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We’re here to empower every area of our life. 💫Our purpose is more than just to make money, it’s more than to work a 9-5 that you don’t enjoy, we’re here to be filled with magical experiences and master our crafts. ✏️The Shine Podcast is my story, it’s my lessons, my teachings about branding, design, spirituality, and so much more!We all have so much to learn from the other amazing souls on this planet, so you may just pick up a thing or two from my journey.

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Full-time Branding Business From a Kid Who Loved To Design

Guys... my story is probably one of the coolest things because I NEVER knew I wanted to have my own business. In this episode, you'll hear all about how I started out in gaming and how that turned into my full-time business. I've had so many great experiences so far and I cover some of them in this podcast


9 Dec 2020

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Not where you want to be? It’s ok! Now you know

After recently realising that my Instagram is nowhere near the quality and the level it should be, I feel frustrated because I know how much better it can be and how much potential I’m leaving on the table. But the best thing about this is that now I know now I am aware of where I am and where I need to be. So if you are not where you want to be the first step is awareness so listen to this podcast episode and you will find out what I’m working on with my Instagram account and the struggles that I’ve had internally with not being where I want to be.


8 Jun 2020

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Having a hard time? Great!

I was recently told that someone was going through their worst time... listen to see what I said! Which probably won’t be what you expect.


24 May 2020

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Creating Time To Work ON THE BUSINESS! The latest 😀

How did my mentor-watching experiment completely change my progress!?


10 May 2020

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How I’m Expanding as a Freelance Brand Designer

Why are you fulfilling the service you do? What’s your mission and purpose behind it? In my journey right now I trade my time for money, which is totally cool to start with! But I want more. I want to help a wider audience where I put in the time and effort once, and it can help people and generate income infinitely.


11 Apr 2020

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The Goal is to SHINE

Episode 10!!! This one is snappy but still sooo important to apply right now. In EVERY area of your life, the goal is to be the best version of ourselves, the version that stands out and vibrates on a beautiful level. Because at this level you will attract everything you’ve ever wanted.


9 Apr 2020

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My Leaving College Story

This was one of the craziest, most tough periods of my life, and not just because of awkwardness and tension of trying to leave, but the aftermath which tested me more than anything before. Enjoy this well requested episode!


4 Apr 2020

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Is Coronavirus Effecting My Freelance Branding Business?

This is a HUGE opportunity to make something meaningful in such a tough time!! While things are going crazy, how can you stay grounded and create an evergreen, timeless business around your passion?


23 Mar 2020

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Become Your Best Self and Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

I’ve had a vision of my ideal life for over 2 years since my self development journey started, and now I am LIVING IT! But how? What’s the 1 thing I would suggest to receiving greatness and fulfilment in every area? Listen to this episode to hear my story 💫


20 Mar 2020

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Stop Waiting To Enjoy a Fulfilled Life!!

This is a sad story but an important one. Why are we waiting to retire from a job we don’t like, only THEN, to have our ‘fun’? Why not instead live a purpose filled passionate, positive lifestyle where you’re waking up absolutely ecstatic each day to work on the things you love!!


16 Mar 2020

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