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All NBA! Listen every week as we talk league news, specific teams, NBA draft, and cook up trade recipes surrounding all 30 teams. Great listen to expand your knowledge in the NBA from stats, cap room, and what improvements each team needs to make it to the next level. Questions or comments? Email me at steve@captaincooknba.com Follow us! Instagram/Twitter- @captaincooknbapodcast FaceBook- Captain Cook NBA

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E18- Eastern Conference Over/Unders

Today, Jonny and I go through all 15 Eastern Conference NBA teams alphabetically and discuss the changes each team has made this summer.  We also predict each teams schedule, how they will fair this season, and what to look for! Follow us on IG, FB and Twitter – @captaincooknba    

1hr 35mins

11 Sep 2017

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E17- Updates on Kyrie to Boston/ KD insights

Today, Jonny and I talk about our thoughts on Kyrie to Boston, was it too much for the Celtics to give up? Who won the trade? Is Gordon Hayward happy? Also, KD’s perspective on Kyrie weighs in on why Kyrie would want to leave Cleveland. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @captaincooknba  


28 Aug 2017

Rank #2

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E17- Game of Thrones and Possible Kyrie Irving Trades

On this episode, Jonny and I have a lot of fun discussing our favorite Game of Thrones characters and their NBA counterparts! We also get back to what we do best…. NBA TRADES!!! We discuss some trade scenarios involving the biggest name on the trade market, KYRIE IRVING! Follow Us on FB, IG and Twitter … Continue reading E17- Game of Thrones and Possible Kyrie Irving Trades

1hr 18mins

30 Jul 2017

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E16-Utah Jazz FA signings, Cap Situation and Hayward Debacle!

On this episode, we are joined by Jonny’s brother, Sean Griffeth, where we talk about everything Utah Jazz.  We go over every signing and how each might fit in Quinn Snyder’s system, the waiving of Diaw’s contract, cap breakdown and how limited the Jazz are as well as an in depth dive from 3 fans … Continue reading E16-Utah Jazz FA signings, Cap Situation and Hayward Debacle!

1hr 10mins

14 Jul 2017

Rank #4

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E15- Offseason Previews P3 / Trades / PG13

Hey NBA Fans! Today, Jonny and I discuss the craziness that is the NBA.  Boston trades the #1 pick, LA trades Russell, and the offseason previews for the Celtics, Cavs, Spurs and Warriors. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Click the option below to share on social media!

1hr 8mins

21 Jun 2017

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E14- Wizards/Rockets/Raptors/Jazz Off Season Previews!!

On this episode, we discuss the major points of the finals and our favorite player in the draft.  We also discuss the off season for the Wizards, Rockets, Raptors and Jazz.  Including team needs, possible CAP space, players up for contracts, and who they might target during free agency. Follow us! FaceBook/Instagram/Twitter- @captaincooknbapodcast

1hr 24mins

16 Jun 2017

Rank #6

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E13- Off Season Previews!!

On this episode, Jonny and I cover the off season previews for the Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, LA Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies, Milwaukee Bucks, Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trailblazers.  We discuss each teams pending FA, if they should sign them, and what contract they’ll likely get.  As well as each teams needs this … Continue reading E13- Off Season Previews!!

1hr 35mins

16 May 2017

Rank #7

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E12- Playoff Matchups

On this episode, Jonny and I discuss each playoff matchup in 8 minutes or less! We talk what each team needs to do to get back in it… if they can! As well as what each team needs to keep doing if they want to win. Follow Us! Twitter/Instagram: @captaincooknba FaceBook: Captain Cook NBA

1hr 37mins

26 Apr 2017

Rank #8

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E11- Utah Jazz Q&A

On our 11th episode, Jonny and I ask each other questions surrounding the Jazz.  We discuss the importance of home court advantage to the Jazz, as well as off season after the playoffs, plus much more! Follow Us! Twitter/Instagram: @captaincooknba FB: Captain Cook NBA Podcast


11 Apr 2017

Rank #9

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E10- NBA’s best “Bang for Your Buck” Contracts

Today Jonny and I discuss Booker’s 70 point game, our concerns with the Cavs going into the post season, and we each go through our top 20 contracts of players who are out preforming their pay check. Subscribe now on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn and Overcast. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

1hr 31mins

31 Mar 2017

Rank #10