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Hey guys and gals! You might find yourself wondering who or what is G33ks with issues? We are a couple geeks/nerds who like music, comics, videogames and various other fantasy or sci-fi worlds. Separately we are Sam and Tom, but after an odd fusion dance we become G33ks with issues. Give us a listen, you never know what you might find.

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Issue #66: Scuba Diving, Shitty Messes, and the Asteroid that Missed Us All!

Hear about Tom's scuba diving adventure and Sam's interesting experience helping a friend move. In the News Corner: The Asteroid that would have destroyed a city, a new Streaming service, and more 40K news! NOTE: SORRY FOR THE LACK OF EDITING ON THIS ONE DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS

1hr 26mins

7 Aug 2019

Rank #1