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We are a group of friends who share a love of unexplained mysteries, true crime and ghost stories. Every other week we gather campfire style to share our favorite stories based on a spooky theme.

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Episode 26: Serial Killers

Well, we have been dancing around this topic for 25 episodes.  This week we are finally talking about serial killers. Get ready to hear about some severely broken humans who killed for a variety of terrible reasons.  We have murderers fueled by lycanthrophy, plum cakes, prophetic dreams and REVENGE! We hope you enjoy it! http://traffic.libsyn.com/peripheralshow/Peripheral_-_Serial_Killers.mp3 NEWS: Ghost Calls – An unexplained glitch caused T-Mobile phones to repeatedly call an emergency call center. Well Done – A recent wildfire swept through the midwest.  Unfortunately, not everything could outrun the flames. Power Rager – An actor known for appearing on the Power Rangers has plead guilty to murdering his roommate. Manuel Blanco Romasanta – AKA The Tallow Man Manuel Blanco Romasanta was a jack of all trades.  One of his trades was being a murderous lyncanthrophic tour guide. Nannie Doss – AKA The Giggling Granny Oly Girl. Nannie Doss was a serial killer who looked like a sweet grandma and laughed about poisoning her husbands. Ahmad Suradji – AKA The Black Magic Killer The Poutiest Wizard. After having a prophetic dream, Ahmad Suradji was compelled to kill young women in order to receive magic powers. Pedro Rodrigues Filho – AKA Killer Petey Brazilian Batman. Pedro Rodrigues Filho loved to fight crime and injustice.  Mostly with knives and stabbing and often while in prison for murder.

6 Apr 2017

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Episode 27: Paranormal Attacks

No one likes being hassled.  Unwanted touch or conversation can be annoying at best (a co-worker sharing an update of their hysterectomy scars while you wash your mug in the breakroom), or downright nightmarish (realizing the dude sitting behind you on the bus has been blowing air gently onto the back of your neck for the last fifteen minutes).  It seems impossible, but ghosts and cryptids have even less respect for your personal space than bus creepers. This week we share a variety of stories about unwanted paranormal touch, tales of ghosts, demons and boy scouts getting all up in your biz. We hope you enjoy it and we hope it inspires you to set clear inter-dimensional boundaries. Damn ghost babies all up in your bubble. ALSO, Mariah wrote a book!  It is called The Caste Marked and it is available for $2.99 as a Kindle download. An excellent book written by Peripheral’s own Mariah Esterly! http://traffic.libsyn.com/peripheralshow/Peripheral_-_Paranormal_Attacks.mp3 NEWS: Ghost Plane – A mysterious plane crash leaves authorities baffled when there was no sign of a pilot or passengers on-board. Slither – A missing Indonesian man is found in the belly of a disturbingly large reptile. Tour Bus Blues – Former Creed lead singer Scott Stapp claims he saw a famous ghost in a tour bus bathroom. The Great Amherst Mystery The house where Esther Cox’s haunting took place. In the late 1800s, a young woman dealt with a deeply personal and well documented series of attacks from a demonic spirit. The Ape Canyon Bigfoot Attack The prospectors’ picture in a local paper.A group of prospectors in southwest Washington State reported that their cabin was attacked by a group of Sasquatches. Widow Ghosts When seemingly healthy, young Thai men began dying in their sleep, murderous widow ghosts were blamed. The Dyatlov Incident The remnants of the Dyatlov group’s camp. A group of Russian hikers met a mysterious and grisly fate during a snowstorm in the Ural mountains.

18 May 2017

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Episode 28: Urban Legends

The best part of an urban legend is that it doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is, it still gets under your skin.  Does it make logical sense that saying a phrase three times into a mirror would conjure a ghost child?  Of course it doesn’t.  Will you wake up in a bathtub full of ice with your kidneys missing?  They wouldn’t leave you alive!  It there actually something under your bed?  Nope.  It’s moved behind you. This episode we discuss the the dos and don’ts of self medication, the true dangers of indoor fans and we look at the birth of a modern urban legend about vampires.  We also have a public service announcement: please put away your Halloween decorations in a timely fashion.  So many of them are actual corpses.  Also, please put away your corpses. Enjoy the episode!  But first, maybe check the  backseat of your car… ALSO, Mariah wrote a book!  It is called The Caste Marked and it is available for $2.99 as a Kindle download. An excellent book written by Peripheral’s own Mariah Esterly! http://traffic.libsyn.com/peripheralshow/Peripheral_-_Urban_Legends.mp3 News: The Devil in the Cement Coffin – Legendary serial killer H.H. Holmes’s body is being exhumed and DNA tested. House Hunters: Decomposition – Where Are They Now?A story update about a child’s coffin that was found in the backyard of a house in San Francisco. Foot Stuff – Olympia, Washington found a foot! The Toxic Woman A hospital patient’s bizarre illness sickened the staff and created an enduring mystery. Korean Fan Death Electric fans are considered dangerous and even deadly in Korean culture. The Highgate Vampire Two youths’ obsession with vampire hunting created a panic in London’s Highgate Cemetery. The Outlaw Mummy  A classic Pinterest craft. Sometimes dead bodies are mistaken for decorations.  Seriously, it is a thing that happens.

