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In this podiobook: Larry Lazard, CEO of hackoff.com, takes his company public and watches its stock price soar and collapse. Following a hostile takeover attempt, Lazard is found dead in his office of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.Author Tom Evslin, a serial CEO, also took a company public in the Internet bubble and fought off hostile takeover attempts in the subsequent rubble. Unlike Larry, Evslin lived to tell what may be the definitive story of those strange times.The mystery moves backwards and forwards around the time of Larry's death. Sex, power, money, farce, and tragedy mix in boardrooms and bedrooms, the parties of the World Economic Forum in Davos, and the smoky stairway of the South Tower of the World Trade Center.hackoff.com - not a porn site - provides anti-hacker protection for e-commerce. Larry Lazard started the business after his release from prison to which he was sentenced for a confessed hacker attack on banks.The folks at hackoff track the company's stock price with fatal fascination; an online chat board provides a Greek chorus of contradictory explanations and expectations; analysts spin golden fantasies from websites and eyeballs; traders conjure real fortunes at their trading desks; and everyone who can clamors for "friends and family" stock.hackoff.com's characters include CFO Donna Langhorne, Larry's ex-lover and classmate from Harvard Business School and a former swimsuit model; Chief Technical Officer Dom Montain, who dropped out of Caltech to write video games; Detective Mark Cohen, NYPD, who's investigating Larry's death; Larry's wife Louise, who is certain her husband was murdered; and Ahmed Qali, who represents a group of Palestinian programmers in Jenin to which hackoff out-sources work. Along with the bankers, CEOs, and CFOs of dotcom America, are eavesdropping limo drivers and waiters, venture capitalists, hackers, terrorists, and the victims and heroes of 9/11.If you've ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of the boardrooms, private jets, and ornate meeting rooms of brokerage firms, hackoff.com gives you your chance. You'll be better prepared for the next bubble if you read this book but that's not why you'll eagerly download each online episode. You'll do that because the cleverly woven mystery will have you dying to know whodunit.

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hackoff 100

Endgame 4/5-4/7/03: This episode of hackoff.com is the conclusion. All is revealed!


30 May 2008

Rank #1

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hackoff 99

Endgame 4/5-4/7/03: We hear the audio of Ahmed returning the Lucite to Larry and giving him the good news about Yasir. But the meeting doesn't end well.


9 May 2006

Rank #2

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hackoff 98

Endgame 4/5-4/7/03: Mark and Dom have a hypothetical discussion about mushrooms.


8 May 2006

Rank #3

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hackoff 97

Endgame 4/5-4/7/03: Donna Langhorne and her husband Francis are overheard hatching a new plan.


7 May 2006

Rank #4

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hackoff 96

Endgame 4/5-4/7/03: Details of hackoff.com's defense against the antihack hostile takeover attempt emerge from Dom's audio.


6 May 2006

Rank #5

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hackoff 95

Endgame 4/5-4/7/03: There IS sound to go with the video of Larry's office.


5 May 2006

Rank #6

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hackoff 94

Endgame 4/5-4/7/03: There is a surprising revelation about Gotcha, the hack that Larry went to jail for.


4 May 2006

Rank #7

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hackoff 93

Endgame 4/5-4/7/03: Dom has to go through a very tight place to get back into his comfort zone.


3 May 2006

Rank #8

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hackoff 92

Endgame 4/5-4/7/03: The mouse helps the lion.


2 May 2006

Rank #9

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hackoff 91

Endgame 4/5-4/7/03: Dom's international communication continues - but his local communication is suddenly disrupted.


1 May 2006

Rank #10