a voicemail, and which word to emphasize when saying Jimmy Eat World. Also, are people offended by pumpkin herpes? All this and more on this week’s episode.Thanks to our awesome sponsors. Check out these deals for our YFT-ers!BEAUTY COUNTER– Get 10% off your order at BeautyCounter.com with promo code YFTBILLIE– Go to MyBillie.com/YFT for 10% off your razor


23 Oct 2019

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Reverse Missionary

This week on YFT, Brandi gives some juicy insight into her brother’s wedding and her always incredible Halloween party, while Wells provides his thoughts on donkey reproduction, sneaker fashion, and the newly-discovered reverse missionary position. The Cyrus family is truly thriving at the moment between Noah’s new music, Brandi’s expanding donkey family, and Braison’s wedding, but Wells has a few thoughts to share on Miley’s recent PDA-packed Instagram activity. The hosts discuss one of their new favorite phrases as well as a new fave sex position, how sewing machines work (or is it wizardry?), the sexiest first date drinks, and their representative versus true selves. Look out for Wells at the People's Choice Awards official pre-show where he may be rocking a garden party chic look, and catch Brandi in Austin this weekend or on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Fall Crawl! And be sure to follow @WellsAdams on Spotify and tweet us if you want the merch, yo!Thanks to our awesome sponsors. Check out these deals for our YFT-ers!THIRDLOVE– Go to ThirdLove.com/YFT for 15% off your first purchaseMEUNDIES– To get 15% off your first pair, free shipping, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, go to MeUndies.com/YFT


6 Nov 2019

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Wells & Sarah are ENGAGED!

This week on YFT, Wells tells the story of his and Sarah's engagement! Brandi reveals the true meaning of the phrase "getting reamed," and Wells and Brandi talk about the most recent episode of the Bachelorette. Enjoy! Thanks to our sponsors! GROVE – Go to www.Grove.co/YFT for a free 3-piece cleaning set from Mrs. Meyer’s, a free 60-day membership, and a surprise gift when you sign up and place an order of $20 or more THIRD LOVE - Get comfy bras that are the perfect fit! Get 15% off your first order by visiting www.ThirdLove.com/yft


17 Jul 2019

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Wells wears a turtleneck & Brandi judges Wells

This week on YFT, Brandi is working on being a good friend who goes to surprise parties even though being an adult is hard, and Wells is prepping for his People's Choice Awards hosting gig where he’ll be sporting a turtleneck and plaid combo which you’ll either love, hate, or love to hate. Wells and Brandi are still snacking on leftover Halloween candy and argue over which candy wins: is it Kit Kat, Reese’s, or peanut M&MS? Please let us know your thoughts on this important issue ASAP. The hosts discuss Instagram’s choice to remove Wells' pic (but not Sarah’s!), news hosts incredibly annoying habit of repeating information, dog haters who won’t mind their own business, and airplane seat etiquette. Wells and Brandi share their favorite things of the week, plus find out who followed Brandi on Instagram and which celebrity needs to pump the breaks when it comes to costumes.Thanks to our awesome sponsors. Check out these deals for our YFT-ers!MEJURI– Go to Mejuri.com/YFT for free shipping on orders over one hundred dollarsFABFITFUN– Use coupon code YFT for $10 off your first box at www.fabfitfun.com #fabfitfunpartnerBILLIE– Save 10% off your razor when you go to MyBillie.com/YFT


13 Nov 2019

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Wells Moves To LA

This week on YFT, Wells drops the bomb that he will be moving to LA very soon. Brandi sympathizes with Colton, the duo talks their favorite music and Wells reads rap lyrics.

1hr 12mins

20 Jul 2018

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Just-In-Case Bread

This week on YFT, Brandi is on tour with Kaitlyn Bristowe, which is a relief to many since Blake wasn’t an actual DJ, and Wells is in France staying in a potentially haunted castle and carrying around some just-in-case bread. If there is an award for Influencer Boyfriend of the Year, Wells is taking it home. He’s been following Sarah all over France with multiple cameras capturing all of Sarah’s best angles and then formatting the pics to make them Insta-perfection. Wells goes over the French Survival Kit with Brandi which consists of bread, wine, cheese, and cigarettes (it’s a wonder how French people are still suh-hot). Brandi and Wells discuss the benefits of TOTO toilets (please sponsor us), America’s lack of monuments compared to Europe, how Brandi was converted from Hallmark hater to Christmas movie enthusiast, and how incredible it is that a YFTer we'll call Wasted Grace is miraculously connected to the show. And if that's not enough, Wells' grandmother returns to read the best ever Amazon review for a vibrator (shoutout to user Express7976). Stay tuned for next week where we find out if Brandi flew to Denver for her special wax before she flies to South Africa to get that D.Thanks to our awesome sponsors. Check out these deals for our YFT-ers!SHOEDAZZLE– Get your first ShoeDazzle style for 75% off when you go to ShoeDazzle.com/YFTQUIP– Get your first refill for free at GetQuip.com/YFTARTICLE– Go to Article.com/YFT to get $50 off your first purchase of $100 or more


