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Nick Howell and Vic DaSilva are frustrated with the direction the world is headed (and we're not talking about it revolving) so they decide to rant about it. The show involves two short segments: "Twitter Fingers with Donald Trump" and "Instagram Post of the Week". Enjoy!

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Episode 8 - Don't Exercise

Episode 8.3 (because we are still running with problems) is finally here! Nick and Vic reminisce about Middle and High School and make fun of certain types of gym rats. Also Donald Trump and his usual twitter antic of the week. SUBSCRIBE AND RATE! Also follow us on Instagram @nickandvicshow and on Facebook! Follow @nance and @mt.wavy on Instagram! Want the best Electric Bike in the Nation? Order yours today at https://flx.bike/ Suit up with Mt. Wavy Supply Co. at www.mtwavysupplyco.com


29 Jan 2018

Rank #1

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Episode 7 - Tide Pods and Natural Selection

Happy MLK Day! Nick and Vic talk about the latest UFC Fight Night, UFC 220 predictions, tide pods, Hawaii’s Ballistic Missile Crisis, and the latest Donald Trump accusations! SUBSCRIBE AND RATE Follow us on Instagram @nickandvicshow and on Facebook! Go get some Mt. Wavy gear! mtwavysupplyco.com


16 Jan 2018

Rank #2

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Episode 6 - Oprah 2020?

On Episode 6.2, Nick and Vic recap the College Football Playoff National Championship, Donald Trump’s Fake News Awards, Gywneth Paltrow’s health secrets,and if Oprah should run for President in 2020! SUBSCRIBE AND RATE! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @nickandvicshow Go get yourself some Mt. Wavy gear! www.mtwavysupplyco.com If you are in the Apex and Cary area in North Carolina, go get some Johnny’s Pizza!


10 Jan 2018

Rank #3

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Episode 5 - Happy Belated New Year!

Nick and Vic discuss the events that have happened since the New Year including Logan Paul, UFC 219 and Donald Trump’s beef with Lil Kim! They also talk about the upcoming sneakers and movies. SUBSCRIBE AND RATE! It helps us a lot! Follow us on Instagram @nickandvicshow Check out Mt. Wavy apparel! www.mtwavysupplyco.com Music: “C.R.E.A.M.” by Wu Tang Clan


4 Jan 2018

Rank #4

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Episode 4 - Tapatio

**Vic goes lone wolf on their fourth episode as Nick enjoys time with his family in New York City! All aboard the Salty Express! Hopefully his nerves are broken after this horrific short episode. LISTEN TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE MT. WAVY DEALS GOING ON THIS HOLIDAY! Follow us on Instagram @nickandvicshow DON’T FORGET TO LISTEN, RATE, AND SUBSCRIBE! Music-Dean Martin “Aint that a kick in the head”


17 Dec 2017

Rank #5

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Episode 3 - Viking Funeral

Our hosts have a few debates, blabber about funerals and laugh about Nick’s current appearance. Follow us on Instagram @nickandvicshow and follow @mt.wavy. The Mt. Wavy giveaway is gonna be between the dates 12/8/2017 and 12/13/2017 with the winner announced on Nick’s Instagram live. Make sure to subscribe and rate us on iTunes and Google Play!


8 Dec 2017

Rank #6

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Episode 2 - MAYAMWAY

Nick and Vic rant about pyramid schemes, sea stories (not really) and dirty politicians. Rate and Subscribe! It really helps! Follow us on Instagram @nickandvicshow


4 Dec 2017

Rank #7

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Join us for our first episode as Nick and Vic discuss Black Friday, Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey, and Donald Trump. Nonsense ensues. Follow us on Instagram @nickandvicshow


28 Nov 2017

Rank #8