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The Criterion Quest

Two friends band together on an epic quest to make their way through the entire Criterion Collection

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Episode 221: Ikiru

After fleeing the bug infested InterZone, Tom & Chris find themselves back in Japan where they meet up with an elderly bureaucrat who (after finding out some shocking news) begins a search for meaning in his life and any possible legacy or impact.


30 Oct 2019

Rank #1

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Episode 232: A Story of Floating Weeds/Floating Weeds - Two Films by Yasujiro Ozu

After solving the diabolical plot by the evil Mabuse, Tom & Chris leave Germany for the pastoral countryside of Japan where they join a troupe of travelling actors whose leader has a secret from his past that may be soon revealed.


18 Mar 2020

Rank #2

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ReQuest: The Silence of the Lambs

In the first of a new special series for the podcast, Tom & Chris sit down and ReQuest an old film from the Collection. For this first episode they take a look back at Spine #13, The Silence of the Lambs, and attempt a more in depth discussion than their drunken ramblings all those years ago.


24 Jul 2019

Rank #3

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Episode 208, 209, 210 & 211: A Film Trilogy by Ingmar Bergman

Getting back into the swing of things, Tom & Chris find themselves in Sweden travelling down a wormhole on the possible perception of God, splitting their time between a family torn by mental illness and self absorption, a priest struggling with his faith and two sisters with opposing natures.

1hr 1min

1 May 2019

Rank #4

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Episode 229: Scenes from a Marriage

After leaving the rugged hillsides of Sicily and the Mafia behind, Tom & Chris spend some time with Marianne and Johan, a married couple in Sweden who find their seemingly perfect relationship dissolving over the course of a few years.


26 Feb 2020

Rank #5

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Episode 215: Knife in the Water

Having escape their run in with the nefarious Mr Scratch, Tom & Chris find themselves joining a married couple and a hitchhiker they collected for a quiet boat trip in the Polish countryside. However, things start to become a little tense when fragile egos are tested and lines are crossed.


11 Jun 2019

Rank #6

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Bonus: A Look Back at 2019

Tom and Chris take a break from The Collection to take have a chat about the year that was 2019, highlighting some of their favourite new films from the year.

1hr 17mins

31 Dec 2019

Rank #7

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Episode 196 & 197: Hiroshima mon amour/Night and Fog

After reconciling with the drudgery of the working world, Tom & Chris find themselves involved in an intense relationship between a French actress and a Japanese architect contemplating life, love and memories. After this brief tryst, they find themselves confronted with the horrors of what mankind is capable of.


14 Nov 2018

Rank #8

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Bonus: A Look Back at 2018

Tom & Chris ring in the new year by taking a little break from the collection to discuss some of the new films from 2018 they enjoyed.

1hr 9mins

9 Jan 2019

Rank #9

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Episode 217: Tokyo Story

After a short break, Tom & Chris are back on their quest as they arrive in Tokyo with an ageing couple looking to spend some time visiting with their children. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as planned as lives and families get in the way.


4 Sep 2019

Rank #10

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Episode 224: Pickup on South Street

After finding unconventional love in Paris, Tom & Chris find themselves on the streets of New York City where they become entangle in a scheme involving a pickpocket, a prostitute, the police and a gang of treacherous communists out to steal state secrets.


11 Dec 2019

Rank #11

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Episode 230: 3 Women

Needing a break after the divorce from last week, Tom & Chris head to the Californian desert where they encounter a pair of young women working at a rehabilitation centre who may have more going on than initially expected.


4 Mar 2020

Rank #12

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Episode 194 & 195: Il posto/I fidanzati

Following their sordid and baffling murder mystery encounter in Paris, Tom & Chris make their way to Italy where they become invested in the working lives of two men, one at the beginning of his professional career and the other who’s at a crossroads.


31 Oct 2018

Rank #13