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A podcast about quality control in the brewery

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No budget, no problem

Learn how to start a quality program in your brewery with no money. Today we cover document control, data analysis, gravity tracking, beer library, consumer complaint logs and more. Don't let expensive equipment stand in the way of starting your quality program, start today! 


16 Dec 2019

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Dissolved Oxygen Control

Oxygen in the brewery, where you want it, where you don't. How to measure, where to measure, when to measure and tips on how to reduce and control unwanted oxygen pickup. A must listen for all packaging breweries! Resources:https://www.mbaa.com/meetings/archive/2019conference/proceedings/Documents/2019Presentations/14_Bell.pdfhttps://www.mbaa.com/meetings/districtpresentations/DistrictPresentations/2013_02_07-DO%20in%20Breweries.pdfhttps://www.hach.com/cms-portals/hach_com/cms/documents/pdf/LIT2149-how-to-measure-DO-in-a-brewery.pdf


9 Mar 2020

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Sensory Part 2

Find out how we set up our taste panels, the pros and cons or pass/fail vs. number scales, descriptions and causes of six common off flavors and how to avoid them in your breweryhttps://www.weberscientific.com/aroxa-uno-kit-beer-flavor-standards-cara-technologieshttps://portal-siebel.lallemand.com/sensory-training-kitshttps://www.flavoractiv.com/beverage/beer/https://www.bjcp.org/docs/Beer_faults.pdf


9 Feb 2020

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Cell counting

Cell counting is a great way to improve the consistency and quality of your fermentation. We cover the basics to get you started and leave you with some resources to keep going.


30 Dec 2019

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Quality Control Basics

What is quality?In this episode we cover the basic categories of a quality control program in your brewery - sensory, micro, chemistry and packaging. We discuss what you need to think about when starting a quality control program - who, what, when, where, and why.  We cover some hurdles you're likely to face and how to overcome them. 


1 Dec 2019

Rank #5