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A millennial exits a long-term relationship before his thirtieth birthday and finds himself struggling to meet the girl of his dreams in an unwelcome landscape that has evolved to using dating apps, social media traps, and unwritten rules that everyone subscribes to but nobody explains. Each episode in this serialized dating journey dissects what went down with each potential partner through screenshots, notes, and interviews with friends. Through the modern day miracle of podcasting you can finally live vicariously through a repertoire of unhealthy relationships, complete with a soundtrack of lofi instrumentals from Kit Romas and plenty of laughs along the way.

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Episode 1: CD Emoji

EP 1. After exiting a long-term relationship, a young man set his eyes on a female Kanye West fan and stumbles every step of the way. After getting some advice and support from his friends, he dreams up a way to potentially reverse history. visit www.americanoriginal.la Contributors' IG: @thenicktester
 @cuporcone Soundtrack by Kit Romas 
https://soundcloud.com/kit-romas/ Audio Mixing
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22 Apr 2019

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