23 Jun 2017

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Episode 33: Shocktober

Shocktober is brilliant.  Watching 31 horror movies in a month is a true challenge and a great way to steep in the Halloween season.  What is not so brilliant about Shocktober is that most horror movies are TERRIBLE, and watching 31 of them makes you wonder if you even like them anymore.  Halfway through the month you feel like giving up because your ocular cavities are filled to the brim with fake blood and boobs. Every October we participate in Shocktober, and this year we decided to do a wrap up episode discussing our highlights and lowlights from the upsetting overload of horror. We do not hold back with spoilers, so if you have not seen any the following movies PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN AND/OR CALM DOWN AND ACCEPT THAT ONE DAY YOU WILL DIE AND SPOILERS WILL NOT MATTER: Ghostwatch, Willow Creek, Prom Night, Hocus Pocus, Rosemary’s Baby, The Loved Ones, Personal Shopper, A Dark Song, The Thing, Tremors, Better Watch Out, Life, Hellraiser 1 & 2, Chopping Mall, Cabin Fever, Gremlins, The Guest, The Houses October Built 1 & 2, The House of the Devil, WNUF Halloween Special, Lights Out, House on Willow Street, The Girl With All the Gifts, Maggie, American Werewolf in London. Enjoy! http://traffic.libsyn.com/peripheralshow/Peripheral_-_Shocktober.mp3 NEWS: Fowl Ball – A plane carrying a basketball team is hit by a mysterious object. President Evil – The presidential mansion in Liberia is haunted by ghosts and its violent past. Murder in Your DMs – A Japanese serial killer used Twitter to find victims. Devin  Favorite Film: Ghostwatch Worst Film: The Houses October Built Honorable Mention: Lights Out Mariah Favorite Film: The Girl With All the Gifts Worst Film: Prom Night Honorable Mention: House of the Devil Lindsey Favorite Film: Tremors Worst Film: Better Watch Out Honorable Mention: Personal Shopper Bobby Favorite Film: The Thing Worst Film: Better Watch Out Honorable Mention: Chopping Mall

10 Nov 2017

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Episode 32: Jack the Ripper Halloween Special!

Get ready for our SECOND Halloween Special!  This year we are taking on the enduring legend of Jack the Ripper! Each member of Peripheral researched a man we thought could have been Jack the Ripper and we each present our case.  Our number one fan (sorry Devin’s mom, we love you), and former podcast guest Andy, joins us to act as our judge.  He will listen to our arguments and make his ruling on which suspect he believes was Jack the Ripper.  Case closed. If you have been following along on Twitter, you will notice that we are participating in Shocktober!  Shocktober is the act of watching a horror movie every day in October.  We are tweeting the movies we watch each day and we will record a Shocktober podcast at the end of the month.  We will discuss our favorite movies and a few of the shitty ones.  We hope you are participating in Shocktober too!  It’s the best way to really steep in the Halloween spirit. We hope you enjoy this episode and have a GREAT HALLOWEEN! http://traffic.libsyn.com/peripheralshow/Peripheral_-_Jack_the_Ripper.mp3 NEWS! Bunker Buddies – A house fire and a mysterious death reveal that a home owner was building something strange under his house. Cam Hacks – A woman’s puppycam begins behaving bizarrely. Deadcool – A local story of a nightmare home invasion. H.H. Holmes The photo on the left is of H.H. Holmes.  The composite image on the right was created by Scotland Yard based on eye witness accounts of Jack the Ripper. Mariah’s suspect is the Chicago-based con artist and serial killer, H.H Holmes. James Kelly The sketch on the left is based on a witness description of Jack the Ripper in 1888.  The image on the right is based on a picture of James Kelly when he was 67.  His likeness was de-aged using a computer program. Bobby’s suspect is the wife murdering and syphilis riddled upholsterer, James Kelly. Frederick Deeming A sketch comparing Deeming with Jack the Ripper. Devin’s suspect is the family annihilator and throat slitting enthusiast, Frederick Deeming. Walter Sickert A very soothing painting! Lindsey’s suspect is the renowned German painter, Walter Sickert.

27 Oct 2017

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