20 Nov 2019

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Workin' for a Merkin

This week on YFT, Brandi is laying by the pool and taking bush walks in South Africa while Wells is sick at home, both mentally and physically, which has given him tons of time to find some new fave things. Brandi isn’t too sad about missing Thanksgiving with the Cyrus fam because she has been having her morning coffee with elephants this week and visiting places even more beautiful than Malibu. Wells tells Brandi about a new and interesting word he’s learned recently, and how he spent his Thanksgiving giving back and his Friendsgiving getting absolutely wasted. The hosts talk about plenty of new favorite movies and books and some not-so-favorite restaurant things including limp dick onion rings and ruined coffee-to-milk ratios. Plus, Wells plays a sad yet amazing voicemail that is the thing poop nightmares are made of.Thanks to our awesome sponsors for making this episode possible! Check out these deals just for you, YFTers.BARK BOX – Get a free extra toy when you subscribe to a 6 or 12 month plan at BarkBox.com/YFTTHIRDLOVE – Go to ThirdLove.com/YFT to find your perfect fitting bra and get 15% off your first purchaseMEUNDIES – To get 15% off your first pair, free shipping, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarnatee, go to MeUndies.com/YFT


4 Dec 2019

Rank #11

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Derek Peth stops by!

This week on YFT, Derek Peth (which, by the way, you’re definitely pronouncing wrong) joins Wells to talk about their favorite and least favorite things, their first ever alcoholic beverages, and the most annoying things people do in movie theaters. The two hosts ask important questions, including: Why can’t airplanes get it together with Bluetooth and WiFi? Why do horses have hairstyles on top of their already full bodies of hair? And most importantly, why has Wells’ drunk purchase of knives off of Instagram yet to ship from China four months after the fact? Derek renames YFTers to “Thingers,” which may or may not stick, and Wells and Derek share their favorite voices and impressions, including a grandmother bit which is sure to impress you. Wells and Derek are not thrilled with this year’s Bachelor in Paradise introductions and identify possible alternative introductions, including Cam walking sadly down the beach, and how Wells found out from inside sources that Derek’s intro is actually the most desirable.Thanks to our awesome sponsors. Check out these deals for our YFT-ers!BILLIE– Go to MyBillie.com/YFT to save 10% off your razorQUIP– Get your first refill pack free at GetQuip.com/YFT


28 Aug 2019

Rank #12

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Hannah G from The Bachelor stops by!

Today on YFT, the girl who Wells' mom wishes was The Bachelorette stops by - Hannah G is here!! Brandi immediately wants to set her up with Blake and hang out with her, and Wells reveals his theories on why she didn't get more air time and how she will be portrayed on Bachelor in Paradise if she goes. Hannah chats about a few of her favorite things, including her signature "happy juice" recipe (only good after midnight), ASMR on Snapchat, and bingeing any and all reality TV.Also this week, Wells finds yet another thing he has in common with Tish, Brandi becomes the next Guillermo, and the two chat about what's SuhDumb and SuhGross. Enjoy!Make sure to follow YFT on our new IG account! @yftpodcasthttps://www.instagram.com/yftpodcast/Thanks to our YFT sponsor, Smile Direct Club! For $150 off, go to https://smiledirectclub.com/podcast and use offer code YFT150

1hr 1min

20 Mar 2019

Rank #13

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Sarah Hyland joins to chat Stagecoach, GOT & more, and Greg Holden also stops by!

This week on YFT, Sarah joins Brandi and Wells for the episode recording live (not live - podcasts are not live) at Brandi's parents house. Brandi is back from watching her dad kill it on stage with Diplo and Lil Nas X at Stagecoach, and tells the story of the angel/smuggler who saved the night at the after party. Wells talks about his equally riveting weekend crashing a sorority party at a Mississippi country club, and we get a scary glimpse of an elder Wells with a sexy sleep apnea machine.Also this week Wells' friend Greg Holden stops by, and Brandi, Wells, and Sarah OF COURSE recap Game of Thrones, and chat about many other favorite things. Enjoy!Thanks to our awesome sponsors - check out their deals just for our YFT-ers!Care/Of - Get 30% off your order by going to takecareof.com and use promo code YFT30Lola - Get 40% off by going to mylola.com and use promo code YFTSmile Direct Club - Get $150 off by going to smiledirectclub.com/podcast and use offer code YFT150

1hr 17mins

1 May 2019

Rank #14

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Caelynn from The Bachelor stops by!

If it’s up to us, she will be the next Bachelorette: Caelynn Miller-Keyes joins us on YFT this week! This fine lady joins Wells and Brandi to chat about how she really feels about not getting a rose after last week’s hometown dates, the hot babe other than Colton she fell in love with on the show, and the question everyone wants to know….. will she come drink margaritas in Paradise with Wells? Also on YFT this week, Brandi finds out that her boyfriend actually DOES listen to the show, Wells pays tribute Luke Perry aka the original hot Dylan and reveals how one would easily kidnap him, and Sarah drops by to fangirl over Caelynn. Oh, and we talk about some cool shows + new music! Enjoy!Thanks to our awesome sponsor Quip for supporting this episode. Go to www.getquip.com/yft to get your first refill pack free. #CleanTeeth!


6 Mar 2019

Rank #15

Podcast cover

Wells & Sarah's/Brandi and Miley's CRAZY trip!

There's a lot to unpack in the last episode of 2018. We start with Brandi talking about her amazing trip to South Africa with Miley. Wells describes the nightmare that was trying to get to Virgin Gorda for Sarahs Birthday. Sadly, Wells finishes Harry Potter and brings Sarah on the show to talk about the last book, things that annoyed him and his theory of "Crimes of Grindelwald." Sprinkle in some poop jokes and you've got yourself one hell of an episode. Enjoy! YFT Movies: Searching, Crazy Rich Asians YFT TV: Escape at Dannemora, Homecoming, Bodyguard YFT Music: The 1975, Miley Cyrus, Katie Toupin, Henry Jamison YFT Books: Bear Town, The Handmaids Tale


11 Dec 2018

Rank #16

Podcast cover

Wells returns from Paradise!

After over a month hiatus, Wells and Brandi return to YFT for season 2! Wells recounts his time filming Bachelor In Paradise. Brandi and Wells talk about getting turnt at Miley's 4th of July party, and of course all their favorite things right now. We missed you guys so much and we're so happy to be back! Enjoy!


8 Jul 2018

Rank #17

Podcast cover

Peter & The Magic Wand

This week on YFT, Brandi has been chilling suh-hard after her fam left Nashville and Wells has found his beanie-wearing, handkerchief-loving counterparts on his first visit to Brooklyn. Looks like our buddy Ryan Serhant may be getting some business from Sarah and Wells post-nuptials! After a week of relaxation for Brandi and studying up for the Golden Globes for Wells, the hosts have plenty of favorite things, from oldies like Friday Night Lights (ding for Connie Britton’s hair), the Korean film Parasite (if you don’t like subtitles, please grow up), and even Pilot Pete’s season of The Bachelor (look out for Wells’ new nickname for Pete...). Wells and Brandi share their theory for the ending of Pete’s unspoiled season, their feelings on Meghan quitting her job as princess, and their thoughts on mayonnaise on pasta. And YFTers, please tell us which side you’re on when it comes to the rolling suitcase debate, because the hosts just can’t seem to find common ground (pun intended). Hopefully next week, Brandi can speak to her friend and finally answer the question we’re all asking: Did they windmill?Thanks to our awesome sponsors for making this episode possible! Check out these deals just for you, YFTers.HONEY– Get Honey for free at JoinHoney.com/YFTTHIRDLOVE– Go to ThirdLove.com/YFT to get 15% off your first purchaseBILLIE– Visit MyBillie.com/YFT to get 10% off your razor


15 Jan 2020

Rank #18

Podcast cover

What the Victoria F!?

This week on YFT, Brandi and Wells are together at last to celebrate episode 090... which only took approximately three years to reach! Plus, the hosts are recording on Valentine’s Day, which means we get to hear about Reinhardt’s outstanding love-letter to Brandi and Wells’ romantic gesture to win the gift-giving game (and to show Sarah he loves her, of course...). As always, Wells and Brandi cover this week’s episode of The Bachelor, which was so dramatic and emotional that Wells had dreams of cleaning up a murder scene after his friend Nick Viall dream-murdered his dream-girlfriend Victoria (what the) F. The hosts discuss why Iowa wine tastes like hot garbage, why Madi’s mascara is essentially chunky peanut butter, and why Wells might have gone to college with one of the contestant’s dads. And hey, YFTers, we’d love your take on the controversial airplane seat-reclining debate so please let us know your thoughts and, in the meantime, stay safe out there.Thanks to our awesome sponsors for making this episode possible! Check out these deals just for you, YFTers.ARTICLE– Get $50 off your first purchase of $100 or more when you visit Article.com/YFTTHERAGUN– Try Theragun risk-free for 30 days or your money back by going to Theragun.com/YFT. Plus, get a free charging stand with purchase - a $79 value!SHIPSTATION– Try ShipStation free for 60 days when you use offer code YFT


19 Feb 2020

Rank #19

Podcast cover

Wells Goes Bowling w/ The Cyruses/Hemsworths

In the final episode of season 1, Wells tells the story of going bowling with the Cyrus/Hemsworth families. Brandi talks about her upcoming trip to Greece, Sarah plans a surprise birthday party for Wells and the two talk music and documentaries.

1hr 2mins

21 May 2018

Rank #20